10 Best team building activities in Mallorca

A sunny Mediterranean island with unbeatable seafood and stunning views.

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Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands, a 151-island Mediterranean archipelago off eastern Spain. The island is a popular European holiday destination due to its lavish beach resorts, reliable year-round weather and scenic coastline.

There’s much to see and do on the island, making it the perfect destination for a team-building retreat. During the day, you’ll find countless experiences from traditional cooking classes to scenic boat tours, stand-up paddleboarding to escape rooms. After an action-packed day, take your team to the island’s capital, Palma, where you’ll find a thriving restaurant scene and buzzing nightlife.

If you’re looking for a sunny island getaway, look no further than the endearing island of Mallorca. The location, weather and variety of things to do make it the perfect destination for an unforgettable team-building retreat. In the following list, we’ve provided some of our favourite team-building activity ideas in Mallorca to help you plan your next offsite retreat.

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Explore the countryside on a cycling tour

  • Join an experienced guide for a tour through the island’s incredible landscape and catch a glimpse of what local life is like on the Balearic seaside. 
  • Your guide will adjust your route depending on the number of participants and your group’s biking abilities to ensure everyone has a great time while taking a leisurely ride through the small towns and coastal vistas surrounding your hotel.
  • This activity includes bikes and helmets for everyone on your team and has a capacity of 10-15 participants per group. 
  • You’ll spend approximately 2-3 hours enjoying the Mallorca sun and experiencing everything that the island landscape has to offer.
  • Choose from a mountain, mixed or flat route type.

Spend time on the water with a SUP lesson

  • Explore Mallorca from the sea with your colleagues during your next offsite retreat.
  • A stand-up paddleboarding lesson is perfect if you’re looking to get out in the sun and enjoy the beautiful island seaside. 
  • You’ll spend a few hours learning how to stand-up paddle on Mallorca’s northern coast.
  • The experience includes stand-up paddleboards for everyone on your team as well as an experienced guide who will walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your excursion. 
  • The capacity for this activity is 30 participants and is ideal for all levels and abilities.
  • Expect to be on the water for 2-3 hours.

Uncover hidden clues to escape the room

  • The objective is to find the exit by solving a series of games and puzzles.
  • Teams must inspect every detail of the rooms to unravel the mysteries and escape within the 60-minute time limit.
  • Escape rooms are great team experiences that boost problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership and communication skills.
  • No special skills are needed, just team spirit, an ability to observe and logic.
  • The best team sizes range from four to six people.
  • The rooms are carefully decorated to create an immersive experience.

Learn to cook traditional Spanish paella

  • Take your team on an authentic Spanish culinary experience during your next offsite getaway. 
  • Paella is a dish that originates from Valencia and incorporates seafood, rice, and chicken. 
  • During this 2-3 hour activity, you’ll learn how to cook this authentic Spanish dish in an enjoyable, fun and inclusive way alongside your teammates. 
  • Fresh ingredients and an on-site chef are included to help you prepare this delicious traditional dish, right in the beautiful garden of your hotel.
  • You’ll have as much paella as you can eat, with vegetarian, meat and fish options available.

Sample craft beers on a brewery tour

  • Take a comprehensive tour of a specialist brewery, followed by a tasting session of new and traditional beers.
  • The tasting session is accompanied by a selection of Belgian cheeses.
  • Learn the steps of beer brewing as you’re led through the facility by a specialist guide.
  • Participants can watch the whole production process through a large glass window.
  • The brewery staff are extremely passionate about their craft.
  • Enjoy this relaxing brewery tour as you form stronger bonds with your colleagues. 

Explore the coastline on a boat cruise

  • Explore the gorgeous north coast of Mallorca with your colleagues on your private boat tour.
  • Spend a few hours exploring the many small beaches of the island including Alcudia Bay and even stop for a swim or a picnic at a few of them.
  • The experience includes transfers to and from Alcudia Bay and an experienced boat guide who will take you and your workmates through the beautiful blue waters surrounding Mallorca island.
  • Enjoy a relaxing picnic for the group that includes snacks and water. 
  • The excursion lasts approximately four and a half hours.
  • The maximum boat capacity is nine passengers.

Swing through the treetops on a forest adventure course

  • Spend a day out of the office with your entire team and live an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature.
  • The treetop adventure park presents participants with a series of challenging obstacles including a 250-metre zip line.
  • Circuits are completed in a specific order determined by the supervisors.
  • The course is complete with a variety of modules of varying difficulty.
  • The full course lasts approximately three hours. 

Race against your colleagues on electric go-karts

  • Go-karting is a fun, high-octane experience that your teams are guaranteed to love.
  • Feel the adrenaline when driving an electric kart at maximum speed on a technical, daring and competitive track.
  • The recommended number of drivers per is eight, although 10 is possible.
  • The indoor karting venue is complete with a panoramic observation room offering a great view of the races.
  • Grab a beer at the on-site bar in between races.

Eliminate the enemy at the paintball arena

  • Paintball combines team-building with an exciting group experience.
  • Participants don’t require any particular sporting ability to enjoy paintballing. 
  • Players of all ages and fitness levels can have fun and work together as you split up into teams and compete in this exciting and adrenaline-filled activity.
  • This experience includes unlimited game time, all necessary equipment and 100 paintballs per person.
  • The facility has several scenarios with different themes, covering an area of more than 50,000 square metres.
  • A large outdoor cafeteria, bar area and showers are located on-site.

De-stress with a relaxing yoga class

  • A relaxing group yoga class is the perfect activity for you and your team.
  • Yoga classes can be scheduled at your chosen location, indoors or outdoors.
  • All classes are led by a fully-qualified yoga instructor.
  • The activity includes yoga mats.
  • Your yoga class can be adjusted to accommodate the level and abilities of everyone participating
  • Yoga classes last approximately one hour.

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