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With gorgeous waterfront hotels and cultural attractions, Riviera Maya is one of the most attractive places in Mexico. You can visit places like the Rio Secreto, Playa del Carmen, Akumal Beach, the Mayan ruins, Cenotes, or the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, or ancient ruins here in Riviera Maya. 

Aside from these beautiful attractions, Riviera Maya also offers lots of team-building activities for you and your team to enjoy here on your next company retreat. You could try ax throwing, stand-up paddleboarding, a walking tour, surf lessons, or a laid back cooking class. Here is some information on some of the activities they have to offer.

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Take surf lessons in Riviera Maya

  • A professional surf instructor presents a brief on land lesson where you learn the technique of surfing.
  • You’ll have private lessons for your group of 2-4 surfers.
  • It’ll be a super friendly and chill afternoon, as your instructor will know all the best surf spots, depending on your ability and what you are comfortable doing.
  • Enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and great waves for beginners!
  • Driving to the beach in Ocho alone is worth the experience.  

Explore Riviera Maya from a kayak

  • Explore the wetlands of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on a beautiful and environmentally respectful journey.
  • The duration is around 4 hours depending on the group pace and wildlife behavior.
  • Includes all kayaking gear (including kayaks, PFDs, and paddles).
  • Learn from a guide who’s very knowledgeable about the intricacies of the biosphere, and makes you feel very at-ease during the whole tour. 
  • Excellent guided kayak trip, with awesome food provided.

Get a view of Riviera Maya from a Stand Up Paddleboard

  • All equipment is included, we also take photos which we share with you.
  • Lessons are led by ASI certified instructors who have years of experience teaching paddleboarding.
  • The staff is really great and encouraging with guidance by the crew to get you started. 
  • After an onshore lesson going over the mechanics of paddleboarding, you’ll be led on an unforgettable tour.
  • You’ll learn from knowledgeable instructors who are great and patient.

Explore Riviera Maya from a yacht in Playa Del Carmen

  • Rent your own, private yacht and explore the Riviera Maya coast while sipping on cold refreshments and snacking on delicious food.
  • The most amazing hospitality and service, EVER!
  • Enjoy a fresh and delicious lunch with a relaxed but fun vibe. 
  • An amazing and super friendly staff.
  • The tour is about 5 hours, they take you to an amazing empty beach where the water is insanely beautiful.
  • This is a really great and smooth experience and worth booking them for a day out on the water!

Experience Riviera Maya on a walking tour 

  • All walking tours are available in Spanish and English.
  • Walk through the streets and learn about the history, anecdotes, and activities offered by this paradisiacal place. 
  • The best way to know about the Mayan experience is with a walking tour, which is ideal for all those who want to know about this wonderful civilization.
  • Enjoy a tour that’s truly enlightening, and learn from the insight of a Playa Del Carmen native. 
  • The tour is about two hours long and will provide you with great insider tips, Mayan history, points of interest, and will answer all your questions about Playa del Carmen and it's current events.

Tryout an escape room in Riviera Maya

  • Up to 8 players will be challenged in this new attraction by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and pick locks that will free them from the game room.
  • Be immersed in a real-life adventure with fun surprises around every corner during a thrilling 60-minute experience. 
  • A fun, interactive, and challenging activity for people of all ages.  
  • Super fun and very organized game master who will help tremendously with good hints!
  • Well decorated rooms and awesome story settings

Take Mexican cooking lessons in Riviera Maya

  • Mexican Cooking lessons will start with a cultural introduction to the broad Mexican culinary history.
  • Experience the complete process of preparing and cooking an authentic Mexican full meal in a group setting.
  • Learn from a chef who does a fantastic job of making sure everyone feels at home and is actively involved in creating each dish. 
  • The end result is a wonderful made from scratch meal and you’ll enjoy recreating some of the dishes at home with the recipes they share after the class.
  • Enjoy the top notch hospitality during your lessons and dining experience.
  • There’s a cozy outdoor kitchen, and the indoor dining area is equipped with AC made for a comfortable dining experience and a place to cool off while dishes simmer.

Let out your competitive side with ax throwing

  • Be amused and learn everything you need to know about ax throwing by this unique experience, where you will free your Viking side in a private lesson! 
  • Come, learn, and participate with your friends in tournaments of different modalities.
  • You can have up to 10 people in this private experience.
  • Includes a small training course with safety regulations by our instructor.
  • Choose from multiple lanes in an outdoor setting.
  • The instructors are friendly and make sure you are safe while throwing axes.

Relax with yoga lessons in Riviera Maya

  • A warm, intimate, and happy space, open to everyone for self-knowledge in the heart of Playa del Carmen, you can find this beautiful outdoor shala.
  • This studio is a favorite in Playa del Carmen, having the opportunity to practice in front of the beautiful Kopo tree is one of the best ways to start or end your day.
  • The teachers at this studio are all professionals, making it an amazing experience.
  • You can choose between the different classes with high level yoga available.
  • The class is in Spanish, but the teacher will explain the key points in English.
  • The method of booking is simple and practical.

Put your muscles to the test with a boulder climbing gym

  • A climbing gym that combines different techniques such as mental and physical strength. 
  • Use skill and strategies to be able to develop and complete the routes on a climbing wall.
  • This is a really decent bouldering gym located in a not so super populated township.
  • There’s a choice for beginners, people who want to just have fun, and seasoned climbers.
  • A great community with a lot of local climbers where you can appreciate challenging routes with various styles of climbing and levels. 

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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