10 Best team building activities in Prague

Discover unparalleled architectural beauty and world-class beer.

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Prague is an endearing European city, bisected by the slow-moving Vltava River. The city somehow maintains a peaceful authenticity despite the many tourists that descend upon the city centre. On a pleasant summer’s day, Charles Bridge seemingly defies physics as it strains under the weight of pedestrian hordes.

A team-building retreat in Prague offers far more than the consumption of world-class beer. The river that flows through the city offers numerous water activities while the historic city centre provides the perfect location for a guided tour or treasure hunt.

If you’re planning a team-building retreat in Prague, this useful guide will help you find the best team-building activities the city has to offer.

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Discover local artisan breweries in the city centre

  • Discover the little-known Prague breweries located within the city centre.
  • Participants learn interesting facts and stories about the city while tasting various beers.
  • Learn how the beer is made and get acquainted with the brewery facility.
  • The full brewery tour takes about three to three and a half hours
  • Available to groups of 1 to 20 people
  • Visit three mini-breweries and experience unlimited beer at the final stop.
  • Taste delicious Czech appetizers a variety of unique, local beers.

Explore the city on an e-bike tour

  • This Panoramic & Prague Castle tour takes you along the Vltava River and through beautiful Letna Park, which overlooks the city and provides excellent photo opportunities.
  • It also serves as a backdrop to a broad historical overview of this magical city.
  • You’ll stop at the Prague Castle, the world’s largest castle complex, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The tours cover a distance of approximately 10 kilometres and include a few gentle inclines.
  • The number of participants is limited to 10 per group.
  • Groups are accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

Drift down the Vltava River on a stand-up paddleboard

  • Learn everything you need to know about stand-up paddleboarding! 
  • The tour begins next to the Vyšehrad castle and continues to the city centre. 
  • During the trip, you will learn about the history of monuments, visible from the water.
  • The duration of the tour is two hours.
  • Tours Include an instructor, guide and all necessary equipment.
  • Available to groups of up to 25 people.

Learn to cook with an interactive cookery course

  • Learn how to cook traditional Czech meals in a fun and interactive way in the largest cooking school in the Czech republic. 
  • Cooking together beautifully complements personal development and team building.
  • Get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Break the ice wearing attractive aprons, with wooden spoons in hand. 
  • The workshop includes unlimited drinks (wine, beer or non-alcoholic drinks).
  • On-site cookery courses are available to groups of up to 100 people.
  • The entire menu is designed to be easy to prepare so that it can be managed without difficulty by all participants.

Solve thought-provoking puzzles at the escape room

  • Escape games are the perfect way for colleagues to become a powerful team.
  • Teams practice important skills such as communication, leadership, collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking and strategic planning.
  • Up to 15 players can play per hour.
  • Choose from three different rooms with unique puzzles and challenges.
  • All explanations are given in English.
  • The rooms are well decorated with interesting puzzles.

Get to know the city with an interactive treasure hunt

  • Teams walk through the historic streets, among famous monuments and hidden places, getting to know the city in a fun way.
  • A treasure hunt is a perfect activity for large groups.
  • After a brief introduction, groups are divided into teams. 
  • The teams will be provided with an information pack to complete tasks.
  • After completing the hunt, you will re-assemble and hand in all files to the professional guide for marking followed by a summary and award ceremony.
  • The treasure hunt typically takes four hours to complete.

Test your skills on the battlefield at paintball

  • Engage the enemy across outdoor and indoor paintball arenas in the centre of Prague.
  • Experience top quality paintball equipment and services for an unlimited amount of players.
  • Professional organizers with many years of experience, who will guide you through your day.
  • Various game options according to your requirements and the number of players.
  • The outdoor Arena has a total area of over 24,000 square metres and is divided into 3 playgrounds: Village Ville, Scrapyard and Hamburger Hill.
  • All the equipment is clean, dry and fragrant, as it is washed after each use.

Race against your colleagues at the go-kart arena

  • Experience the largest and most modern go-kart arena in the Czech Republic.
  • Discover 930 metres of indoor and outdoor race track.
  • Computers track the number of completed laps and the fastest lap time for each kart.
  • There are 26 go-karts available, of which 14 are standard and six are race versions.
  • Safety is of maximum importance.
  • The track combines high-speed straights and challenging corners.
  • The on-site restaurant serves grilled specialities and various drinks.

Express yourself with an art workshop

  • Art workshops help you strengthen your team and allow your colleague to express themselves while learning something new about each other.
  • The best painters instruct and guide you through the process.
  • Participants are provided with premium art supplies and materials. 
  • Workshops can last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours 
  • Find incredible programs and lecturers for oil painting, acrylic, figure and portrait drawing and more.
  • Participants are provided with refreshments for the duration of the class.

Learn the art of axe throwing

  • The 200m² venue includes 5 axe throwing lanes with additional seating areas. 
  • 90 minutes of axe throwing with guidance from experienced instructors.
  • With every booking, you will have a dedicated instructor who will show you the ropes, help to perfect your technique and ensure your employees have a great time.
  • After a few practice throws, the fun and games begin! 
  • On-site bar with a selection of beers, cider, wine and soft drinks. 
  • The staff speak both English and Czech.

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These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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