Discover imperial palaces and succulent sausages in Austria’s striking capital

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As the birthplace of influential names such as Sigmund Freud, Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna is a cultural hotspot that’s been a popular tourist destination for decades. The historic imperial palaces and classic Austrian theatres embody what’s left of the once-powerful Austrian empire.

Despite being home to almost 1.9 million residents, Vienna has maintained much of its original charm. Today, the city is the perfect place to lose yourself in heritage, ancient architecture and unusual traditions. Tourists flock to visit the many museums, art galleries, historical highlights and authentic Austrian eateries.

The city is visually breathtaking and there are numerous activities on offer to make your team-building retreat unforgettable, many of which are easy to access and close to the city centre. Take the treetop course in Gänsehäufelbad or the state-of-the-art indoor skydiving tunnel, for example.

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Feast your way around the city with guided food tours

  • Choose from a big selection of themed tours such as classic tours, gourmet tours, craft beer tours, and much more.
  • All tours begin at a convenient central location in Vienna.
  • Groups are led by experienced local guides with an in-depth knowledge of the local food hotspots.
  • Sample all kinds of delicious treats from around the city while learning the history of Viennese cuisine.
  • A great opportunity for your group to bond over delicious food and drink.

Discover Vienna’s waterways aboard a chartered yacht

  • Once onboard, your group can decide what to do whether that be exploring the waterways, swimming in rivers or taking turns piloting the boat.
  • Try your hand at wakeboarding or simply relax on the deck.
  • All boats are provided with a fully-licensed captain who supervises the trip.
  • Step aboard state-of-the-art boats that can host up to 10 people.
  • Enjoy the comforts of a luxury yacht while learning to navigate the waterways.

Discover the city from a unique perspective with an interactive treasure hunt

  • The perfect way to experience the city while completing a series of tasks and challenges.
  • An interactive tour of the city that takes you on old Roman roads, past Viennese coffee houses and through the former imperial city. 
  • Improve your team's problem solving and teamwork skills.
  • The staff provide a perfectly organised and immersive tour. 
  • Teams can compete against one another by scoring points as they complete tasks.
  • The kind and attentive staff provide a pleasurable and interesting experience.

Immersive yourself in challenging escape rooms

  • Lose yourself in the variety of themed escape rooms.
  • Work as a team to overcome a series of challenges and puzzles.
  • Each room has been meticulously decorated to feel as realistic as possible.
  • The friendly hosts guide your group and immerse you in the experience.
  • A great way to improve your employee’s teamwork, creative thinking and communication skills.

Embark on a food safari or level up your chef skills with cooking courses

  • Choose to explore the best restaurants in town with a guided food safari or try making the dishes yourself with tutored cooking classes.
  • Safaris and cooking classes are provided by a dedicated team of experienced chefs and culinary professionals.
  • Choose from a variety of courses with different formats to suit your needs.
  • Take away new recipes that you can show off to your friends and family at home.
  • The staff provide easy-to-follow guidance that will level up your cooking.
  • Learn about the history of Austrian cuisine and other dishes from around the world.

Effortlessly explore the city on two wheels

  • Discover the city’s beautiful parks and historic buildings with a guided tour on bicycles or Segways.
  • All tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide.
  • Explore the hidden corners of the city otherwise inaccessible with tour busses.
  • The tour takes you to all the highlights of Vienna including The Hofburg statue and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
  • All the equipment is up-to-date and well maintained.

Swing through the treetops at the stunning high-rope climbing garden

  • A completely immersive climbing experience in the heart of the Austrian capital.
  • Participants are faced with 79 platforms with a height of eight metres, 10 parkour routes of over 1500 metres and 26 flying foxes.
  • Turn mundane employee team-building into a fun and challenging experience.
  • The abundant nearby parking makes for a stress-free arrival.
  • The variety of climbing routes offer a challenge to people of all ages.

Experience the thrills of jumping from a plane in complete safety

  • Experience the feeling of a 4000m jump with the latest indoor skydiving technology.
  • A range of tailor-made experiences for all experience levels from beginner to advanced. 
  • The glass wind tunnel simulates free fall wind speeds of up to 280km/h.
  • Get tuition from fully-certified indoor skydiving instructors.
  • An unforgettable experience that will bring your team closer together.

Aim for bullseye at the indoor or outdoor archery range

  • Hone your archery skills whatever the weather with indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Fire arrows up to 18m indoors or up to 90m outdoors.
  • Choose from one of Vienna’s comprehensive archery facilities.
  • Learn the basics of archery with guidance from experienced instructors.
  • The archery centres are well located and easily reached with public transport. 

Learn the fundamentals of climbing at Vienna’s largest climbing centre

  • Strengthen your body from head to toe while learning the basics of climbing.
  • Test and push your limits as you take on a variety of technical climbing routes.
  • Choose from a range of climbing courses tailored to all ages and skill levels.
  • The enormous climbing wall features several climbing routes.
  • Try your hand at other disciplines such as bouldering and rope climbing. 
  • The equipment is of high quality and the staff are helpful. 

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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