1. What/When/How Many

  • Use our booking form to give us the details of what you need
  • The more detailed your request is, the quicker we can send a proposal your way (usually within 48 hrs)
  • Schedule a quick call after filling out the form – it’s optional but saves us a lot of back and forth emailing
  • Don’t have the details/don’t know where? No problem! Give us a bit of info on your group and we’ll make a suggestion that fits your team

2. Nailing it down

  • Review our proposal and let us know what you think
  • Adjust the number of people, change locations, set specific dates
  • Book and secure your retreat – we send you the invoice (format can be adjusted to your needs) and you can pay for your retreat via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card

3. Details and the fun stuff

  • Start planning details of your retreat immediately upon confirmation!
  • With the help of our automated onboarding process you can save yourself hours of research time and select the different add-ons that fit you and your team’s needs

  • Take advantage of our extensive experience, a large network of vetted local partners and in-depth knowledge to choose fun group activities, book restaurants, order customized swag and organize local events
  • We’ll guide you each step of the way with tailored recommendations
  • If you need help from our expert team, they’re just an email away

4. Enjoy!

  • Have peace of mind that our trusted partners will provide excellent service
  • Enjoy a fun and productive retreat to remember

5. Do it all again

  • We’ll save your preferences and team details so that next time around you don’t have to go through the entire process from scratch

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