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If you consider yourself a foodie, Da Nang is a dream destination for you with its seafront eateries and street food stalls. They’re also known for popular attractions such as the Ba Na Hills, the Marble Mountains, the Golden Bridge, and much more.

Along with their beautiful bridges and stunning landscapes, they also have lots of team-building activities that inspire socialization, motivation, productivity, and team bonding. You can try surfing lessons, a food tour, SUP lessons, yoga, and so much more. These activities will make this the best company retreat for you and your team.

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Take surfing lessons in Da Nang

  • You’ll find a class for everyone, whether you’re beginners who want to learn the basics of surfing or an intermediate surfer who wants to improve your skills.
  • Both group and private classes that cater to your specific needs are offered.
  • Rash vests and wetsuit tops for winter time are available. 
  • Just bring your towel to class: surfboard, rash-vest, and sunscreen are provided.
  • Learn from a patient, kind, and knowledgeable instructor. 

Experience Da Nang from the water on a cruise

  • Enjoy "The Beauty of Da Nang at Night" for 60 minutes on a cruise.
  • Visit and admire the unique beauty of 4 bridges on the Han River. 
  • Experience a yacht that’s quite big and clean with mineral water and fruit included.
  • You can admire the international fireworks display in Da Nang on the cruise
  • The view from the yacht is beautiful with plenty of space in the boat.
  • You’ll have a staff who is very dedicated with very good service.

Experience Da Nang from a SUP (stand-up paddleboard)

  • Go out SUP boarding for sunrise and it will be one of the highlights of your entire trip.
  • Learn from an excellent guide who will take you for coffee after and teach you about the local area.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an English tour guide.
  • Your group will be fully equipped with life jackets and equipment that’s in great condition.
  • The tour guide will be enthusiastic, fun, and friendly ensuring you’ll have an excellent experience.

Find out what Da Nang has to offer with a food tour

  • Experience a small-group walking tour of local Da Nang street food.
  • Each tour lasts about 3-4 hours with morning and evening tours available.
  • Try new dishes like noodle soups, salads, banh mi sandwiches, steamed rice cakes, rice cracker pizzas, crispy pancakes, BBQ, and freshly-caught seafood. 
  • Hear from a passionate guide who will give great insight into life and culture in Da Nang, Vietnam.
  • You’ll try a variety of foods with various options from back-alley food stalls, to corner store restaurants, and everything in between. 
  • Typically a tour consists of five different venues ranging from sidewalk stalls, to food shops in someone’s living room, to proper standalone eateries.

Let your tastebuds experience Da Nang’s food with a cooking class

  • A home cooking class is a great opportunity to learn about Vietnamese cuisine and culture at a local house.
  • They’ll have a large knowledge about Vietnamese food, culture, and lifestyle. 
  • You’ll cook 4 dishes with everything wonderfully organized making the cooking fun and easy.
  • With an instructor who’s fluent in English, they’re able to drop some interesting information about Da Nang and Vietnam in general.
  • Besides teaching you how to cook some Vietnamese food, they’ll also invite you to visit the local market and vegetable village.

Get creative with your team in an art space

  • Experience an art space designed to allow creativity to flow. 
  • Let us provide a space for you to learn, collaborate, and make through our art workshops.
  • Perfect for a range of occasions, from a fun sip and paint night to a professional business meeting.
  • Enjoy this very stylish and decorated studio with a variety  of art from local artists and their art students.
  • This is a good place to chill, work, or to meet a diverse community of locals and international travelers.
  • The music is good and the drinks are delicious with art classes being really fun and well-led by the friendly teacher.

Relax and unwind with yoga in Da Nang

  • Try a traditional Sivananda yoga class here with amazing and encouraging instructors.
  • The teachers are friendly with good routing and the facilities and hygiene are very good.
  • Enjoy this really cute yoga studio with a wonderfully patient, experienced instructor.
  • This gym is clean, well ventilated, has nice bathrooms, and fully equipped.
  • Learn from a coach who is highly qualified, experienced, and very professional.

Show off your voice with karaoke in Da Nang 

  • Satisfy your passion for music with karaoke. 
  • You’ll have a selection of modern music and the fastest updates of Vietnamese and international music.
  • Insane Karaoke Bar with a 20-50 person capacity.
  • Enjoy a good sound quality, dedicated professional service, and delicious food.
  • A spacious spot with theater rooms that will certainly lead you from one surprise to another. 
  • Each theater room is a completely different design, carefully crafted by experienced architects to create the most memorable experience.

Danang climbing gym (bouldering)

  • Climbing is a great way to stay healthy, challenge yourself, learn new skills, and develop problem solving abilities. 
  • Strength will help, but technique and adaptability reign supreme in this sport.
  • Experience custom built walls, a balcony, and 30 cm foam floor mats.
  • Enjoy a clean, good quality place for your group. 
  • Learn from staff who are extremely nice and knowledgeable.
  • The staff are nice and welcoming making it easy for beginners.

See Da Nang on a motorbike tour

  • Enjoy a motorbike tour driven by a guide with a Vietnamese motorbike license under Vietnamese law.
  • Super friendly, kind and helpful guides make it an absolute pleasure to experience this motorbike tour. 
  • Visit various great scenic spots and have a great time.
  • Safety is the #1 priority so all of our drivers have been tested and trained in safety when it comes to driving our customers through Danang city traffic.
  • Well organized tour from start to finish with guides going above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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