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Kyoto is the best place in all of Japan to experience traditional temples, shrines, gardens, geisha shops, restaurants, and festivals. You can visit places like Arashiyama, the Nijo Castle, or do your shopping at the Nishiki Market.

Along with its temples and shrines, you can also experience several different team-building activities that strengthen bonds among your team such as a walking or bike tour, rafting, kayaking, and much more making it an unforgettable team-building retreat.

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Experience Hozugawa river on a boat ride 

  • Take a 16 km journey from Kameoka in Tanba to Arashiyama, a scenic spot in Kyoto. 
  • You’ll be threading through the gorge of the Hozugawa River, which has deep abyss and rapids, reflecting the four seasons.
  • Enjoy a 2-hour boat trip to get in touch with nature for groups of 35 to 99 people.
  • This journey is very scenic and lets you escape the business of the touristy areas with small sections of rapids that keep the excitement up giving you a very good experience.
  • Experience a boat crew who’s friendly and will make efforts to engage and joke in English.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to buy food from small merchant boats near the end of the trip.

Catch a different view of Kyoto on a SUP (stand-up paddleboard)

  • SUP is an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle, and is a water activity that uses a large board and paddle. 
  • It can be a popular form of exercise because it also strengthens your core.
  • Receive training on land in advance and an instructor will accompany you during the tour, so that you can enjoy SUP with peace of mind.
  • This board is more stable than a surfboard, so even beginners can enjoy it relatively easily!
  • It takes 90 minutes and includes a paddle, life jacket, and guide.

Experience Kyoto on a walking tour

  • If you’re wanting to explore the beauty and tradition of this wonderful city from the locals perspective, take a walking tour.
  • Enjoy tours that are 100% in English.
  • Choose from a 3-hour day or the 2-hour night walking tour.
  • You’ll have a well prepared, engaging, and very knowledgeable guide. 
  • Great way to learn a bit of history and to see fascinating places.  
  • Get some extra recommendations for different places to eat and hike in Kyoto.

Take your tastebuds on a Japanese cuisine experience

  • An afternoon cooking class is a great way to immerse yourself in the Japanese dining culture as well as learn authentic and popular Japanese foods that are eaten at home, and in local restaurants. 
  • Bring the 2.5-3 hour class, we will demonstrate and explain the tricks to making these beautiful dishes and then you will give it a try. 
  • Enjoy cooking and eating a variety of dishes in a cozy atmosphere, Japanese style pubs.
  • You’ll cook 2-3 dishes and enjoy them, then you’ll return to the kitchen and learn 2-3 more dishes before eating once more. 
  • Learn from a teacher who is very knowledgeable and engaging, and communicates well in English.
  • A very well organized and hands-on course.

Make an amazing creation at a pottery studio

  • Have a pottery experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, making it ideal for company trips for a wide range of age groups. 
  • It's easily accessible, so it's recommended as a stopover spot on your travels.
  • Offering an electric potter's wheel experience course for groups from 30-60 people.
  • Be reunited with the pottery you made in about one and a half to two months. 
  • Use your creation for a long time and remember your travels as you feel the warmth of your hands when you made it.
  • This experience will last about 30 to 40 minutes.

Take a tour on a kayak or a canoe

  • On this tour, you can get a closer look at the torii gate and enjoy it from angles you wouldn’t normally not see.
  • Before the tour, you will receive a training course on land. 
  • An instructor will accompany you during the tour, so even those who are new to canoeing can enjoy the experience with peace of mind.
  • With small groups to large groups, you can have fun, including employee training, school excursions, club trips, seminar camps, and even large family trips. 
  • Through this experience, you can learn about the beauty of nature, learn to cooperate with others, and develop a sense of independence.
  • You can relax on the beach or in the shade before or after the trip. It's a nice escape from the city on a hot summer day.

Cruise Kyoto on a bike tour

  • Choose from bikes of many different sizes to ensure your comfort.
  • Enjoy an informative guide who will answer all of the extra questions you have about Kyoto and Japan in general.
  • Cruise along on a bike ride that’s easy as it’s basically flat.
  • You’ll circle a good portion of Kyoto (43km) giving you a chance to see much of the city. 
  • Safety is paramount under, with high-quality bikes in excellent condition and clear instructions throughout.

Go rafting on the Hozugawa river 

  • Enjoy Kansai's best rapids and the spectacular view of Hozu Gorge while rafting. 
  • Choose from boats that can seat 7-9 people and be sure to practice your rowing skills.  
  • Learn from gentle and friendly guides who will provide you with kind and thorough guidance.
  • You can enjoy the great outdoors from the start to the finish line as it takes about an hour and a half to descend the 5 km course. 
  • If you enjoy swimming, along the way, you can swim freely.
  • Relax and enjoy a BBQ after the afternoon rafting experience on the Hozugawa River.

Relax and unwind with hot yoga

  • The silver ion steam keeps the studio clean and also moisturizes your skin. 
  • With the room temperature being maintained at 40℃, and the humidity at 55%, and far-infrared floor heating, your body will be warmed from the inside.
  • There are various courses to choose from for hot yoga, so even beginners can enjoy it. 
  • Enjoy facilities that are spacious, and a staff that’s very attentive.
  • Relax with a lesson that’s easy to understand in the dim light, without worrying about your surroundings.

Challenge your team with an airsoft game

  • Play a private game on a reserved, great airsoft field with easy access.
  • Play for up to 4 hours with a capacity of 25 people.
  • Enjoy your experience with a friendly owner and marshal on a clean, flat floor.
  • If you enjoy a challenge, this field is narrow and complicated, so you can enjoy thrilling CQB battles.
  • You will be provided with initial reception procedures, venue explanation, rules explanation, and air gun handling instructions.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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