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Marrakesh is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. It lies west of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Here you can visit historical landmarks such as Bali Palace, Saadian Tombs, Bahia Palace, and Jamaa el-Fnaa. You can also go shopping in the Souks, visit Koutoubia, or go to Jardin Majorelle.

Besides palaces and tombs, there are also lots of team-building activities like a desert tour, a cooking class, a pottery course, a kart race, or an escape room, making Marrakesh the perfect place for your next company retreat.

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Experience Marrakech on a walking tour

  • Enjoy a walking tour in English of Marrakesh and enjoy an experience with locals.
  • While walking between the narrow alleyways of Marrakech, your guide will get deep into the legends and gems of the city. 
  • Your attentive and friendly guide will take you to the most amazing places in Marrakech.  
  • You’ll enjoy a really well-prepared tour of Marrakech. 
  • The guide will teach you about the culture and history of the Medina and Marrakech.
  • The tour takes about 2.5 hours and is mostly in shaded areas inside the medina.

Discover Marrakesh food on a Moroccan food tour

  • Enjoy a Marrakech food tour that combines great food with great stories that make the city come to life. 
  • Offering tours in English for our guests and other languages if arranged. 
  • Be prepared for lots of walking and going through busy areas with streets that are uneven at times. 
  • A wonderful, 3.5 hour gastronomic tour! 
  • An incredible guide who’s super friendly and fun.
  • Have an interesting experience where you not only get to taste the food, but you also get to learn about how it was made, and hear a lot of other local stories along the way.

Take a cooking class in Marrakesh

  • Learn from an accomplished and patient chef. 
  • Have a lovely experience in a cooking class with a friendly and sweet chef who explains everything perfectly. 
  • The foods are all delicious and it’s a pleasure to spend a few hours in this welcoming space. 
  • The whole session is so well organized, you’ll learn a great deal, and have fun doing so.
  • You’ll get a traditional tea ceremony with delicious fresh mint tea, as well as a full lunch that they show you how to make with salads, traditional tagine, and your own handmade bread cooked in the local communal ovens.

Get creative with a handmade pottery course

  • Offering workshops for all age and skill levels, you’ll learn the different techniques of modeling, sculpture, and turning with the potter's wheel to live an intense sensory experience.
  • These activities are not only fun, they also facilitate communication, idea generation and team building.
  • Enjoy a staff who’s super nice, professional, and assists very well.
  • The instructors are knowledgeable, the atmosphere is enjoyable, and the overall experience leaves a positive impression.
  • You’ll make a few pieces, they’ll fire them, and then you’ll get them the next week.
  • The workshop is spacious and bright with 2 hours of lessons where you’ll practice by hand and on machines.

Take a desert tour in Marrakesh 

  • Take a two day one night desert tour.
  • Enjoy the stunning drive, with plenty of stops and some really interesting opportunities.
  • Ride camels into the sunset to get to your camp in the desert.
  • The camel ride is an adventure just by itself with a guide who’s very attentive and helpful.  
  • Everything is well-organized and the team will ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Challenge yourself with an escape room

  • An escape game is an essential activity for companies wishing to unite their teams. 
  • This game proves to be a wonderful catalyst, highlighting the dynamics of a group with an innovative experience, both cerebral and fun.
  • Offering 3 quality scenarios with varied and ultra-immersive universes, it’s up to you to choose your adventure!
  • The goal is simple: 1 hour is the time your team has to succeed in its mission.
  • Come try a life-size escape game in teams of 2 to 7 people.
  • The venue is clean, with a staff who gives good instructions  and the game makes sense.

Experience Marrakesh on a bike tour

  • Complimentary coffees are offered on all day tours at the AXS bicycle shop! 
  • You’ll have high-quality bicycles, a professional guide, lightweight helmets, and water is provided on all tours.
  • Your guide and host will teach you and make everything seem effortless. 
  • This is a challenging, yet superb riding experience in Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains. 
  • Enjoy riding very good bikes that are well-maintained with a nice staff.

Have fun with laser game in Marrakech

  • Equipped with your electronic armor and your laser weapon, you move through a labyrinth full of obstacles, special effects, and traps
  • Awesome place to play laser tag and also sell snacks and drinks with a very welcoming staff.
  • The map is spread over two floors and you can use both. 
  • Enjoy a staff who’s so nice, cool, and respectful.
  • Competitions between teams are organized. 
  • The equipment is well taken care of  and clean.

Get competitive with a kart race

  • Enjoy kart racing that’s equipped with the very latest technical and logistical solutions in terms of events and reception.
  • With a width of 7 meters, this technical track is almost 1000 meters long and offers both fast and winding sections, allowing you to safely exploit the incredible performance of a kart.
  • The karts are high-performance with a 270cc, 4-stroke engine, and the Sodi GT5 is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of chassis and engine. 
  • The dedicated and skilled team provides practical racing advice and ensures a safe experience.
  • Decent racing gear, fast and clean karts, and a very challenging and enjoyable track.

Relax and unwind at a yoga studio

  • Enjoy a beautiful courtyard studio with a magnificent, professional, and cool space for classes. 
  • You’ll have a fantastic teacher and such inspiring sessions.
  • This yoga class is accessible yet comprehensive.
  • Offering different types of yoga styles. 
  • Teaching yoga suitable for all levels, with a little physical demand and a lot of spirituality.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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