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Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city, is a Nordic masterpiece steeped in traditional Scandinavian culture. Notable perks such as free university tuition, excellent public transport, comfortable living wages and shorter work days have earned Copenhagen a reputation as the happiest city in the world.

During your team-building retreat in Copenhagen, you'll experience many Danish stereotypes as well as a few surprises. Expect clear-water canals, lots of cyclists, beautiful modern architecture and even a water-dwelling hippy commune!

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Copenhagen is a joyful city to explore thanks to a streamlined infrastructure which includes dedicated cycle lanes, a reliable metro service, s-trains and even water buses. Every service operates like clockwork, enabling your team to explore the city freely and without delays.

As you discover Copenhagen with your team, you'll engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The oceanic climate in Denmark has catalysed a variety of all-weather activities, so come rain, sun, snow or mist, your employees will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do.

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Boat Tour in Copenhagen
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Paintball in Copenhagen
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Go Karting in Copenhagen
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Escape Room in Copenhagen
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Segway Tour in Copenhagen
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Walking Tour in Copenhagen
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Cooking Class in Copenhagen
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Wall Climbing in Copenhagen
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High Rope Course in Copenhagen
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Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Copenhagen

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You were amazing and saved me 90% of the time I would have used... definitely working with Surf Office again, 10/10.

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From the very first contact to the last goodbye, Surf Office was an incredible company to work with for our company retreat in Portugal. The customer service was top tier and every single person I interacted with was absolutely lovely, professional and so helpful.

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You were unswayable in terms of your positivity, in terms of your proactiveness and cooperation, and just your get it done mentality. So that was really good. Thank you.

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Honestly, everything went so smoothly. From Anthony sending us proposals and working hard at finding the right venue, to Romane planning every detail and being so flexible with our requests, to Fernanda being an absolute superstar onsite and being so helpful. Thank you all so much!

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I panicked when I learned I had to plan this, I've never done this before. Everything went smoothly for me, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

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I mean, you guys are magicians. I don't know how you do it... Honestly, it's been great, Jolanda, the support that you've given during the planning stage with all of the prep work that goes into it beforehand. You guys are really, honestly, the best. Thank you so much, you make my life so much easier.

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In full transparency, everyone loved it. People are still talking about it. The main goal was team bonding and you helped me to reach it.

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The most popular team building activities are surf lessons, SUP lessons and tapas night but there are plenty more to choose from.

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