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This fantastic Caribbean city has something for everyone to enjoy, from exploring Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches to delicious cuisines and lively nightlife. You could visit the Tulum Archaeological Site, Gran Cenote, Playa Paraiso, or relax at the Sanaprana Tulum. 

Aside from Mayan ruins and gorgeous beaches, there are plenty of amazing team-building activities for you and your team to enjoy on your company retreat in Tulum. You can take a bike tour, take surf lessons, play paintball, take a cooking class, or go on a treetop and zipline experience.

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Experience Tulum on a Stand Up Paddleboarding tour

  • Enjoy a fun Paddleboarding Tour in a beautiful Cenote where the crystal clear waters allow great viewing of the fish life from above the water.
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding is an awesome activity and really easy to learn, especially on calm days in the ocean or any other day on the beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya.
  • These easy and fun paddleboarding lessons are perfect for all ages and abilities, and includes basic paddling technique and some practice around the Cenotes with a guide.
  • Your instructor will make the day perfect, making sure you go at the pace everyone is happy with and giving great guidance of the surroundings and wildlife.
  • The tour lasts about 3 hours from pick up to drop off and the cenote isn't too far from the town of Tulum. 
  • Life jackets and paddleboards are provided and in good shape.

Explore Tulum from a kayak

  • Explore the wetlands of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on a beautiful and environmentally respectful journey.
  • Enjoy about three hours in the calm waters of the mangrove mazes and open lagoons.
  • You’ll have an incredible journey full of wildlife and at the end of the day a unique breathtaking sunset.
  • Learn from the most passionate and knowledgeable guides.
  • All activities are done in a sustainable, respectful, and environmentally friendly way.
  • Kayaking gear such as kayaks, PFDs, and paddles are all available.

Take surf lessons in Tulum

  • Have a private lesson with a knowledgeable and patient instructor.
  • The facilities, teachers, and professionalism of the environment are the perfect combo for the Mexican Caribbean with flirtatious waves.
  • Excellent service with instructors who are very friendly and attentive to your needs and safety at all times.
  • Top-notch equipment with safety being the top priority.
  • Not as crowded as the other parts down the beach so you have your relaxation and space during your experience.

Discover Tulum on a bike tour

  • Offering both private and group bike tours of no more than 10 people.
  • Go on a guided bike tour of the natural, cultural, and archaeological wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula. 
  • This tour is designed for all to enjoy, with intervals of 20 minutes cycling on a comfortable urban bike between each stop. 
  • Learn from a great guide who’s very knowledgeable and friendly. 
  • Enjoy excellent customer service for an amazing experience.

Take your taste buds on a food tour in Tulum

  • A 3-hour tour around Tulum, typically away from common tourist hot-spots. 
  • If you have an adventurous spirit and want to taste the authentic flavors of Mexico and meet its people, this is the tour for you.
  • Go on a small group tour of no more than 10.
  • This is a guided tour with 7 stops in a 3-hour walk, tasting various Mexican specialties.
  • You’ll learn lots about Mexican cuisine from a very knowledgeable guide.
  • Get to taste some incredible local flavors. 

Have a treetop adventure and go zip lining

  • Choose from 9 ziplines, 5 walking bridges, rock climbing, and rappelling
  • Choose this adventure and combine the ziplines and cenote snorkel with an authentic Mayan lunch, giving you an amazing Jungle Experience!
  • Enjoy their private cenotes, and they’ll take you to a bunch of local spots.
  • It’s about a 5 hour adventure with staff that’s super friendly and funny.
  • Your guide will be incredibly helpful and kind and also take some amazing photos if you choose that option. 

Learn to cook your favorite Mexican dish in a cooking class

  • Experience the complete process of preparing and cooking an authentic Mexican meal in a group setting. 
  • After class, everyone sits down to enjoy the fruits of their labor, along with a “jarrito de agua fresca de Jamaica,” cold beer and mezcal.
  • Incredibly responsive during booking, even after, if you have questions about the recipes.
  • The chef does a fantastic job of making sure everyone feels at home and is actively involved in creating each dish.
  • The food is fresh, simple, and oh so yummy, you’ll appreciate the explanations and information provided so you can gain a better understanding of Mexican cuisine. 
  • The outdoor kitchen is cozy, and the indoor dining area, equipped with AC, makes for a comfortable dining experience and a place to cool off.

Get competitive with paintball in Tulum

  • A battle full of action and adrenaline in a jungle terrain in the middle of the Tulum Jungle.
  • It’s literally in the jungle with just enough trees cleared out so that there's natural obstacles plus tires etc. 
  • The staff is super helpful, friendly, and speaks English too, which helped booking. 
  • A great activity to have something different for one afternoon instead of beach clubs.
  • Very well organized and so much fun, making it a must-do in Tulum! 
  • Nice place with beautiful facilities, fun and dynamic with good weapons and structure.

Try a stationary bike group workout with a view 

  • Visit this cycling studio uniting with the best instructors all over the world.
  • This is the best way to workout in a paradise setting in Tulum's beach where you can get your heat and vibe rising.
  • You’ll love their classes and this unique experience to train in front of the sea.
  • An incredible experience with a beautiful view. 
  • The music is great and the coach is absolutely amazing, smiling, and motivating. 
  • All equipment is provided and well maintained.

Relax and unwind with yoga in Tulum

  • Take a day trip and go off the beaten path to practice yoga or meditation in nature, where you can connect deeper with both your spirituality and consciousness.
  • No experience necessary, first time yogis are welcome with your equipment and yoga mats included.
  • Your instructor will have an incredible spirit about her and the yoga she’s teaching you.
  • Your instructor will not only guide you seamlessly through yoga poses, but also share a wealth of knowledge about the history and culture of the Yucatán. 
  • Experience the most stunning, private, peaceful, and magical location. 

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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