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Now Coworking Lyon

Rating 9.7/10 | 35 Rue de Marseille, Lyon, France | Website

+ An attractive, spacious co-working space with a warm community.

+ A professional architect has constructed various sections to suit their function, from the private office to the shared corridors.

+ Members have 24/7 access to the facility.

+ The offices are complete with premium quality ergonomic furniture.

+ The community managers demonstrate diligence and professionalism.

+ The meeting rooms are equipped with office furniture and a video projector.

+ There’s a fully-stocked kitchen and a relaxing winter garden. 

Now Coworking Lyon - coworking space in Lyon, France

Coworking & Café Le Simone

Rating 9.6/10 | 45 Rue Vaubecour, Lyon, France | Website

+ A relaxing environment where you can either work hard or relax with a coffee.

+ Tea, coffee, beer and wine are available on-site.

+ Get into the flow with relaxing background music.

+ In an excellent location, just two minutes from Perrache Train Station.

+ Possibility of renting a shared office for a time period of your choosing.

+ High-speed, fibre-optic broadband, printing facilities and a relaxation area.

- The charred coworking space can get very hot. 

Coworking & Café Le Simone - coworking space in Lyon, France

Entrepreneurial People

Rating 9.3/10 | 32 Rue Victor Lagrange, Lyon, France | Website

+ A large 662-square-meter venue that spans two floors. 

+ The space boasts a magnificent terrace.

+ The community is full of kind, proactive members from various industries.

+ A well-located space with public transport and parking nearby. 

+ Plenty of cafés, restaurants and supermarkets in the area.

+ A simple yet effective turn-key onboarding procedure.

Entrepreneurial People - coworking space in Lyon, France

Wojo Lyon 3rd

Rating 9.1/10 | 15 Rue des Cuirassiers,Lyon, France | Website

+ A bright and open space with various styles of chairs and desks.

+ The space is of excellent quality, always clean and well-maintained.

+ The separate workspaces are soundproofed for maximum comfort and privacy.

+ In a great location, easy to reach from the train station. 

+ Isolation booths are available for taking private calls.

+ Various shared spaces include nap rooms, a restaurant, bar, lounges, gardens and more.

+ Memberships are fully flexible—book by the hour, half-day or full-day, it’s up to you.

Wojo Lyon 3rd - coworking space in Lyon, France

La Cordée Liberté Guillotière

Rating 9.0/10 | 61 Cr de la Liberté, Lyon, France | Website

+ A large venue, divided into an open workspace, meeting rooms, and a relaxation and catering area.

+ Keep costs to a minimum with minute-by-minute payment.

+ With a variety of collaborative and private areas, you can choose your space depending on your mood.

+ In a great location, just minutes away from Part Dieu Station and Place Bellecour.

+ An eco-conscious community of like-minded entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers.

+ Access an associative structure that supports young business owners in their launch phase.

La Cordée Liberté Guillotière - coworking space in Lyon, France

Webup Lyon

Rating 8.8/10 | 52 Rue du Colombier, Lyon, France | Website

+ A cosy, personable co-working space with a friendly community.

+ The venue features 12 nomadic workstations, four fixed desks, three closed offices and a meeting room.

+ The atmosphere is great, members are always helping and supporting each other.

+ Nomadic members have access to secure lockers. 

+ Legitimise your business with a fixed mailing address.

+ Members get unlimited access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Webup Lyon - coworking space in Lyon, France

Mama Works Lyon

Rating 8.6/10 | 92 Cr Lafayette, Lyon, France | Website

+ A high-tech workspace in the heart of the Part-Dieu district.

+ Several common areas are available including a bar and lounge area.

+ Members can escape to the private phone booths for important calls.

+ The office is pleasantly designed and great value for money.

+ The 1,600-square-meter space includes 200 coworking stations and a flexible private office design.

+ High-speed internet connection, business-grade printing facilities and unlimited coffee.

+ Members have access to the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mama Works Lyon - coworking space in Lyon, France

Hiptown Part-Dieu

Rating 8.5/10 | 20 Bd Eugène Deruelle, Lyon, France | Website

+ A large co-working facility in a bustling district. 

+ Well located, surrounded by many popular bars, cafés and restaurants.

+ The variety of spaces provides plenty of opportunities for isolation or collaboration. 

+ The staff are warm and welcoming and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

+ Meetings rooms are well-lit and equipped with video conferencing systems.

+ A lively community with plenty of opportunities to develop your business.

Hiptown Part-Dieu - coworking space in Lyon, France

Polygones Vieux Lyon

Rating 8.3/10 | 28 Rue du Doyenné, Lyon, France | Website

+ A characterful co-working space in a charming neighbourhood.

+ The community exudes a family-like, caring spirit.

+ Fixed desks with plenty of room and storage for your office equipment.

+ In a nice area with plenty of options for food and drink.

+ A vaulted meeting room with space for up to 10 people.

+ A fully-fitted kitchen where you can grab a coffee or prepare some lunch.

- The space is lacking natural light and fresh air.

Polygones Vieux Lyon - coworking space in Lyon, France

18 Coworking

Rating 8.2/10 | 18 Rue Servient, Lyon, France | Website

+ A comfortable co-working space with a serene atmosphere.

+ Open to all members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

+ Located just a few meters from the banks of the Rhône.

+ Phone boxes are provided for private calls.

+ The managers are friendly, efficient and attentive.

+ Height adjustable desks, great internet connection, and on-site bathrooms.

18 Coworking - coworking space in Lyon, France

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Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.

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What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

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