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With a captivating mix of attractions, in Penang you’ll find anything from vibrant street art to lush rainforests. Visit places like Penang Hill, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Old Georgetown, or the Penang Bridge. You’ll find something for everyone in Penang island.

Besides the attractions, there’s also a slew of team-building activities for you and your team to enjoy on your company retreat. Take a food tour, have a paintball or archery war, tryout an obstacle course, or sing karaoke to make for a more productive, efficient, and all around happier team.

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Take a cycle tour in Penang

  • Take a tour on a cycle for 4 hours.
  • Your cycle tour will include the bicycle, safety helmet, beverages, and lunch.
  • Get close as we mingle with the country folks of various cultures and backgrounds. 
  • Take an adventure riding through villages on high-end mountain bikes that are maintained impeccably.
  • The hosts will ensure the trails are tailored to your fitness levels. 
  • Well-organized with every consideration thought of.

Take a food tour in George Town while in Penang

  • Enjoy a food tour that’s a specially curated experience of street food, conversations and explorations of local culture. 
  • You’ll also get to learn what we call hidden history, which is the stories of a place known mostly to locals.
  • The tour is a distance of 2.0 - 2.5 km with ample rest stops.
  • Get your bearings in Penang and learn about its history while eating good food.
  • Experience varied and excellent food choices while a guide shares their knowledge, not only about food and its history, but also about Penang and Malaysia in general - from history and politics to culture. 
  • During the tour you’ll stop at six stops and leave feeling very full.

Take a challenge in Penang with a paintball fight

  • Here you’ll get the best paintball experience with quality markers and a huge paintball field.
  • Help from the staff is available whether you’re a pro or a newbie. 
  • Marshall’s are very informative and will conduct the entire game well. 
  • Enjoy playing with well-maintained equipment and facilities. 
  • Booking here is easy and your event will be well-organized.

Get your adrenaline pumping in a rock climbing gym

  • Experience a decently sized gym with a nice aesthetic and nice routes for beginners or stronger climbers.
  • Get 2.5 hours of guidance and planned activities by one of our team-building specialists.
  • You’ll have access to safety gear, shoes and harness, and all day entry.
  • No prior rock climbing experience is needed to start climbing.
  • Staff are friendly and willing to help, along with other members making it easy to make new friends.

Challenge your team with obstacle courses in Penang

  • Try these unique and thrilling attractions, including treetop rope courses, zip lines, and obstacle courses.
  • Learn to climb like a pro and perfect your balancing skills on a challenging rope course.
  • Experience a refreshing and immersive atmosphere in a park that’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability is highly commendable.
  • Three levels are available for you to try and it’s suitable for people of all ages, as well as for team-building. 
  • Choose from rope courses that are clustered in different difficulty levels and offer a lot of fun and challenging obstacles.
  • Groups of all sizes can be accommodated, from 10-100 with trained staff members present throughout the park, ensuring that participants are equipped with proper gear and following safety guidelines.

Test out your aim with indoor archery 

  • Enjoy an indoor archery war game with unlimited arrows for your team-building activity.
  • A  great experience in a professional studio with high quality arrows for you to use. 
  • Teaching is provided from a friendly teacher who will help to correct your posture if it’s wrong. 
  • A great hangout place for groups with training provided as well. 
  • The equipment and facilities are well-maintained and of decent quality.

Experience the food Penang has to offer with a cooking class

  • Take a private class that’ll allow you to choose 3-4 dishes from the menu. 
  • You’ll start with a wet market tour at the beautiful Ayer Itam market.
  • Your chef will produce three utterly delicious dishes including chicken rendang, lemak laksa, and kerabu sotong. 
  • Learn from an extremely knowledgeable and professional chef making it an amazing experience.  
  • Experience this in a well set up kitchen and have a complimentary pickup service.

Visit an art center to tryout your creative side

  • Try an art studio where you can have a sip of wine, listen to good music, and enjoy painting.
  • A great way to get into painting, even if you have no experience.
  • Bring your own wine to drink while you paint.
  • The friendly instructors will guide you each step of the way and you’ll go home with your art piece and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Well-structured with enough support material and tools provided for a lovely experience. 
  • The studio is clean and will be spacious enough for your group.

Show off your singing voice at karaoke night

  • Choose from customizable and flexible karaoke packages.
  • Private VIP karaoke rooms are equipped with the latest karaoke sound systems and a wide range of song selections, comfortable seating, soundproofing, lighting and effects, stage and props, TVs and projectors, WiFi, and restrooms.
  • Can accommodate groups of up to 40 people with a private buffet offered. 
  • Rooms are clean and well-designed, perfectly suitable for any casual occasion, as well as work-bonding sessions.
  • The staff are really friendly and attentive.

Stretch your body and relax your mind with yoga

  • Learn from a teacher who’s very patient and knowledgeable giving everyone the guidance needed.
  • Have the convenience of an instructor who’s able to communicate with you in different languages- Mandarin and English.
  • No two sessions are the same with the variety of activities, poses, and stretches.
  • Enjoy the convenient location with a physical, home style setting that’s good with basic amenities.
  • Even if you’ve never tried yoga, one hour of good stretching and exercise is great for everyone.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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