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Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal, it’s known for its golf resorts and Atlantic beaches. You can visit different beaches such as Marinha, Praia do Camilo, and Praia da Rocha. Or you could visit some of their attractions like Ponta da Piedade, Praia Dona Ana, Benagil Cave, and Quinta do Lago.  

You can also find plenty of team-building activities to try with your team like an escape room, cycling tour, boat tour, surf lessons, cooking class, walking tour, and a SUP or kayak. All these amazing activities are what make Algarve the perfect spot for your company retreat.

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Explore Faro on a walking tour

  • Here they take you on a journey through centuries, explaining how the beautiful Ria Formosa lagoon and its barrier islands always had a determinant role to play. 
  • Call in advance to ensure that each tour runs smoothly and that the quality of the tour is not compromised with an oversized group.
  • Learn from a guide who’s very kind and explains lots of things about the city. 
  • You’ll get a very detailed knowledge about the history and some legends about the monuments.
  • Two hours will go by quickly learning awesome facts in an entertaining way. 

Try the foods Portugal has to offer in a cooking class

  • These cooking classes are held in a traditional farm that can incorporate market visits, as well as lunch or dinner. 
  • You’ll make 3 courses and meet some really nice people along the way.
  • Your instructor and chef will give you very informative information about many products at the market: the differences in the salts and honey, and the qualities and uses of various fishes and vegetables. 
  • Fantastic experience with a great host who talks you through the whole process and explains Portuguese traditions in cooking.
  • After preparing your meal using other vegetables from the farm’s garden, you’ll eat your delicious meal outside in a covered patio.

Take an eco boat tour in Algarve

  • These tours and activities have a strong interpretive component, seeking to promote what’s unique in Portugal’s southernmost region. 
  • Discover one of Portugal’s Seven Natural Wonders from the comfort of an environmentally friendly solar-powered boat.
  • This boat tour is amazing, you’ll spend the day quietly cruising the main channel at low tide.
  • Your guide will be knowledgeable about the birds and habitat you see along the way. 
  • The eco boat is silent and comfortable, so it’s a great way to do birdwatching on the water.

Experience Algarve on a cycling tour

  • Embark on a guided tour led by experienced local guides, showcasing the Algarve's hidden gems, charming villages, coastal splendors, and scenic routes, providing an authentic and immersive experience.
  • The team is super friendly and helpful and will perfectly adjust the bike to your height as well. 
  • Everything will be perfectly planned and arranged for you, from the bikes and accessories, hotels, transportation, carefully designed routes to sightseeing locations, and recommended activities.
  • They’ll have the perfect bike for you and give you great route advice. 
  • You’ll be met with warmth and enthusiasm by your guide, who’s not only well-versed in biking techniques, but also a wealth of knowledge about the Algarve region. 

Try a stand up paddleboard in Algarve

  • SUP offers a fun way to play on the water and visit the caves of Ponta da Piedade, with the added benefit of a full-body workout.
  • This activity is easy to learn for all ages and forms.  We use only adequate Sup gear to make it even easier.
  • Have access to adequate SUP gear such as a board, paddle, lifejacket, and wetsuit.
  • You’ll get 2-3 hours of guidance from an experienced & fun Instructor.
  • Learn from the best guide and greatest instructor who’s also very responsive.

Challenge your team with an escape room

  • Each game lasts up to 60 minutes.
  • The game is available in Portuguese and English.
  • The quests in each room are carefully curated and fun to do!
  • Try a really great escape room that’s well thought out, with great history learnings and interesting tasks and games. 
  • Enjoy an instructor who’s very passionate about what they do and ensures the game is organized.
  • Together you’ll solve puzzles, riddles, and work as a team to make it out in an hour!

Try taking surf lessons in Algarve

  • These group surf lessons are suited to the client’s performance level.
  • Group surf lessons are an excellent choice for those looking to promote some team-building in their company.
  • This is a 2 hour lesson and all equipment is included, as well as sports insurance.
  • Enjoy a staff who are all friendly and courteous, and really care about everyone’s success.
  • This surfing location is on a stunning beach. 
  • There are showers accessible after surfing and different wetsuit and board options. 

See Algarve from the water on a kayaking tour

  • Explore the Algarve coast and stunning sea caves, hidden beaches and scenic landscapes, on a guided kayak tour.
  • Included in your guided tour is a kayak, paddles, life jacket, and waterproof bag.
  • There are two types of kayak, single and family friendly kayaks that can hold 2 adults.
  • The kayaking team is super prepared, giving advice to people before the kayaking starts and during swimming, making each participant feel safe. 
  • Even with no kayaking experience, it’s very easy and anyone can do it.
  • The tour guide is so professional and will match your pace of taking in the beauty of the coastline. 

Try a competitive go-kart race in Algarve

  • Here you’ll have everything you need for the perfect team-building event! 
  • Invite your colleagues and clients to a get-together full of adrenaline and good spirits, hold briefings and meetings at the facilities and end the day beautifully at the bar.
  • Try a 760 meter circuit to enjoy the best moments of this motorsport!
  • You’ll choose from the 200cc and 390cc karts , 2-seater karts, and karts adapted for paraplegics. 
  • These karts are awesome and super quick and the entire thing is well managed and clean.
  • The staff here are friendly and helpful.

Get the adrenaline pumping with paintball

  • Paintball is a combat sport, individual or in teams, using compressed air markers that shoot balls with coloured paint.
  • The goal is to hit the opponent by marking their clothes with paint, without causing damage or bodily injury.
  • This field is big and has several places to hide and play, which makes it a lot of fun.
  • The equipment is good and makes you feel protected, they provide overalls that cover the neck, vest, gloves, and helmet.
  • Enjoy a staff who’s very friendly and do their best to make your day as fun as possible.
  • You’ll be explained the safety rules and everything very well.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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