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Inside Enigma’s week-long workation in beautiful Ericeira

Enigma is a Switzerland-based, remote-first digital agency, supporting clients through a 360° approach to digital advertising, copywriting, web-design and so much more.

Recently, Enigma’s entire team of 32 marketing strategists, designers, branding specialists, digital traders and growth hackers headed to Ericeira for a week of hardwork and team-bonding. Keep reading to hear how it went!

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ProxyClick takes their team remote for three beautiful days of team building in Lisbon

Beyond working on and discussing exciting projects, the Proxyclick team was excited to build their personal and professional relationships while exploring everything that Lisbon had to offer from great views to trendy cafes.

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A jam-packed & successful retreat with a big announcement at the end!

The trip involved plenty of surfing, beach meetings, and trying the great local seafood cuisine. And a lot of hard working too!

They also hosted a 1-day workshop with a mentor from IDEO, who talked to them about designing organisation and helping them to prepare for massive growth.

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How Wondrous used their retreat to boost their brand and team spirit

Wondrous is a digital agency based in Switzerland, helping companies to consult, design and realise new and innovative digital brand experiences.

Their whole team of eight came to stay with us for 12 days in Gran Canaria with the aim of taking some time & space to focus on their own business, looking to rebrand and reshape their website.

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Annual retreat for 100 people which ended up with one epic dinner in an old historic palace

For their retreat in 2017, EVBox took half of their team (100 people) to Lisbon for a healthy mix of group and one-to-one activities, such as group city tours and plenty of meals with the team.

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How Peakon turned their Barcelona retreat into a social media success

Both Peakon offices flew out to meet us in Barcelona, plan the strategy for the next few months, and inspire their team with some sun, productive work sessions during the day, and team building activities.

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A 5-day retreat in Lisbon captured into one epic video is a fully remote company that takes bi-annual retreats to spend a week together, working and getting to know each other, and they chose Lisbon as their last retreat destination.

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How this software company fosters an employee-centric culture of connectedness

Elbstack decided that to get the most out of their next annual retreat with as little distraction as possible, they needed to change the internal processes behind the development and execution of the retreat, from start to finish.

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Mattermost's innovative design retreat comes together in Lisbon

Recently Mattermost’s diverse team came from all over the world to enjoy a five day retreat in Lisbon.

Learn more about Mattermost’s hackathon process and all of the great innovation that came out of their retreat.

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Invision's team comes together for beach meetings in beatiful Ericeira

With coworkers located around the world, Invision flew their team to the beautiful coastal fishing village of Ericeira, to come together, hack on ideas and boost team morale while enjoying some stand up paddle surfing and incredible seafood meals.

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How this workaway in Barcelona turned out to be a generator of 12 product featurers

Mynd gathered 32 developers, product people, and business-people in Barcelona.

Over 10 days, their goal was to run a hackathon, develop 12 new product ideas,
and have plenty of fun via various team building activities.

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Stripe's team building escape from their UK office to sunny Lisbon

The small team of 11 employees meant that they could have five solid days of working hard together, as well as taking part in plenty of team building activities, including an Insights workshop.

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