The best locations for a team off-site near London

For many companies based in Europe, the idea of the perfect company retreat draws up images of international travel to cities, beaches, and countrysides far away from home – or at least it used to.

Due to recent circumstances, some groups are deciding to go domestic for their retreats, opting for local destinations within driving distance of their home sites.

Luckily for companies in the UK, there are a number of desirable destinations just a few hours outside of London.

Here are five of our best UK locations for a productive company retreat away from the big city.

1. Peak District National Park

Lying about 3 hours (240 km) northwest of London, this expansive national park offers a gorgeous scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This location would be perfect for teams with an interest in nature, hiking, and outdoor sports.

Though fairly remote, the park has lots on offer for companies seeking team-building activities: explore the park’s many caverns, hike to a panoramic view, cycle through the hills, or even ride on horseback.

For lodging, stay at small inns or B&B’s on the park’s main roads, or get adventurous by camping or “glamping.”

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2. Bournemouth

This coastal resort town offers a balance of scenic beaches and cultural activities just 2 hours (175 km) outside of London.

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Bournemouth is home to a variety of attractions such as its bustling pier, expansive golf courses, aquarium, boat tours, and beautiful beaches.

In Bournemouth, teams can choose from several seaside hotels and dine at a variety of restaurants, pubs, and cafes.

3. Yarmouth

A small, picturesque town on the Isle of Wight, Yarmouth is a relaxed seaside getaway about 3 hours (165 km) southwest of London.

Take a tour of the Yarmouth Castle, ride the famous Alum Bay Chairlift, bond with colleagues over fresh seafood, or even have a team picnic on the Yarmouth Green.

Though a small town, Yarmouth offers a number of quaint lodging options just off of Yarmouth Harbor.

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4. London countryside

If your team is ready to get away from the city but doesn’t want to travel too far, there are plenty of scenic destinations within a one hour drive of London.

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Chiltern Hills, Surrey Hills AONB, and North Wessex Downs AONB offer beautiful scenery and various activities for your team to enjoy.

Take a group hike, visit an open air museum, or tour a local vineyard to strengthen employee relationships and relax after a productive day.

Many of these countryside locations have B&Bs or country inns where your team can stay, should you opt for an overnight trip.

5. Brighton

Located just short of 2 hours (about 60 km) outside of London, Brighton is an active and exciting getaway destination.

With its impressive Royal Palace Pavilion; lively pier; panoramic observation deck; and restaurants, shops, and pubs abound, Brighton is full of seaside adventure.

Teams in Brighton can choose to stay anywhere from a charming inn to a four-star hotel on the water.

No matter where you choose to spend the night, you will have access to a number of event venues and coworking spaces to make your retreat as productive as possible.

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If you are interested in planning a productive retreat for your company, Surf Office can do the work for you. Contact our planning experts to begin designing your next offsite team-building experience.

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