Work with us as an accommodation partner

Join the Surf Office network of partners and increase your revenue by diversifying your business channels & bringing the best quality clients.

COVID forced the world to adopt remote working

After 2 years, we have all learned how to be productive in this new model, and many companies have chosen to remain that way forever.

There are many benefits to this new way of working, but one big headache has arisen for employers:

How to maintain company culture in a remote environment? 

Hundreds of Surf Office customers already know the answer: Company retreats.

Join Surf Office as the leading platform for organizing company offsites and leverage this new trend with your hospitality business. 

Why should you work with Surf Office as a partner?

📈 Increase your revenue in mid/low season

Surf Office bookings will generate more revenue for your property and provide a constant stream of bookings in mid/low seasons.

🍕 Diversify your booking channels

Adding a new stream of customers through a partnership with Surf Office means you rely less on predatory agencies and booking websites.

📊 Better occupancy rates

Bookings 3 months in advance on average, very often even 1 year in advance. No last-minute cancellations.

☕ More revenue from F&B

In most cases, our clients will use your in-house catering for all breakfasts, lunches, dinner, and coffee breaks throughout their stay.

🌟 Good quality clients

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, and digital Agencies from all over the world.

🧩 Midweek bookings

The majority of our group's bookings are between 2 to 5 nights during the workweek.

🤝🏿 Long-term relationship

We value quality over quantity and aim to build long-term relationships with our best partners to help them maximize the utility of their properties.

💪 Strong brand

Surf Office is an established and trusted global brand. We have been in the niche of company events since 2013.

What type of properties are we looking for?

Licensed accommodation: Hotel, a large villa, city apartments, retreat center, or resort

Minimum 10 bedrooms

Easy access to a major airport

Fast, reliable, and secure WiFi

Onsite workspace or event space area

Onsite restaurant if the location is remote

How does it work?

#1 You fill out the application form

#2 We will review your application

#3 If your property is a good fit, we will reach out to you to gather more information

#4 We will add you to our internal database of hotel partners (you pay us zero fees to be in our partner database)

#5 You will start receiving inquiries

When we onboard a new partner, we always try to ask ourselves: Does this partner have the potential to receive at least 5-10 Surf Office groups per year?

Our goal is to be a strong booking channel that you can count on for groups. 

We need to know your annual prices at the beginning of our partnership.

If you use dynamic pricing or you give prices to partners upon request, we understand that. However, we need at least average prices per season. This way we greatly reduce the friction in the sales process and bring you more groups.


Work with us as an accommodation partner