See why teams from fast growing startups & digital agencies to large tech companies choose Surf Office to organise their retreat

Whether you’re a small company or a large one, it’s important that you meet the faces behind those Slack avatars. No matter how spread out around the globe you are, we’ll find the best location for you all to meet.

Teams at fast-growing startups tend to know each other better, but you’ll no doubt have plenty of new hires. A retreat can be a great way of building your company culture and helping to prepare for rapid growth.

Teams of large tech companies

We regularly get small teams from tech companies who are looking to drive innovation, boost team spirit, and escape the office for a few days for a unique team building experience. The positive effects are long lasting!

Digital agencies

Not all retreats have to be fast-paced. We host plenty of digital agencies who are looking to slow down, get away from client projects and take a few days to brainstorm strategy.

Why companies choose Surf Office to organise their retreat?



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