Biggest island in Thailand on the Andaman sea

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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. While it’s most known for its exotic beaches, 70% of the land is actually mountainous. You’ll also experience vibrant nightlife, colorful night markets, delicious seafood, and of course scuba diving.

If you’re searching for an inspiring location to motivate your team at the next team-building retreat, Phuket is the place for you and your team. There are plenty of activities to choose from for this trip such as a speedboat tour, a cooking class, a ceramic studio, hot yoga, a self paddling kayak, and much more.

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Paddle around Phuket in a self-paddling kayak

  • Take a self-paddling kayak tour that’s designed for first-time paddlers and novice travelers.
  • Sit-in kayaks are perfectly suitable for first-timers and beginners. 
  • These kayaks are more stable, more comfortable, and more efficient than sit-on-top kayaks.
  • Rest assured knowing all equipment is included such as life jackets, dry bags, lunch, and insurance.
  • Enjoy a professional tour guide who ensures safety, is friendly, and accommodating.
  • Visit several islands and lagoons throughout the trip, as well as caves, some by foot, some by kayak. 

Catch some waves at Kata beach with a surfing lesson

  • Whether you’re wanting to try surfing for the first time or improve your surfing skills, there’s a class for you. 
  • There’s an instructor for students of all ages, as well as big groups.
  • Have a group private lesson with an experienced instructor at Karta Beach.
  • Choose from several types of surfboards in various sizes.
  • You’re guaranteed to have a safe and enjoyable lesson with ice water provided after your session. 
  • Keep your board for the whole day to get in that extra practice.

Cycle your way around Phuket on a road bike

  • Take an electric bike tour along rural roads that wind through some of the most stunning scenery in Thailand. 
  • Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, there’s a tour suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Take a half-day bike ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand.
  • Take advantage of the many highlights of the tour – the food, the people, the hotels and the routes are all perfect.
  • Enjoy an experienced guide focused on safety while also being provided with all the proper equipment. 
  • Learn things about Thailand along the way.

Have a need for speed? Take a speedboat tour

  • Take an ultimate speedboat tour to the dreamiest islands in Phuket. 
  • Safety is top priority so be ensured that all safety procedures will be discussed.
  • You’ll have a multilingual, licensed tour guide who enriches every trip with wisdom. 
  • Try out the 2-engine speedboat, which can carry twenty-five guests plus the crew.
  • If your group is larger go for a 3-engine speedboat, which has a capacity for forty-five guests plus the crew.

Challenge yourself with go-kart race

  • Try an off road buggy track that’s unique and fun for everyone.
  • You’ll experience exciting challenges and flood lighting for evening races.
  • Choose from thirty-five karts ranging from 140cc to 400cc.
  • Equipment is well-maintained by qualified staff. 
  • Safety is always ensured, even if a reckless driver has to be removed.
  • Simple fun tracks with excellent service.

Create authentic Thai dishes with a cooking class

  • Learn from talented chefs during Market and Ingredients Challenges and a Master Chef Activity. 
  • You’ll be given team-based exercises that both challenge and engage you.
  •  Prepare food into an exquisite Thai dish and have fun while working together. 
  •  Have up to thirty in your group and enjoy an experience with knowledgeable trainers.
  • Start the session with a visit to one of the two super fun local markets.
  • You and your team will decide which of the four dishes from the menu of Thai classics to learn.

Enjoy a unique game of mini golf

  • Carefully designed and nestled amongst palm trees, bushes, water, bamboo and gray granite rocks.
  • Enjoy a spectacular course and an open-air restaurant that’s sure to add a spark to all kinds of outings. 
  • Play an eighteen hole miniature golf course suitable for all kinds of gatherings, such as company functions and team-building events.
  • The friendly staff brings refreshing drinks and a thoughtful wet towel at the end of the eighteen holes. 
  • Try out an incredibly clean venue with great food. 

Relax, unwind, and sweat in a hot yoga class

  • You’ll have a variety of different teachers from all over the world, ensuring an amazing Bikram Yoga experience each time.
  • Classes are suitable for beginners as well as challenging for experienced practitioners.
  • Enjoy the most modern equipment including an antibacterial rubber yoga floor, dehumidifiers, and a heating system. 
  • Our yoga classes are 90 minutes. You don't have to bring anything but yourself, some water, and very light yoga clothing.  
  • Sweat and unwind with hot yoga in a professional hot yoga studio.
  • Located in the heart of Kata beach and easy to reach.

Test your skills with rock climbing

  • Try a full-scale commercial indoor rock climbing facility in Phuket, Thailand.
  • With over 700 sqm of wall space you can try the boulder wall, top-out boulder wall, boulder cave, top-rope wall, lead climb wall, and deep-water solo wall.
  • You’ll have a 2-hour course teaching you all the basics of rock climbing such as equipment, safety, knots, belay, and climbing technique for top-rope climbing.
  • Enjoy a full day ticket to the course with all equipment included. 
  • Have a friendly and welcoming staff. 
  • Choose from lots of tracks ranging from easy to super hard, making it suitable for all ages.

Bring out your crafty side creating clay in a studio

  • Come make fun clay sculptures or purchase pre-made ceramics.
  • Enjoy a helpful, friendly staff with great knowledge and suggestions
  • You’ll find lots of different options to suit every need! 
  • Experience the art of working with clay for a 2.5 hour class.
  • Come have a relaxing, totally peaceful, and different time, even if you have zero clay making experience.
  •  Classes are located at the most-happening part of Phuket Old Town.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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