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How does it work?

#1 Recommend us a property that fits our criteria (below)

#2 We will review it and then decline or add it to our partner database

#3 If we organize at least one company retreat at that property, you will be rewarded!

What property is a good fit?

🏨 Hotel, apartment building, large villa or resort

✈️ Maximum 1h drive from the international airport

🌎 Located in Europe, North America, Central America

🛏️ Minimum 15 bedrooms

💻 Onsite workspace/event space area

🌐 Good internet connection

Terms & Conditions

Property can't be a Surf Office partner already

We will pay you a $600/€500 reward if you can issue us an invoice. If you can't issue us an invoice, you can choose between a voucher of $600/€500 for accommodation or an Amazon voucher

You can recommend (and be rewarded for) as many properties as you want!

You have stayed at the property and/or know the property owners personally

If you are an owner/operator of property, apply here

Recommend us a property and earn €500/$600

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