Lisbon running guide

If running is part of your daily routine or something you want to incorporate during your visit, Lisbon is a great place to do so. With its hilly paths, wonderful views over the city, paths running along the river and numerous parks there are almost endless combinations of routes you can try.

Alex Gahr has spent some time in Surf Office Lisbon and has indeed included running into his daily life. What's more, he came up with this awesome running guide so you guys can start as well or just broaden your usual field.

So no more chatter, let's run!

I. Up the hill (running and fitness)

The first part from the Office to Avenida da Liberdade (first red arrow) goes up (e.g. Rua da Rosa) and down (Rua da Glória), so even walking gets sporty! But only for 10 mins if you walk quickly.

From there you can run along the whole Avenida da Liberdade in the shade of trees until you reach the Eduardo VII park that is quite big for running.

If you want to do some fitness, run uphill to the end of the park, cross the wooden bridge and continue running until you find this:

If you want some real fitness, continue the same path downhill to the end (passing by the entrance to the New University) and go a few steps upstairs to the pull-up bars (second red arrow: Miradouro do Morro).

- Details of the route

II. To the Star Garden (running)

You can also go to the park Jardim da Estrela that is not far away from the Surf Office but it’s all the way uphill.

It’s a beautiful but small park with a few other runners there. If you are used to longer distances it may be a bit too small.

Near the entrance there’s a bar with a terrace and many people in the evenings and sometimes even loud music which is good for drinking but not so for running.

Opposite the entrance of the garden/park there’s a big church, Basílica da Estrela, which is very beautiful to see and illuminated at night.

Inside the park there are some strange fitness things, like small towers (see number 21 on the map, the same as in the first park Eduardo VII: number 22). They seem to be better suited for older people, there are no pull-up bars or similar things.

- Details of the route

III. Along beautiful streets (running and fitness)

This route doesn’t go as uphill as the first one. You just run straight along the streets as shown on the map for about 20-25 mins until you find the hospital Infante Santo. Here, go uphill and look for the entrance to the Tapada das Necessidades park. It’s not very well-signposted unfortunately and you access the park door through a very small street (as shown on the map).

The whole park is hidden inside high walls and goes uphill. It’s not as big as the Eduardo VII park but there are fewer people usually. You can run around (up and downhill) and explore different paths, search the cactus garden and find a building where you can go up to the roof top! This park closes at 7 pm.

In the middle there’s a small grassland (or next to the wall) where you can do abs, push ups, etc.

IV. Along the Tejo river (running)

Starting at the Surf Office, first you have to go to the metro, train, and ship station Cais do Sodré in order to get to the other side of the railway tracks. After passing the station go to the right.

A bike lane that you can follow along the river starts there. You can see there funnily painted bollards like this one:

The route ends at the dock Doca de Alcântara. Here you can turn around, run the same way back, passing by the station Cais do Sodré and continue along the river to the other direction. There you’ll find some colorful, round plastic seats with small trees, after that a long stone (concrete) beach and a bit farther there’s a tiny beach where you can relax but not swim.

Unfortunately, there are no pull-up bars or other fitness stuff along the whole way to Doca de Alcântara.

- Details of the route

V. Crossing the river (running and fitness)

This trip takes a bit longer because you have to take a ship from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas (10 min) but it’s absolutely worth it – even if not for running but only having a picnic in the grass, enjoying dinner at the very beautiful Ponto Final restaurant or seeing the amazing graffiti or ruins there. And of course, the Christ monument Cristo Rei that closes at 7 pm.

The running route ends at a big metal-grid door, but there’s one bar left so you can climb through the door and discover a jungle-like path till you get to ruins from where you can see an amazing sunset!

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