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Located along California’s Pacific coastline, San Diego is known for its warm, sunny weather, rich city life and beautiful sandy beaches. 

From sailing charters exploring the coastal views of La Jolla to evening murder mystery parties, there’s something for every team to experience when they visit this city.

If you’re planning a corporate get-together in sunny San Diego, keep reading to discover some of the best team building activities for groups of all sizes!

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Take in the coastal views on a boat cruise

  • Experience the beauty of San Diego from a unique perspective when you and your team take to the waters on a private sailing charter!
  • Opt to take a sailing tour, boat charter or catamaran cruise depending on your interests and the size of your team. 
  • Most of the boats have washrooms and kitchens on board, so you can bring your own food and beverages to enjoy a team meal or a few drinks while on your excursion. 
  • The boat crew are well-trained and super knowledgeable about the San Diego Bay area, offering plenty of great information on the region’s culture and history throughout the experience. 
  • If you’re lucky you may even spot some marine life like dolphins or sea lions!
  • Parking is easy down by the water and you can even stay after your charter for some team-time at the beach.

Solve the murder at a team mystery party

  • Murder mystery parties are a great way to build problem-solving and teamwork skills through a fun, immersive and totally interactive group experience.
  • The mysteries do a great job at entwining their stories with real information about San Diego’s history, making for a really cool way to learn more about the city’s darker past. 
  • The staff are phenomenal tour guides and excellent storytellers, painting detailed accounts of all the events that will keep you and your team on the edge of your seats. 
  • Opt for mystery parties where you solve the puzzle together or choose an option where your team become the suspects themselves! 
  • The experience has a simple booking process and the price is super affordable making this an ideal experience for both large and smaller groups on a budget.

Beat the clock at an escape room

  • Escape rooms are an excellent option for teams looking to build on their problem solving, listening and collaboration skills - all while racing the clock to solve a fun puzzle!
  • This is a great team building option for teams of various sizes as booking multiple rooms allows you to increase or decrease capacity as needed.
  • Many escape room facilities change up their puzzles frequently, keeping things fresh and exciting for both new and returning visitors. 
  • Staff are available onsite to help answer any questions you may have and they’ll even walk you and your team through the solution if you run out of time.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable (and air-conditioned) activity to beat the California heat then this is a perfect choice for you and your team.

Fill your appetite with a cooking class

  • Trade in the traditional team dinner for a hands-on cooking class where you can learn new skills while working together to prepare a group meal.
  • These experiences are ideal for both beginner and seasoned cooks, with options for each participant to prepare their own meal or work together collectively to make the final dish.
  • Instructors will be available on-site throughout your experience to walk you through each stage from prepping ingredients to putting the last garnishes on your meal.
  • The meal is typically quite substantial and offers a great social activity for your team as you sit down to enjoy the results once you’re finished!
  • The price for this experience can run towards the higher end however if you’re looking for a more dynamic alternative to your typical group meal than this is an excellent option.

Blow off some steam with Bubble soccer

  • Get active and enjoy some friendly (and fun) competition with a group bubble soccer experience.
  • This is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine after a productive workday.
  • Traditional soccer games are the most common with bubble soccer, but there is a wide range of other games you can play with the bubble equipment depending on your team’s size and interest. 
  • Staff will provide you with all the equipment you’ll need including chairs, music and water and will demonstrate how to play safely as well as explain any game rules before you play. 
  • This is a fairly affordable experience and can accommodate a range of different team sizes, however it works best with mid-size teams of 20-30 people!

Take aim at the archery course

  • Test your accuracy while learning the art of archery during your next team retreat.
  • This is a super fun activity for teams looking to try a new skill while engaging in some friendly competition. Keep track of who’s arrow hits closest to the bullseye or break off into teams to see who can score the most points!
  • San Diego is home to the largest archery facility in the USA offering a great option for larger teams who are looking to book this experience. 
  • Instructors will walk you through everything you need to know to safely operate the equipment as well as share techniques on how even beginners can make the most of their experience. 
  • The price for this team building experience is quite low making it an excellent option for teams on a budget. 

Race to the finish at a go-kart track

  • Challenge coworkers to a fast and fun-filled race around the track with a team go-kart experience.
  • Race individually or track times to see which department finishes the fastest overall!
  • Staff will set you up with everything you need to get started, walking you through all of the safety protocols and equipping your team with helmets and karts.
  • Many facilities also offer private meeting rooms where you can get together and socialize with your team after the race.
  • The prices are quite reasonable for teams on a budget and sometimes you can even find reduced pricing through sites like Groupon.

Test your skills with axe throwing

  • If you’re looking for a fun, active and skill-testing team building activity, try axe throwing at your next team retreat!
  • Instructors will be available to walk you through all of the safety protocols, offer tips on technique and facilitate some friendly competition between you and your colleagues. 
  • This is a great activity to build your skills together or set up a tournament between different departments to see who comes out on top! 
  • Many facilities also offer the option to bring your own food and drink which is great for team members looking to snack and socialize between turns.
  • The cost for this activity is super reasonable especially if you’re looking to book with a larger group.

Explore the city on a 16-passenger bike

  • Explore the city of San Diego and all its most popular sites on a 16-passenger bicycle tour during your next company retreat.
  • Experience different areas of the city with tour options that cover San Diego’s Downtown, North/South Park, Bankers Hill/Hillcrest, Little Italy & Pacific Beach. You can even set up custom routes if there are particular areas of the city your team wants to explore.
  • You can still book a tour if you have less than 16 participants (however travelling uphill with fewer team members is quite the leg workout!).
  • You’ll be accompanied on your tour by a knowledgeable guide who can answer any questions you may have about the area and provide you with tips and ideas for places to check out after your tour.
  • You have the option to play music while you cycle and the tour will even stop at a few bars so you and your team can grab a drink or two while you travel the city!

Get competitive with a paintball tournament

  • If you’re looking for an adrenaline-packed team building activity, then paintball may be the thrill-seeking experience your group is looking for.
  • This is a great option for groups of all sizes but the more participants the better as you can build bigger teams and really get strategic as you maneuver the course.
  • The staff will walk you through everything you need to know from safety procedures to how to properly use the equipment. They’ll also supervise your games to make sure everyone is playing fairly!  
  • Many facilities offer a range of different courses offering a way to customize your experience to meet your team’s interests and skill levels. 
  • Many locations also offer private seating or meeting rooms outside of the course area where you can gather with your team to regroup between rounds or snack and socialize after your experience is finished.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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