4 unique team bonding experiences in Lisbon

Lisbon has an excellent business climate which makes the Portuguese capital a popular location for our customers looking to have an inspiring team retreat.

To give you an idea: The city took the 4th place in The Startup City Index, ahead of the startup meccas San Francisco and London. Plus, the annual growth of the startup industry in Portugal is 2x higher than the European average.

But Lisbon is not all business! It has a fun side to it, too. How could it not when it's right by the ocean, it gets 253 sunny days a year, and it's a just a short ride from a Disney-like enchanting town? ?

We came up with 4 unique team bonding experiences based on our most popular team activities in Lisbon!

Our customers love them and you will too. ?

1. A day of royalty & nature in the charming town of Sintra

Amidst enchanted gardens and the continent's westernmost sea cliffs, you'll find the fairytale village of Sintra. A place full of magic and mystery, this is where Nature and Man have combined in such a perfect symbiosis that UNESCO has granted it Word Heritage Site status. The best part: it's just a 30-min drive from Lisbon.

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Ideal Itinerary

9:30 - Depart to Sintra

10:00 - Grab the local specialties of queijadas cheesecakes and travesseiro (almond creme and egg puff pastries) from Piriquita bakery

10:15 - Visit the Pena Palace & Park and see why this was a one-time favored summer getaway location for the royal family

12:30 - Lunch at typical Portuguese restaurant Bacalhau na Vila (€€) or A Raposa (€€€)

14:00 - Discover Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe

16:00 - Return to Lisbon

2. Sail, eat & party

A favorite with our customers, sailing on a beautiful sunny day in Lisbon is sure to create a relaxed atmosphere for your team bonding.

Combine that with a delicious dinner by the dock + drinks on the (in)famous Pink Street, and your team will have an evening to remember! ⛵️

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Ideal Itinerary

15:00 - Sailing regatta on the Tagus river, watching the sun set over Lisbon

19:00 - Dinner at a restaurant on the docks of Doca de Santo Amaro

22:00 - Party on Pink street where locals & internationals mingle

3. E-bike tour, craft beer, typical food & beautiful view

The e-bike tour is without a doubt the best way to experience the history, culture and scenic views of Lisbon! You'll be thirsty and hungry afterwards, so we recommend grabbing a refreshing craft beer at the Time Out Market & trying some delicious Portuguese tapas. The cherry on top: a beautiful night view over the Tagus river - with a drink in your hand, of course!

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Ideal Itinerary

15:00 - E-bike tour through the scenic views of Lisbon

18:00 - Craft beer drink at Mercado da Ribeira, aka Time Out Market

19:30 - Portuguese tapas and wine at Estrela da Bica, right on Rua da Bica, voted the most beautiful street in the world

22:00 - Drinks with a beautiful view of the Tagus river

4. An evening at LX Factory, a factory turned into a creative space

Once a 19th century industrial factory destined to be demolished, LX Factory is now a hub for all things creative - artsy workshops, local designers, funky decorated restaurants and street art that will leave your right brain turned on for days to come.

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Ideal Itinerary

16:30 - Explore the creativity of LX Factory: tons of cool street art, one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world & the artists hub, Village Underground

18:00 - Dinner at Mez Cais (€€) or 1300 Taberna (€€€)

20:00 - Sunset drinks with a view of the bridge & the river at Rio Maravilha

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