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Talent Garden Austria

Rating 9.8/10 | Liechtensteinstraße 111/115, Wien, Austria | Website

+ Talent Garden Austria is a well-designed, open-concept office space with a productive, networking-friendly atmosphere. 

+ Members will find a flexibility here that is great for growing teams that may need more space as their company grows. 

+ Amenities include high-speed wi-fi, a friendly and helpful reception service and garage parking spaces available to book if you’re commuting by car. 

+ They also offer tons of excellent free workshops with industry experts that are great for remote workers looking to build their skills.

– The air conditioning isn’t always working so the space can get quite warm during the summer months. 

Talent Garden Austria - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

Impact Hub Vienna

Rating 9.7/10 | Lindengasse 56, Wien, Austria | Website

+ Impact Hub Vienna is an innovative, casual co-working space that is great for start-up businesses.

+ There’s plenty of food available onsite to stay energized throughout the day and much of it is sourced from locally-owned companies.

+ The prices here are competitive making it a great option for those looking to get a lot of value for a reasonable price.

+ Additional amenities include event space available to rent, business address services, cooking facilities, and clean toilets.

– Unfortunately, there is no air conditioning in the meeting rooms.

Impact Hub Vienna - coworking space in Vienna, Austria


Rating 9.5/10 | Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, Wien, Austria | Website

+ STOCKWERK Co-Working is a great shared working space thoughtfully-designed to accommodate both focussed and collaborative work.

+ There are plenty of parking options outside (including free parking on weekends) for those commuting by car.

+ The main meeting room can host approximately 120 people offering tons of flexibility for hosting larger events. 

+ Additional amenities include fixed desk options, access to a kitchen and bar with a variety of drinks, free wi-fi and printing services.

– The bathrooms could sometimes be cleaned more frequently. 

STOCKWERK Coworking - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

Loffice Wien

Rating 9.4/10 | Schottenfeldgasse 85, Wien, Austria | Website

+ Loffice Wien is a beautifully-designed, full-service co-working space with plenty to offer remote workers.

+ The staff are always helpful and accommodating in answering any questions.

+ The technical infrastructure in this facility is very good and event hosts will be sure to find everything they need here.

+ The rooms are well-lit and tastefully decorated with plenty of community spaces to both network and get work done.

+ A monthly package comes with a fixed desk and 24/7 access to the coworking space and its many amenities. 

– The space is quite popular and can feel a little cramped on busier days. 

Loffice Wien - coworking space in Vienna, Austria


Rating 9.4/10 | Wiedner Hauptstraße 65, Wien, Austria | Website

+ COCOQUADRAT combines the great atmosphere of a modern coffee shop with the well-organized, functional design of a co-working space.

+ The reception service is friendly and welcoming and the help desk is always willing to help answer any questions.

+ The in-house coffee shop and catering service offer plenty of options for coffee or grabbing a quick bite to eat throughout the work day. 

+ Online booking provides easy access to the space where workers will be well-equipped for a productive workday alongside unlimited, fast wi-fi.

– The space is a popular one so it can get a bit crowded and loud during peak hours. 

COCOQUADRAT - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

ZI8 Coworking und Event Space

Rating 9.2/10 | Zimmermanngasse 8, Wien, Austria | Website

+ ZI8 Co-Working und Event Space offers an elegant, professional remote work experience in a great part of Vienna. 

+ The staff are very welcoming and the space itself is spacious, clean and quiet. 

+ Reasonably priced, workers will find access to a well-designed workspace with delicious coffee, event and conference rooms, a lounge space, fully-equipped kitchen and two bathrooms.

+ The modern design choices and a great sense of community set this facility up to be the perfect spot for collaboration and idea generation.

ZI8 Coworking und Event Space - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

MEINS01 - Coworking Spaces

Rating 9.0/10 | Mariahilfer Str. 101, Wien, Austria | Website

+ MEINS01 is located in an excellent location on Mariahilfer Strasse and is open weekdays from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm. 

+ The facility itself is clean, well-decorated and offers a welcoming work atmosphere with professional staff and ample desk space for remote workers.

+ The kitchen is well-stocked and visitors will have access to a communal coffee machine to keep fueled throughout the day.

+ The internet is fast and secure and additional amenities include large meeting rooms and the option of a lockable room just for you and your team. 

MEINS01  - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

Das Packhaus

Rating 8.7/10 | Marxergasse 24, Wien, Austria | Website

+ Das Packhaus takes a smart approach to creating a beautiful co-working environment for remote workers with friendly people and amazing staff. 

+ The facility is well-priced and offers numerous communal areas such as meeting rooms, kitchens, event and exhibition spaces and even a garden!

+ The interior is filled with tons of natural light and comes unfurnished making it totally adjustable to the taste and needs of your team.

+ Available sizes range between 12m2 and 120m2 and there are options to rent multiple lots at the same time.

– Some have noted that the rules for the space can be quite strict and may not always offer the flexibility you need. 

Das Packhaus - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

ZIMMER Concept to Work

Rating 8.5/10 | Piaristengasse 6-8, Wien, Austria | Website

+ ZIMMER Concept to Work is situated in a great area of Vienna and is open 24/7 to welcome remote workers into its welcoming atmosphere.

+ The owner and staff are incredibly accommodating and all special requests are typically fulfilled without hesitation.

+The community here is great and filled with a ton of creativity making it perfect for both collaboration and hosting events amongst like-minded entrepreneurs. 

+ Additional amenities include a complete workspace with a desk and ergonomic office armchair, as well as a lockable shelf, and access to ancillary rooms that include meeting spaces, a lounge, dining room and kitchenette. 

ZIMMER Concept to Work - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

Co-Work Vienna

Rating 8.2/10 | Stiegengasse 11, Wien, Austria | Website

+ Co-Work Vienna is home to a pleasant atmosphere and the enchanting ambience of a revitalized Biedermeier house.

+ They have a beautiful courtyard, plenty of meeting rooms and a secluded roof terrace with urban gardening elements available exclusively to co-workers.

+ The community here is friendly and the quiet location and interior make it a great place to sit down and get a lot of focussed work done.

+ The facility offers everything an entrepreneur's heart desires including filtered coffee, tea and fruit available for free, and excellent high-speed internet.

Co-Work Vienna - coworking space in Vienna, Austria

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Organize your next work retreat with Surf Office

Surf Office saves time by going through a number of coworking options to find the best fit for your team.


What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

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