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Ka Waiwai

Rating 9.8/10 | 1110 University Ave, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A vibrant coworking space with a passionate community of supportive individuals.

+ Become part of a collective working towards a more prosperous future through creativity, risk and affirmation.

+ The space is invitingly designed with plenty of space, pillows and natural light.

+ The venue functions as a productive workspace during the day and a lively events venue at night.

+ The staff are extremely welcoming and the community is always supportive.

+ Host presentations and meetings in the fully-equipped A/V suite.

Ka Waiwai - coworking space in Honolulu

Hub Coworking Hawaii

Rating 9.6/10 | 1050 Queen St Suite 100, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A conveniently located coworking space with affordable rates and great amenities.

+ The venue is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for optimal productivity.

+ Monitors are available for those in need of dual screens.

+ The Whole Foods store across the street is perfect for grabbing a bite to eat during your break.

+ The hosts are super nice and accommodating while the rest of the team ensures you have a pleasant stay.

+ Ala Moana Beach is just down the street and is a great place to unwind after work.

+ There are a variety of workstations including standing desks, a collaborative networking space, private offices and more.

Hub Coworking Hawaii


Rating 9.5/10 | 1200 Ala Moana Blvd 2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A spacious and clean networking space with big windows and plenty of natural light.

+ The tables are large and provide lots of space for you to spread our things.

+ The staff are super friendly and helpful, always willing to assist with any issues.

+ The layout has been carefully considered, with a variety of private and collaborative work areas.

+ A variety of other amenities are available within a short distance including a gym, restaurants, cafés and more.

+ Parking is surprisingly easy considering the popular area.

BoxJelly - coworking space in Honolulu

Hawaii Office Centers

Rating 9.2/10 | 1110 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ An excellent office space with a unique industrial-style interior of exposed brick and wooden floors.

+ Enjoy Hawaii’s extraordinary climate on the outdoor meeting patio.

+ The community and staff are cool, easy-going yet professional.

+ The 24/7 access enables you to work at a time that suits you.

+ Two private phone booths for taking confidential calls with clients.

+ Members enjoy exclusive rates for community events and have access to partner benefits.

+ Prepare lunch or grab a coffee in the fully-equipped kitchen area.

Hawaii Office Centers - coworking space in Honolulu

Entrepreneurs Sandbox

Rating 8.9/10 | 643 Ilalo St, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A comfortable coworking spot, perfectly located close to downtown and near the water.

+ Great little pods are available for private calls and quiet working.

+ The large windows let in a huge amount of natural light.

+ The floors are littered with a vast array of power outlets for powering your devices.

+ 24/7 access with safe and secure entry and possible mail service.

+ Private six-person conference rooms are available with 55-inch monitors, teleconferencing and presentation equipment.

Entrepreneurs Sandbox - coworking space in Honolulu

Treehouse Coworking

Rating 8.8/10 | 4819 Kilauea Ave #7, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A coworking office with lots of natural lighting and great amenities.

+ There are a variety of workstations available to rent plus phone booths and conference rooms.

+ The community is welcoming and friendly, plus dogs are welcome!

+ Well-located, close to a wide range of restaurants, shops and cafés.

+ Many community events are organised throughout the month for networking with other coworkers.

Treehouse Coworking - coworking space in Honolulu

Regus Waterfront Plaza

Rating 8.7/10 | 500 Ala Moana Blvd Suite 7400, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A great-value office space offering a warm and professional place to work.

+ The property has been recently remodelled and is perfectly located for meeting clients in the city.

+ The beach is close by, as are a variety of bars and restaurants. 

+ The office staff are amazing—always positive, inviting and full of island spirit.

+ Easy to get to, just 15 minutes away from Honolulu Internation Airport and close to downtown.

+ Open to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

+ Get to know other coworkers at the many social and networking events.

Regus Waterfront Plaza - coworking space in Honolulu


Rating 8.5/10 | 220 S King St, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ An inspiring coworking space located in Honolulu downtown.

+ The space offers a great selection of coffee and beer, as well as salads, sandwiches and flatbreads.

+ Doubles as an ideal spot for productive work and collaborative meetings.

+ Single-occupancy rooms are available for private calls or individual work.

+ As an affiliate of the Rising Tide community, local business owners can become members for free.

- The conference rooms are only available on a per-booking basis and are limited to one use per day.

Tidepools@CPB - coworking space in Honolulu

Premier Workspaces Pauahi Tower

Rating 8.2/10 | 1003 Bishop St Suite 2700, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A newly refurbished coworking space with everything you need to accommodate your business ambitions.

+ Experience “corporate aloha” in this productive working atmosphere.

+ The nearby park adds a sense of presence and grandeur to the local area.

+ Located in a convenient area, close to a wide selection of shops and eateries.

+ There’s a fully-equipped kitchen that serves a tantalising selection of gourmet coffee and teas.

+ Members have access to business-class printers, scanners and photocopiers.

+ Added perks include an on-site fitness suite and a covered parking lot.

Premier Workspaces Pauahi Tower - coworking space in Honolulu

Resource Suites

Rating 7.8/10 | 1888 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI, United States | Website

+ A coworking space that offers everything you need in a prime Waikiki location.

+ The owners and the rest of the team are always pleasant and accommodating

+ The space is always well maintained and kept very clean.

+ Amenities include a prestigious business address, mail services, meeting space, private offices and administrative support services.

+ The covered parking lot makes arriving in a car simple and stress-free.

- The lack of community events restricts networking opportunities. 

Resource Suites

An effective offsite retreat combines work and play, so why not supplement your meeting in coworking space with team-building activities in Honolulu?

Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.


What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

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