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Are you ready for the offsite experience of a lifetime? Relocate your team to one of Europe’s most beautiful and cost-friendly destinations, Budapest. Reinvigorate company culture in a city steeped in history, surrounded by panoramic views, and filled with thermal baths, thanks to the natural hot springs beneath the city.

Did you know? Buda and Pest actually used to be separate cities before they were merged into the modern day Budapest! Today they are separated by the Danube River that runs throughout the city.

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Located along the Danube River, Budapest is home to stunning architecture, tasty Hungarian food and a bustling nightlife. Are you a foodie? Check out the Great Market Hall and explore its many incredible food vendors. Feeling like a night on the town? Why not venture out to one of the city’s ruin bars (abandoned buildings that have been converted into trendy spots to grab a drink!).

End the day with a relaxing trip to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, one of Europe’s largest bathing complexes and home to 21 different pools and saunas, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect company retreat.

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Mini Golf in Budapest - team 1
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Mini Golf in Budapest
Paintball in Budapest - team 1
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Paintball in Budapest
Rage Room in Budapest - team 1
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Rage Room in Budapest
Water Tour in Budapest - team 1
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Water Tour in Budapest
E-Bike Tour in Budapest - team 1
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E-Bike Tour in Budapest
Escape Room in Budapest - team 1
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Escape Room in Budapest
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Walking Tour in Budapest
Cooking Class in Budapest - team 1
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Cooking Class in Budapest
Wall Climbing in Budapest - team 1
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Wall Climbing in Budapest
Szechenyi Baths in Budapest - team 1
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Szechenyi Baths in Budapest



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“Mixing surf and socialization creates a better balance in working together and getting things done.”

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“Facilities like Surf Office offer the benefits of an office environment while also providing a place to sleep, have fun and interact with colleagues.”

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The most popular team building activities are surf lessons, SUP lessons and tapas night but there are plenty more to choose from.

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“Amazing experience! For a fully remote company with 500+ employees, it’s sometimes hard to organize off-sites where we all need to fly in from different parts of the world.”

Tomy Jasovsky, Product Designer at Invision

“Not only was the working environment on this retreat better than our previous retreats, but a less stressful situation also allowed us to have a lot of fun together as well.”

Lennart Brandt, Designer at Elbstack

“It has been a real pleasure working with you in making the off-site an incredible experience. Thank you for all of your great work!”

Lea Larsen Volay, Event manager at Peakon