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With 253 sunny days a year, a creative environment and a great lifestyle, Lisbon is the perfect destination for your company retreat.

You can work hard in our all-hours-access office and then enjoy great team building activities such as surfing or e-biking. And as for the nightlife? Well, that’s a totally different story.

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  • Easily walkable everywhere
  • Sunny
  • Amazing seafood and meat restaurants
  • Easy to move around with English
  • Affordable
  • Historic buildings everywhere




Lisbon is a fantastic city – you either love it or…you love it! It boasts beautiful historic buildings and amazing street art that will boost your team’s creativity, while great views and trendy cafes will make it easy to relax.

There are plenty of beaches close to the city, dozens of options for team building activities and 253 out of 365 sunny days will make your company retreat in Lisbon the highlight of your year.

Local restaurants with affordable prices won’t break your budget and it will give a fresh taste to your days. Be prepared for a memorable experience in one of the hottest cities in Europe.

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Surfing in Lisbon
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Boat Tour in Lisbon
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E-Bike Tour in Lisbon
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Escape Room in Lisbon
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Sintra Trip in Lisbon
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Cooking Class in Lisbon
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Treasure Hunt in Lisbon
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Street Art Tour in Lisbon
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Craft Brewery Tour in Lisbon
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Pastel de Nata Workshop in Lisbon
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Portuguese Dinner and Live Music in Lisbon



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“Mixing surf and socialization creates a better balance in working together and getting things done.”

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“Facilities like Surf Office offer the benefits of an office environment while also providing a place to sleep, have fun and interact with colleagues.”

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Annual retreat for 100 people which ended up with one epic dinner in an old historic palace

For their retreat in 2017, EVBox took half of their team (100 people) to Lisbon for a healthy mix of group and one-to-one activities, such as group city tours and plenty of meals with the team.

A jam-packed & successful retreat with a big announcement at the end! are a developer sourcing business, helping to bring the brightest developers and best businesses in tech together. They have teams based all around Europe, but flew everyone to come and stay with us for two days in Lisbon.


The most popular team building activities are surf lessons, SUP lessons and tapas night but there are plenty more to choose from.

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Zara Quiroga

Zara Quiroga is a Professional Eater. In between meals she does Travel & Food Writing, curates unique food experiences that showcase the best of Portuguese food, and works in Digital Marketing with F&B businesses. She’s also the author of “Lisbon in 100 Bites – The Ultimate Lisbon Food Guide” and she’s eager to know how many of those 100 bites you’re going to much on while in Portugal!

Our recommendations for restaurants come from a global network of experts. They share their insider knowledge of the places they live in and visit, and based on your unique preferences, we will give your tailored recommendation during the retreat planning.



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