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Impact Hub Prague

Rating 9.6/10 | Drtinova 557/10, Prague | Website

+ Impact Hub Prague is one of the best coworking places in Central Europe with a superb community of entrepreneurs and young professionals and a nice modern environment.
+ While it can be noisy and crowded at times, there is a quiet area downstairs for concentration.
+ Workers have access to amenities like a self-service coffee machine and fridge full of prepared wraps and sandwiches.
+ The space is ideal for hosting events and meetings.
– The internet connection could be faster at times.

Impact Hub Prague - coworking space in Prague


Rating 9.5/10 | Salvátorská 931/8, Prague | Website

+ Opero has a long history in an outstanding location in the very centre of Prague with great working rooms and great customer service.
+ At Opero you’ll discover warm and welcoming hosts, the opportunity to rent meeting rooms and a pleasant space in the centre for lectures.
+ The space is home to some excellent architecture and design.

Opero - coworking space in Prague

Locus Workspace

Rating 9.5/10 | Slezská 857/45, Prague | Website

+ Locus Workspace is a wonderful coworking spot with speedy internet, plenty of social events and easy accessibility by metro and tram.
+ The space is open, bright, and conducive for productivity with comfortable office chairs, desks and large windows filled with natural light.
– The workspace does run on the smaller side however, especially the meeting room.

 Locus Workspace - coworking space in Prague


Rating 9.3/10 | Radlická 180/50, Prague | Website

+ One of the largest coworking spaces in Prague, Node5 offers workers 24/7 access, several meeting rooms to use and a wonderful space ideal for organizing conferences and various events.
+ This is a reasonably priced coworking space with a pleasant and quiet environment and friendly reception.
+ You’ll find no problem connecting to the WiFi, finding an outlet to charge your device or make a coffee.
– On the downside, this space is not very strong on networking support and is located out of the city centre making it somewhat inaccessible when compared to other Prague coworking spaces.

Node5 - coworking space in Prague

HubHub Na Příkopě 14

Rating 9.2/10 | Panská 2, Prague | Website

+ This space offers a well-designed work location with meeting rooms of various sizes, great staff and all the amenities.
+ Its an ideal location for startups, has fast, reliable and scalable internet and the location could not be more central and accessible via public transport.
+ They even have a corner with beds where people can sleep!
– Take note, the entrance to the building is not well marked and can be tricky to spot.
– In comparison with other Prague coworking spaces, this location does run on the more expensive side.

HubHub  - coworking space in Prague


Rating 9.1/10 | Slovenská 21, Prague | Website

+ This coworking spot offers workers a creative multifunctional space with the possibility of holding meetings, conferences, presentations, and more.
+ They organize community events and workshops for workers and can be found in an easily accessible location inside a residential area next to the city centre.
+ Here you’ll find a visually simple space with a pleasantly quiet atmosphere.
– The space can come across a bit cold with tables made of plywood and lack of soundproofing can be a concern for those looking for a space away from any distractions.

SVET HUB - coworking space in Prague

WorkLounge Diamant

Rating 8.9/10 | Václavské nám. 1/841/3, Prague | Website

+ At WorkLounge Diamant you’ll find a top tier coworking space with pleasant surroundings, friendly staff, perfect accessibility in the centre of Prague and a dynamic workspace.
+ The space features nice, big meeting rooms, with the biggest meeting room directly overlooking Wenceslas Square.
– At times the atmosphere is not very lively and it can be noisy and difficult to concentrate depending on how busy it is.

Worklounge Diamant - coworking space in Prague

Sněmovní 7

Rating 8.6/10 | Sněmovní 174/7, Prague | Website

+ This space is ideal for seminars and social events located in a stunning house with a unique spirit of historical importance.
+ Here you’ll discover kind owners, a wonderful environment and great service.
– On the downside, the air conditioning is not great making it quite hot during the summer months.
– The prices here tend to run a bit higher than other Prague coworking spaces.

Snemovni 7 - coworking space in Prague

Design Friendly cup&hub

Rating 8.5/10 | Ruská 460/18, Prague | Website

+ Design Friendly cup&hub offers workers a gorgeous place to work with good service, a lovely cafeteria and even a furniture store!
+ This is the best coworking spot to relax with style and get inspired to create.
+ The atmosphere and people are everything you could hope for.
– While the interior is beautiful, the place is quite small.

Design Friendly - coworking space in Prague

Prague Startup Centre

Rating 8.3/10 | Jungmannova 36/31, Prague | Website

+ This space provides a nice startup centre in Prague, in a good location with optimal accessibility to the metro.
+ A very nice environment, great architecture and interesting events make this an ideal coworking space.
– Be sure to note that this space does not have 24/7 access and does get locked at times. The entrance can also be difficult to find if you haven’t visited before.
– The public WiFi networks tend to be unstable, be sure to ask for a private network.

Prague Startup Centre - coworking space in Prague

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Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.

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What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

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