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Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is famous for its pork rolls and pho, which is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination because of its fascinating culture, sleek skyscrapers, ornate temples, and Chinese style pagodas. Go shopping at the Binh Tay Market or explore the Cu Chi Tunnels.

This Pearl of the Far East is also home to many team-building activities such as Stand-up paddleboarding, art spaces, ax throwing, and so much more making this the perfect location for your next team-building retreat. You and your team will have an unforgettable experience learning how to strengthen bonds and encourage communication.

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See Ho Chi Minh City from the water on a kayak tour

  • Enjoy kayaking and boating to a Floating market, which is the best way to experience Mekong river life.
  • The kayaking distance is from 30 minutes and you’ll have boat support which will make you feel safe for paddling.
  • Your guide will supply you with drinks and food, which will be very much needed.
  • Have a guide who speaks excellent English and can lead an insightful kayak tour through the Mekong.
  • Enjoy a day that’s well planned and organized with a very friendly tour guide.
  • No experience is required for our kayak tours! Our adventures are for everyone. Our trips are designed to cater to all levels of experience and abilities.

Satisfy your hunger with a street food tour

  • Tryout a small group street food tour in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Explore tours that delve into the culture, history, and food of this exciting and crazy metropolis.
  • The street food tours are seasoned with stories that will help you understand the country’s unique history and culture, and how these intersect in the food. 
  • Tours take about 4.5 hours, our most popular night tour takes about four hours.
  • Experience this street food tour with a fabulous English-speaking guide.
  • Try out amazing restaurants where you’ll try food you’d otherwise never taste.

Challenge your team with an escape room

  • Try a team puzzle role-playing game.
  • You and your teammates will be locked in a closed room with a built-in storyline and a series of logic puzzles. 
  • You’ll have 60 minutes to experience this horror puzzle game.
  • Experience a script that’s very attractive and interesting for the role playing. 
  • The GM will also be your companion and answer all your questions during the game, so don't hesitate to ask when you encounter difficulties. 
  • The organizers paid attention to experience and made the environment fun and safe with great decor.

Try out your balancing skills on a SUP (Stand-up paddleboard)

  • Start a new day with a great experience on SUP. 
  • Immerse yourself in the cool morning air of the wind and water.
  • There’s no requirement to know how to swim. 
  • Guided by a coach before rowing on a 2 hour 30 min tour.
  • All members are really thoughtful and caring. 
  • Enjoy your morning on the Saigon river and don't forget to have some coconut water.

Try a mouthwatering cooking class

  • Reward and Challenge your team with new cooking skills, great food, and fun!
  • Welcoming groups from 15 to 100 participants.
  • Enjoy a hands-on Cooking Class with a Chef who is always at the center of  your group. 
  • Take your place around our large cooking station to follow the Chef step-by-step with your own material and ingredients for a good understanding of cooking techniques.
  • Cook and enjoy a tasty 3 course meal in a 4-hour class. 
  • The staff was very friendly.

Let your competitive side show with archery tag in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Enjoy an archery experience with specially designed arrows that are 100% safe and painless to help play both indoors and outdoors.
  • Archery Tag combines the elements of Shooting, Paintball, and Archery to create a fast-paced game that helps you improve your movement and observation. 
  • Attractive and engaging action games bring you an incredibly enjoyable experience.
  • Brilliant spot for 20-30 people doing team-building activities. 
  • Experience a wonderful staff who will support your whole team in preparing the set and give instructions before play, keeping the team spirit going well.
  • You receive points for hits to both other players and the spot-target.

Test your creativity in an art space

  • Bring the experience of artistic creation to organizations and businesses.
  • Using art as a means of taking joy as the center, activities bring a comfortable, pleasant space, relieving stress and tension. 
  • An experience filled with laughter and creating many opportunities for participants to understand each other better.
  • In just 3 hours, an artist will step-by-step guide you on how to turn a pure white canvas into a beautiful wall painting of yourself.
  • All necessary artwork and supplies for the drawing session are prepared and supplied.
  • The space is very well set-up, with a super nice, calm, artsy vibe to it.

Relax and unwind with yoga 

  • A skillful combination of physical practice, breath work, and meditation for mental relaxation in a corporate yoga class, will completely change the quality of the workdays, as well as employees’ overall wellness.
  • Learn from teachers who are extensively trained in teaching and therapy.
  • A teaching plan is prepared and applied in sequences to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Offering green and fresh spaces for practice at our studio for retreats and yoga sessions outside of the workplace.
  • Amazing trainers who will always carefully help if something goes wrong.
  • The greeneries, the pond, and the sound of nature make your mind feel serene and calm.

Tryout your ax throwing skills in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Try a venue that provides sage and fun ax throwing games to everybody.
  • We have axe throwing, knife throwing, shuffleboard, and air hockey.
  • Learn from a very good throwing teacher with so many interesting stories. 
  • The vibe of the place is good with drinks you can buy and they serve complimentary snacks.
  • This is an entertaining way to kill an hour or two with your team and still have fun.

Test your athletic side with wall climbing

  • You’ll have a climbing introduction with an instructor on a 3-hour climbing pass
  • Climbing courses, equipment, and a variety of activities with endless benefits are provided for everyone.
  • Great place to have fun with co-workers or friends and family.
  • Tryout a 15-meter climbing wall, which has a wide range of routes for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. 
  • Providing auto-belay devices and professional staff on hand to belay and ensure your fun and safety.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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