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Downtown Works

Rating 9.4/10 | 550 W B St 4th floor, San Diego, California | Website

+ Downtown Works is a coworking space that’s home to modern design, a large open lobby, comfortable break area, and friendly and informative staff.

+ They have plenty of open spaces to work, as well as plenty of convenient, different sized rooms that can be used for meetings, calls, or small workshops.

+ All the walls in the rooms are equipped with whiteboards and there is coffee, alkaline water and snacks readily available throughout the day.

+ The Wifi is fast and reliable.

+ If you’re looking for a quiet, professional and conducive work environment Downtown Works is a great option.

– The small “phone booths” could use more insulation to better soundproof them.

– It can be pretty hard to find parking sometimes.

Downtown Works San Diego

Cross Campus San Diego

Rating 9.4/10 | 2159 India St, San Diego, California | Website

+ Cross Campus San Diego (formerly DeskHub) offers workers a cool, modern and dog-friendly office space.

+ Remote workers can expect plenty of privacy, friendly and helpful staff and all the office amenities you could need including coffee, water, snacks, printers and more.

+ The internet is super fast and reliable.

+ There are drop-in rates available for anyone looking to just visit for the day.

+ Parking is easy and accessible and there are plenty of places to choose from for lunch in the surrounding area.

Cross Campus San Diego (Formerly DeskHub)


Rating 9.3/10 | 600 B St, San Diego, California | Website

+ WeWork offers a clean work space with a large conference room, lounge area, and food and beverages available throughout the work day.

+ The place is stylishly designed with inspiring decor and artwork throughout the building.

+ Workers will find friendly staff and a space free of crowds with plenty of room to get work done.

– There is typically no parking available within 4 blocks of the place.

WeWork San Diego

Novel Coworking Gaslamp

Rating 9.1/10 | 1111 Sixth Ave, San Diego, California | Website

+ Novel Coworking Gaslamp is a beautifully set up coworking space with conference rooms, phone booths, and plenty of open spaces.

+ The decor is modern and fun, the spaces are clean and the place is centrally located in the heart of downtown San Diego.

+ The Community Manager is super helpful, friendly, and is always happy to address any issues or answer any questions immediately.

+ The pricing is the best value in the industry especially when compared with other San Diego coworking spaces.

+ The wifi is fast and reliable and even works on the rooftop and in the game room.

– The space is not nearly at capacity.

  Novel Coworking Gaslamp San Diego

Hera Hub San Diego Mission Valley

Rating 9.0/10 | 8885 Rio San Diego Dr #237, San Diego, California

+ Hera Hub San Diego Mission Valley offers workers a beautiful coworking space with coffee, conference rooms and a relaxing environment.

+ Its a lovely, quiet space with lots of plants both inside and outside.

+ The facilities are always clean, the kitchen is well-stocked and parking is never a problem.

+ The conference room has a beautiful view overlooking the valley.

+ The membership fees are affordable when compared with other coworking spaces in San Diego.

Hera Hub San Diego Mission Valley


Rating 8.8/10 | 7580 Fay Ave #204, La Jolla, California

+ CO-MMUNITY COWORK is a great space for work or hosting events in an unbeatable location.

+ They offer shared pet-friendly coworking spaces, shared desks, private and semi-private offices, and have a conference room available for use.

+ The space is home to a great rooftop patio with panoramic ocean views.

+ The customer service is superb and always available to help answer any questions.

+ They offer affordable rates for a day pass and conference room bookings.

+ They also have a media room which is great for making videos.

+ Every day there is fresh hot and cold-brewed coffee.



Rating 8.6/10 | 1855 1st Ave #100, San Diego, California

+ NEST Cowork is home to a cool coworking space with a great vibe, awesome networking opportunities and incredible views from the second-floor hot desk area.

+ They offer tons of membership perks including dinners, happy hour events, yoga, coffee, and more!

+ The staff are super friendly and very helpful, always willing to assist and answer any questions or concerns.

– There is only metered or 2-hour parking available on the street.

– The conference room is only good for up to a maximum of 10 people.


Union Cowork

Rating 8.6/10 | 704 J St, San Diego, California | Website

+ Union Cowork provides a workspace with lots of natural light, plenty of space and a clean environment with friendly and helpful staff and tenants.

+ The community is open and inviting and good design makes this an excellent and comfortable coworking space.

+ They have a building manager at each location available to help and answer questions.

+ Coffee and tea are available at all times, as well as beer and kombucha on tap.

+ The WiFi is fast and reliable.

Union Cowork San Diego

Moniker Commons

Rating 8.5/10 | 2869 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, California | Website

+ Moniker Commons is home to a nice open format space with a mix of floating and permanent desks as well as private offices.

+ The space is clean, beautifully decorated, well-lit, and is always playing a great selection of music throughout the day.

+ The workspaces are highly functional, and the location itself is amazing with plenty of great restaurants nearby.

+ If you’re looking for a quiet, dog-friendly workspace where it’s easy to focus on work and the internet is fast and reliable, this is a great space.

+ As a huge bonus there is also paddleboards and bikes available for use and showers to refresh.

Moniker Commons San Diego

San Diego Made

Rating 8.3/10 | Made Factory, 2031 Commercial St, San Diego, California | Website

+ San Diego Made is based inside a huge factory that is immaculately clean and designed with creatives and makers in mind.

+ There are a diverse range of work spaces to choose from, including a large communal area, private studios, and big offices.

+ There is pour-over coffee available throughout the work day.

+ Bright natural light and an assortment of beautiful plants fill this space and make it a comfortable workspace and great place for taking pictures and documenting collaborations.

San Diego Made

An effective offsite retreat combines work and play, so why not supplement your meeting in coworking space with team-building activities in San Diego?

Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.


What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

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