Inside Amun's 48-hour hackathon in sunny Mallorca

Epic hackathon

Amun is a leading cryptocurrency issuer working to make purchasing crypto more accessible and efficient for institutional and retail investors through portfolio automation.

Recently, Amun’s team of 45 entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial product developers came together in Mallorca for six days of bonding, hardwork and idea generation. Read on to find out how it went!

Anytime our company comes together to meet in-person every single person is affected by that, whether they’re new or have been here a while, they take something away.

- Brian Aznar, VP Engineering, Amun
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The Amun team came to Mallorca with a two-fold goal of idea generation and building company culture. And at the heart of their retreat? A 48-hour hackathon. 

Starting on the second day of their offsite experience, all 45 team members came together to lock-in for two days of collaborative, uninterrupted work retreat. With coffee flowing and laptops open, they broke off into groups to develop a few new ideas from start to finish.

To keep everyone energized, they mixed in ocean views, plenty of snacks and quite a few karaoke breaks. 48-hours later, they presented their final concepts to the rest of the team. The result? Amazing project ideas that were not only fun and creative, but have the potential to offer some awesome returns in the future. 

To celebrate the hackathon’s success, Amun ended their stay in Mallorca with a Farm Experience Dinner Party where a marketplace was set-up featuring local Spanish dishes for their team to sample. More than just a chance to enjoy some delicious food, the dinner gave everyone on the team a chance to bond, unwind and reflect on the last few productive days.

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