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Sydney is a beautiful city in Australia renowned for its Harbour Bridge. This sparkling metropolis by the sea is complete with its astounding architecture and endless activities. Checkout the giant shell-like structures at the Opera House or spend the day at Bondi Beach surfing and relaxing in the sand.

The variety of activities and historical experiences in Sydney makes it the perfect place to host your team-building events. From playing Archery Tag to booking a tour that best suits your team, you’ll discover lots of things to do to make Sydney your go-to place for your team-building events. Read on to discover some of Sydney’s most popular activities.

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Explore the natural surroundings of Sydney on SUP 

  • Learn the basics of stand-up paddleboarding by having a guided lesson for beginners.
  • Once you’ve got the hang of it, explore the waters and bays on your own.
  • Try yoga on a paddleboard for something a bit different.
  • Paddle beautiful waterways such as Kangaroo Creek in Audrey in the Royal National Park or the Hacking River estuary in Bundeena.
  • Enjoy a waterside haven at the sparkling Pittwater in the Ku-ring-gai-Chase National Park.
  • Get a full body workout while also enjoying the water and taking in the scenic views.

Take a harbor kayaking tour

  • Discover a different side to Sydney Harbour. Enjoy a peaceful kayak tour on one of Australia’s most beautiful natural harbors.
  • Sit back and enjoy your coffee while you watch the most beautiful sunrise from a kayak.
  • Disappear underneath the lush canopy of the Middle Harbour Mangroves in the remote natural bush land of the Garigal National Park.
  • Explore the Grotto Point Lighthouse, or checkout Cobbler’s Beach.
  • Journey deep into the Garigal National Park to the remote bushland of Sugarloaf Bay and Bantry Bay.
  • Learn about the ecology of the area and watch for wildlife as you coast along the forested shorelines.

Check out the view of Sydney from the water on a luxurious cruise 

  • Bring the good ol’ boat parties back to Sydney by taking a cruise.
  • Have quality time on the water while enjoying views of the harbour bridge and the Sydney opera house.
  • Find boats big enough to accommodate large groups or birthday celebrations.
  • Have the option of a romantic night cruise with just you and your spouse. 
  • Take a scenic stroll around South Head and you’ll find places like the historic Hornsby Lighthouse and the sapphire-blue Pacific Ocean.
  • These fantastic cruises will have Djs playing awesome mixes to get the party in full swing. 

Play archery tag in Sydney 

  • Discover archery tag in the heart of Sydney. This team-building activity is the perfect painless alternative for paintball. 
  • Enjoy archery tag at any age with two different types of bows, suitable for both children and adults.
  • This game is nothing but fun and fair from the first whistle blow, all the way until the very last with the help of the dedicated archery tag event referees.
  • Feel exactly where you were tagged without feeling any pain using our specially designed arrows. 
  • A great way to reconnect with your team by having fun doing an active outdoor activity that’s focused on team building! 
  • Learning how to use the bow and arrows is super easy. Not to mention it’s focused on good fun and some healthy competition.

Puzzle your way out of an escape room in Sydney

  • Complete ground-breaking missions that are packed with excitement while you work as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges before the time runs out. 
  • Three exciting types of games are offered: indoor escape rooms, outdoor escape games, and play at home games.
  • Discover designed immersive, team-based games that can be played at any location. 
  • Host a one-of-a-kind, escape-game activity that incorporates teamwork, communication, and strategy.
  • You’ll find brilliantly themed rooms for all of the games as they’ve been designed with incredible attention to detail.
  • Find different games with different puzzle styles and brilliant designs. The puzzles are challenging but extremely fun.

Enjoy a walking tour in Sydney

  • Uncover the hidden lanes, the unique history, and the culture of Sydney.
  • Take a  walking tour in Sydney to see a variety of the local sights. 
  • Unpack the best of Sydney with a tour to show the city’s unique stories about our famous sights, but also of its weird history, hidden laneways, and wonderful art. 
  • Touring Sydney gives you an idea of the different areas and neighborhoods, you’ll also get tons of ideas of where you'll want to visit.
  • Take advantage and ask lots of questions. There’s a pit stop halfway around where you can enjoy a break and liquid refreshments as well.

Have a team building experience while cooking

  • Dishes are laced with heritage and tradition while food is cooked from the heart, you’ll have a cooking experience like no other. 
  • It’s not just engaging for your team, it’s also a good way to energize your co-workers with a journey in the kitchen. Immerse your staff in a culinary experience as we prepare a collection of dishes filled with heritage. 
  • When you enter the kitchen, you’ll be entering a world of storytelling, amazing aromas, gourmet ingredients, and unbelievable flavors. 
  • A unique combination of cooking class meets restaurant experience where you can watch the chefs put their heart and soul into the food that they transform in front of you, all while you’re able to smell, feel, taste, and feast along the way.
  • Experience a wonderful Lebanese cuisine taught by really engaging hosts with so many varied recipes. 
  • Food made from the freshest and most carefully selected ingredients, where every step taken is done with care for the food and love of the process in mind.

Have a paint and sip experience in Sydney

  • Create your very own masterpiece with a step-by-step guide and talented artists to help in your creation using art materials, glassware, aprons, and good vibes.
  • Work on your own canvas during a private painting session.
  • This team building activity is a perfect mindset therapy to make you calm and happy. 
  •  Collaborate with artists to come up with a unique and custom painting for your event.
  • Have your team work with you on the concept and design before having our artist create your own custom artwork that will be ready for your event.
  • Enjoy lots of great music and laughs while being guided on how to paint.

Visit an indoor climbing gym for the ultimate team-building experience

  • Indoor climbing is a great team-building exercise. You can organize team competitions or other activities
  • Padded floors and safety gear give you the confidence to climb without fear.
  • Quickly build rapport and trust within the team with an increased level of difficulty. 
  • Climbing can improve self esteem and confidence as climbers achieve a very visual goal.
  • Indoor climbing activities include a selection of team building challenges to suit your group’s requirements.
  • This team-building activity is perfect for all ages and a great way to put your mind to work on problem solving.

Try out yoga in Sydney

  • Find a space that’s uniquely designed to soothe and focus your senses and elevate your yoga experience. 
  • Enjoy the views across Sydney Harbour while doing yoga in luxurious areas around the hotel Pullman Quay Grand. 
  • Realign your body from head to toe and relieve the ultimate stress with Aerial yoga.
  • Practice strength and sculpting in a more upbeat approach to yoga.
  • Put your body, mind, and life at ease with a well-rounded class practicing both yoga and pilates.
  • Set aside a little time each day for some self love. Yoga fuels your mind and body with the ultimate sweat sesh.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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