The best locations for a team off-site near New York City

Working in a fast-paced and competitive city like New York is no joke. Any New Yorker will tell you that it can be thrilling and motivating, but it can also be exhausting.

If your NYC-based team needs an energy boost, an off-site retreat could be a great way to start. These are our top four locations for an invigorating company retreat near New York City:

1. The Hudson Valley

Enjoy beautiful natural landscapes along with hip art and food scenes in this region spanning the area just north and northwest of New York City. Divided by the Hudson River, the Valley is home to quaint towns, scenic mountain trails, farms, art centers, and more.

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To the east of the river, you can visit the contemporary art galleries of Beacon, or dine at the farm-to-table restaurants in Hudson, also known as “the Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley.”

West of the river, your team can stroll around the sculpture garden at Storm King in Cornwall, or go for a hike in Bear Mountain State Park. A number of upscale hotels and inns offer high-end accommodations in the Valley’s towns and cities, and various retreat centers are available for more remote lodgings.

2. The Catskills

A bit farther from New York City, this mountain range is a nature lover’s paradise. Great for hiking, cycling, skiing, fishing, rafting, tubing, and more, the Catskills are a place to relax or adventure during any season.

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Enjoy the eccentric culture of Woodstock, have a craft beer in Windham, watch a live performance in downtown Catskill, or browse the colorful storefronts of Tannersville. The Catskills offer many types of accommodations, from luxury mountain lodges to modest B&B’s.

3. The Berkshires

Get a taste of beautiful New England in this southwestern region of Massachusetts, just under 3 hours north of New York City.

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Groups can visit one of the Berkshires’ most charming towns, Great Barrington, where millions of Appalachian Trail hikers stop each year to recharge.

The town offers artisanal cafes, quaint ice cream shops, boutiques, and antique fairs galore.

For a longer trip, continue east from the Berkshires to the college town of Amherst, or even farther to coastal Boston.

With its mix of natural landscape and active towns and cities, the Berkshires region has lots on offer for any team seeking an enjoyable getaway.

4. The Poconos

Although staunch New Yorkers may hesitate to venture out of their home state, it’s hard to resist the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania.

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The Poconos are a popular destination for families and couples seeking excitement or rejuvenation. Great hospitality abounds at the Poconos’ many resorts, retreat centers, and mountain villas.

While outdoorsy types may elect to stay near one the Poconos’ numerous state parks, city lovers can head a bit farther south to enjoy the lively and historic city of Philadelphia.

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