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Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish Balearic islands. Famous for its stunning beaches and beautiful limestone mountains, it’s the ideal destination for hikers, beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

If your team is looking for a winter getaway, Mallorca is the perfect spot to be. Plan beach meetings, enjoy the sun and experience authentic Spain on this beautiful island during your next team retreat.

Handpicked team activities in Mallorca, Spain

We work with our network of partners to provide you the best local and authentic experience around. You can book these activities exclusively as part of the Mallorca retreat package.

Paella cooking class

Take your team on an authentic Spanish culinary experience during your next offsite getaway. Paella is a dish that originates from Valencia and incorporates seafood, rice, and chicken. During this 2-3 hour activity, you’ll learn how to cook this authentic Spanish dish in an enjoyable, fun and inclusive way alongside your teammates. Fresh ingredients and an on-site chef are included to help you prepare this delicious traditional dish right in the beautiful garden of your hotel.
We recommend participating in this activity during lunch hours and guarantee you’ll have as much paella as you can eat. With vegetarian options available this is sure to be an activity that everyone (and their stomachs) will love!

Yoga class

If relaxation is more your thing, a group yoga class may just be the perfect activity for you and your team. We can help you schedule yoga classes onsite in the stunning garden of your hotel or indoors if the weather does not permit you to enjoy stretching in the sun. This activity includes yoga mats and an experienced instructor to walk your group through the stretches and meditation.
Suitable for everyone, your yoga class can be adjusted to accommodate the level and abilities of everyone participating and will last approximately one hour. An ideal way to rest and reset amidst a busy day of idea generation.

Paintball session

Looking for an activity that’s a bit more outside the box? Why not try paintball? This activity will combine fun with team-building, strategy and most importantly, participants don’t require any particular sporting ability to have a blast participating. Players of all ages and fitness levels can have fun on equal footing and work together as you split up into teams and compete in this exciting and adrenaline-filled activity.
This experience includes unlimited game time, all necessary equipment and 100 paintballs per person. Get ready to gear up for an activity that your teammates won’t soon forget.

Biking tour

Explore the beautiful Mallorca countryside on wheels! Join an experienced guide for a tour through the island’s unforgettable landscape and catch a glimpse of what local life is like on the Balearic seaside. Your guide will adjust your route depending on the number of participants and your group’s biking abilities to ensure everyone has a great time while taking a leisurely ride through the small towns and coastal vistas surrounding your hotel.

This activity includes bikes and helmets for everyone on your team and has a capacity of 10-15 participants per group. In total, you’ll spend approximately 2-3 hours enjoying the Mallorca sun and experiencing everything that the island landscape has to offer.

Kayaking and stand-up paddle

Explore Mallorca from the sea with your colleagues during your next offsite retreat. If you’re looking to get out in the sun and enjoy the beautiful island seaside, consider spending a few hours learning how to stand-up paddle (SUP) or kayak along Mallorca’s northern coast.

Your experience will include kayaks or stand-up paddleboards for everyone on your team as well as an experienced guide who will walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your excursion. The capacity for this activity is 30 participants and is ideal for all levels and abilities. Expect to be on the water for 2-3 hours not including transfers.

Boat tour

Explore the gorgeous north coast of Mallorca with your colleagues on your own private boat tour. This is sure to be an experience that no one will forget anytime soon. Spend a few hours exploring the many small beaches of the island including Alcudia Bay and even stop for a swim or a picnic at a few of them.

This experience includes transfers to and from Alcudia Bay, an experienced boat guide who will take you and your workmates through the beautiful blue waters surrounding Mallorca island and a picnic for the group that includes snacks and water. Prepare to be out for approximately 4.5 hours on this excursion and note that capacity is a maximum of nine participants. For larger groups, there are alternative options available.

Ralf micro-brewery tour

If you’re looking for a unique entrepreneurial story with a tasty plot, look no further than Ralf micro-brewery. Join your workmates for a tour of this small brewery in the middle of Mallorca and follow it up with a beer tasting experience that will allow you to sample some of the best on the island. The brewery tour is full of interesting facts about the hops and the beer-making process and will answer all of your most burning questions about this local hotspot including: where the brewery got its name, the story behind the names of the beers like Comandante and Tuareg and so much more.

This is a great activity to get to know your colleagues in a social and laid-back setting while learning a little bit about this awesome local business!

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