A 5-day retreat in Lisbon captured into one epic video

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Built by sales people for sales people, Close.com allows companies to close more sales through built-in calling, SMS and email all connected in one platform.

Close.io is a fully remote company that takes bi-annual retreats to spend a week together, working and getting to know each other, and they chose Lisbon as their last retreat destination.

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There’s a lot of work but there are also lots of group and one-on-one meetings where the team gets to know each other. Their goal is to compress a year’s worth of socializing within one week.

For their Lisbon retreat, they spent a lot of time eating together, as well as taking part in group activities such as sailing and bike tours through the city.

We sat down with Mary Hartberg from Close to discuss their company culture, how they operate as a distributed company and what were the highlights of their retreat in Lisbon.

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