The easiest way to book a professional space for your event


Rent a flexible coworking space in Lisbon for your workshop, meetup, training session, meeting or corporate event.


It’s a 200 m2 (2.153 sq ft) open space with 3 areas: Workspace, Classroom and Meeting room.
The classroom area is super flexible and you can change the setup in few minutes.

Your privat coworking space in Lisbon - plan

Workspace area (35 pax max)

workspace area

Classroom area (40 pax max)

classroom area

Meeting room (8 pax max)

meeting room

Super fast internet with backup
Wi-Fi connection which just works. There are 2 fiber internet connections from two different internet providers so you have 100% security that there internet works.

1. Main connection: 1.000 Mb/s download, 200 Mb/s upload
2. Backup connection: 200Mb/s download, 30Mb/s upload.

There are two access points with load balancing and you have an option to connect with an Ethernet cable

Private coworking space
There won’t be other people at the coworking office, it’s completely private for your event.

Air condition
A/C can really quickly change the temperature of the space to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Projector & LCD display
The projector and a large LCD display will be prepared for you with all the fancy cables (Macbook Air 2014? No problem!).

Printer, whiteboard, paper, post-its & pens
There is everything what you might need for a creative event. Just bring your people and ideas.

Professional space with natural light
It’s a new professional workspace with a lot of natural light, where everything is designed for hosting business groups.

Coffee & tea
Nespresso machine with capsules is available. If you have special requests for a coffee, there is a coffee place nearby with a fancy flat white.

The workspace and the bathroom are wheelchair accessible.

Catering (Optional)
We can help you with the catering or a book tables in some good restaurants nearby.

Is this space a good fit for your event?

lisbon space 1
lisbon space 2
lisbon space 3 proxyclick team
lisbon space
lisbon space 5
lisbon space 6
lisbon space 7
lisbon space 8
lisbon space 9
lisbon space 10
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Can I rent this space long-term?
No, this space is available for a short-term rentals only. You can book it for a half-day, one day event or even for multiple days. Long-term office rental is not available.

Is this a coworking space? Can I just come with my laptop and work?
The space can be used as a coworking space but it’s not public. It can be booked only for group events.

Where is the space located?
Our event space is located next to the Intendente square.

What is a difference between a hotel meeting room and your space?
This is an inspiring workspace specifically designed for creative meetings. Comparing to hotel, the booking process is easy, everything works and unless you want catering, we won’t charge you anything extra.

What type of work environment can we expect?
A comfortable workspace, fast internet, meeting area, projector, whiteboard, printer, thousands of post-it notes, and everything you might need for your productive brainstorming sessions.

Would it be possible to have a cleaner or any assistance between the work sessions during the day?

Yes, we can easily manage it.

Do you have a canteen area where the food can be served?

There is a little kitchen in the office but the space is not designed for having a proper lunch unless you don’t want to eat on work desks. We can help you to organise amazing catering in the restaurant next door so you won’t loose any precious time.

Is there any parking facility nearby?

Parking is possible in the streets and there is a larger parking area (free) about a 2-minute walk from the space.


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