Surf Office was born out of love for surfing,
laid-back beach lifestyle and remote work

who we are

Surf Office is the organizer of productive, authentic and effortless company retreats. Our mission is to empower companies to bring culture, innovation, happiness and productivity to their work & lives.

We provide customized packages which include accommodation, workspace, team building activities, planning and facilitation of company retreats.

We use technology, we are the one-stop source for making planning and facilitation of company retreats and team off-sites easy – saving time and resources for our customers.

Locations worldwide
Retreats organised
People on the largest retreat


Like many of our customers, we are a remote company with employees distributed all around the world.

So we organize our own retreats where we typically brainstorm how to make YOUR retreat experience even better.

We organize all-company retreat before summer and then mini-team retreats in November and December.

Our last all-company retreat was at Costa Brava in Spain and it was awesome! 

Some bits from our previous retreats (Mallorca, Prague and Ericeira):

Our Values

1. Be transparent

We embrace open communication and talk not only about successes but failures too. We are transparent with our vendors and clients: no hidden costs, “no surprises” and always managing expectations. We are building a business based on trust.

2. Levelheadedness

We should be calm, considered, and thoughtful in our dealings with each other and the world at large. We don't act out of spite, we don't rush to judgment, we don't jump to conclusions. If someone disagrees with us or attacks us we listen, we think, and we respond calmly and clearly - directly addressing the idea or the situation, not the personality or the pressure.

3. Improve consistently

Trying new things, failing fast and iterate is part of our DNA. We understand that everything that we do is a constant iteration. One day we celebrate the success of something we launched and the next day we think about how to make it 3x better. We try to make radical improvements, not make something better by 5%. Every process, every product, every sentence on the website can be improved. We believe in fast iteration and constantly searching for customer feedback.

4. Be your weird self

We are a diverse team of different nationalities, living in different places. It's part of our culture and we try to leverage it. Each member of the team brings unique value to our product and the way we work.

5. Remote by default

Working in a remote team requires specific skills: We always try to be self-sufficient, take initiative and be creative in using technology. This also applies to the product we are building. When coming up with solutions we think about how we can remove friction and streamline solutions by providing top-notch virtual service.

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Starting as an experiment in 2013 by Peter Fabor, the first Surf Office was set up in Gran Canaria where first class beaches, perfect warm weather, and the position within the EU made it appealing to remote workers, surf lovers, and travelers alike.

Surf Office was the first coworking & coliving space for digital nomads.

Being the first of its kind, Surf Office quickly attracted remote working professionals and those who couldn’t take time off for vacation. And while the location was great, accommodation comfy and the workspace had reliable, fast internet connection, it was the community that guests praised the most.

We came to realize that more and more companies were contacting us for company retreats rather than solo travelers and digital nomads.

It made us think long and hard about our approach, and we shifted our focus to become company retreat facilitators rather than hosts for individuals.