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Basis Point Shinbashi

Rating 9.7/10 | Japan, 〒105-0004 Tokyo, Minato City, Shinbashi, 2 Chome−19−3 カシケイビル 2F | Website

+ Located at just a three minute walk from Shimbashi Station, This open space gives you the choice of counter seats, sofa seats, or table seats.

+ The staff at Basis Point will make an effort to help you in any way they can.

+ The conference room is spacious and easy to use. You’re able to have a comfortable meeting with Wi-Fi and an internet connection without any problems.

+ They provide amenities such as various equipment, free drinks, rental of certain stationery, and they offer an affordable price.

+ One good thing about this co-working space is that you can use the drop-in and enter somewhere other than the Shimbashi store.

- There are more people talking on the phone and talking amongst each other than at the Ueno store. So, bring earphones if you’re easily distracted.

Basis Point Shinbashi - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

Co-working space Kayabacho Co-Edo (Koedo)

Rating 9.5/10 | Japan, 〒104-0033 Tokyo, Chuo City, Shinkawa, 1 Chome−3−4 PAビル 5F| Website

+ This spacious location offers enough space to accommodate larger groups without feeling cramped.

+ They have a friendly staff who speaks just enough English that you can understand and get by. 

+ You’ll have an office-like atmosphere on this floor, making it easier to get cozy and concentrate on your work, without dealing with all the chatter.

+ There’s a convenience store nearby but not a lot of places to have lunch.

+ Some of the amenities here include: free coffee along with plenty of other free drinks, display rentals, reference books, and a fast internet speed. You can also borrow power supplies and adapters.

Co-working space Kayabacho Co-Edo (Koedo)  - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

Impact HUB Tokyo

Rating 9.4/10 | 2 Chome-11-3 Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063, Japan | Website

+ This amazing co-working space is located at about a ten minute walking distance from Meguro Station, it has a good-sized conference room, a local coffee shop inside, and enough tables and desks for you to spread out your work.

+ The staff and locals here are very friendly, you’ll have great conversations during the many events hosted here and designed for you to meet new people while enjoying delicious coffee.

+ Known for its diverse community where people from different industries, values, cultures, work styles, and lifestyles gather.

+ You’re able to choose the frequency of use, your team size, corporate registration, specific meeting rooms, lockers, and other optional services.

 - The building and its surroundings are supposed to be completely non-smoking, but there is a smoking space in the back of the bicycle parking lot outside, so avoid that area if you’re sensitive to smoke.

Impact HUB Tokyo - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan


Rating 9.2/10 | 3 Chome-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0046, Japan | Website

+ This amazing facility has an international vibe, offering a five floor workspace and is based in the heart of Tokyo, located just near Roppongi Station.

+ They have the most friendly staff and all the necessary facilities made for accommodating small meetings all the way up to the big team meetings.

+ This is an amazing place with very nice people and an outstanding community. Various events are held here regularly and members are able to attend any BLINK-sponsored event for free.

+ Some of the amenities include: a cafeteria that offers first class service, super fast Wi-Fi, and it’s also a pet friendly environment.

+ Another amazing feature is the telebooth that provides multiple outlets and small items such as PC stands.

BLINK - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square

Rating 9.0/10 | ku, 39F, 2 Chome-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-6139, Japan | Website

+ Directly connected to the Shibuya Station, this place has a breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline, right from the communal work desk.

+ Offering the most inspiring shared office spaces and meeting rooms. These lounges are modern and comfortable with some floors even offering private rooms.

+ Lower floors have a convenient commercial facility with food and retail stores. Some of the other floors have amenities such as a cafe; a bar that also serves food and hosts events.

+ They also have a pool table; complimentary drinks such as coffee, sodas, and beer; and a community bar.

- The desk chairs are uncomfortable, being not much different from those in the food court, so it's hard to not have back pain.

WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

Gotanda co-working space pao pao

Rating 8.8/10 | 2 Chome-8-5 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan | Website

+ This co-working space provides sixteen seats with power outlets at each one and three private rooms so you can make calls and talk freely without the worry of someone overhearing.

+ There are plenty of monitors to choose from in this facility, and in the winter they provide blankets and heaters to warm your feet, so that you can work comfortably. Paid lockers are also available for you to reserve.

+ They offer displays along with free snacks and drinks such as Barley tea, Nescafe, and the drip coffee that can be brewed occasionally is always a pleasure.

+ Also, they allow free copies and printouts for up to twenty pages per day for both black and white or color inkjets.

Gotanda co-working space pao pao - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

CASE Shinjuku

Rating 8.6/10 | Japan, 〒169-0075 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Takadanobaba, 1 Chome−28−10 三慶ビル 4F バンフォーレ | Website

+ This co-working space is a peaceful, bright, and airy space to work and it’s close to the station.

+ The staff is very welcoming and helpful, knowing enough English to be able to communicate fairly well.

+ The drop-in space here is able to easily accommodate a team of thirteen people, still having plenty of free outlets and monitors available for use and minimal noise so that we were able to be productive.

+ One amazing perk for this location is the food options. For a quick lunch, KFC is on the first floor, Lawson’s is right across the street, and there are a wealth of other restaurants all around.

- The phone booth doesn’t provide the privacy you would expect, making it hard to find a place to have a conversation.

CASE Shinjuku - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan


Rating 8.4/10 | Japan, 〒104-0028 Tokyo, Chuo City, Yaesu, 2 Chome−8−7 福岡ビル 4F | Website

+ This co-working space is right near Tokyo Station and has a large space where events can be held. 

+ If you’re looking for a nice place for quiet work or collaborating, this place creates business opportunities beyond frameworks.

+ Here you can have conference or video calls at well-placed tables and desks in an area that gives you a moderate sense of openness.

+ Drop-ins are also possible at this location, and probably because there is a lot of competition in the area, the usage fee is reasonable.

+ This is a place where people, companies (technologies), ideas, and information interact with Tokyo and all over Japan.

- The only free coffee they offer is hot, so if your preference is an iced coffee you may need to make arrangements to bring your own.

DIAGONAL RUN TOKYO - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

Tunnel Tokyo

Rating 8.3/10 | Japan, 〒141-0033 Tokyo, Shinagawa City, Nishishinagawa, 1 Chome−1−1, Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower, 9階 | Website

+ This location is within a six minute walk to JR Rinkai Line and Osaka Station South Exit. Offering seven colorful conference rooms and a members lounge that’s available twenty-four hours a day.

+ The gigantic LED screen and the glowing tunnel were designed in a very retro-futuristic and exciting way!

+ Exchange meetings and events turn into business opportunities. You’re able to use the employee cafeteria, library space, darts, billiards, and other play spaces unique to SEGA SAMMY.

+  They offer a members-only workspace that can be used by startup companies and individual entrepreneurs.

+ Members of this facility can use the exclusive shuttle bus (operating only on weekdays) between JR Osaki Station, Oimachi Station, Shinagawa Station, and Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower.

Tunnel Tokyo - coworking space in Tokyo, Japan


Rating 8.1/10 | 14F, 3 Chome-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan | Website

+ This hidden gem is located right near the front of Tokyo Station, and has five stations and twenty-four lines.

+ With wonderfully spacious work desks, comfortable sofas, and a very clean and looked after workspace, what else could you need when looking for the perfect spot to work.

+ Offering a community (lounge) area equipped with two famous PONG machines that were produced by ATARI that are free to play.

+ Having social events everyday, they also provide free drinks and snacks.

+ Additional amenities include: a Phone Booth, Parents Room, and an Honesty Market

- This place would be considered perfect, if only the background music wasn’t so loud.

WeWork TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN- coworking space in Tokyo, Japan

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Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.

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