A laid-back surfer town with big responsibilities.

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Situated on a coastal plain at the edge of the North Sea, The Hague is a dutiful city, serving as the country’s administrative capital and seat of the government of the Netherlands.

The laid-back surfer vibe, peaceful waterways, lively nightlife and diverse shopping districts somewhat soften these official responsibilities. With surf schools at the beach, escape rooms in the centre and boats on the canals, a team-building retreat in The Hague is guaranteed to be an adventure.

In the following resource, we’ve compiled some of our favourite team-building activities in The Hague to help you plan your offsite retreat to the Netherlands.

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Learn to surf in the North Sea

  • Take a surf lesson and learn to ride waves with the help of experienced surf instructors.
  • Experienced surfers can choose from a huge selection of over 250 surfboards.
  • The professional on-site kitchen can cater for every event, whatever your requirements.
  • The facility can host large groups of up to 150 people.
  • After your lesson, relax and enjoy a drink at the bar while watching the sunset.
  • Participants have access to the hot showers, changing rooms and lockers.

Discover the city on a relaxing boat tour

  • Choose to rent a boat for a private excursion or take a guided tour with an experienced skipper.
  • A variety of boats are available in many different sizes, with the largest big enough to support up to 40 people.
  • Enjoy a combination of interesting stories and facts about the city while relaxing and enjoying your time on the water.
  • The scenic trip takes you from the city centre to Leidchendam and back.
  • The boats are extremely clean and well maintained.

Solve puzzles and challenges to escape the room

  • Take on a series on a series of puzzles and challenges in this state-of-the-art escape room facility.
  • The escape room is centrally located and close to numerous pubs and restaurants.
  • Participants can expect the experience to last approximately 90 minutes, 60 of which will be inside the escape room itself.
  • All rooms have a unique theme and are creatively decorated.
  • The on-site staff are very friendly, warm and welcoming.
  • Games are available in both English and Dutch. 

Discover the city on a guided walking tour

  • Explore the city and learn all about its rich and sordid history.
  • Encounter shops, beaches, museums, parks and nightlife on a comprehensive guided tour.
  • Tours last approximately two hours and are available in either English, Dutch or German.
  • Each tour is custom made and designed to meet your needs, entertain and delight.
  • The experienced tour guides are energetic, polite and amiable.
  • Learn interesting stories and facts about the city and discover potential activities to try throughout the city.

Race against your colleagues at the go-kart track

  • Go head to head with your colleagues in a high-speed, adrenaline-pumping race to the finish line.
  • Race across the longest indoor go-kart track in Europe.
  • The 1.3-kilometre track contains 25 hair-raising bends and a series of elevations.
  • The five-metre-wide track makes overtaking more approachable than other tracks.
  • Feel the raw power of these high-speed, petrol-fuelled go-karts.
  • The on-site staff and king and always happy to help.

Paddle through the city waterways on a canoe

  • Enjoy the city and its beautiful surroundings from the many waterways.
  • Choose to rent a canoe and explore yourself or embark on one of the carefully mapped-out routes through the city.
  • Each route has its own distinct character.
  • With 12 one-person canoes and 21 double canoes, as many as 54 people can enter the water at one time.
  • The staff are friendly and helpful and the canoes are in excellent condition.
  • Experience calm waters, great views, beautiful foliage and pretty wildlife.

Upgrade your mixology skills with a cocktail workshop

  • Take part in a professional cocktail-making workshop and learn to make delicious cocktails with tuition from experienced mixologists.
  • Learn new skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget to taste the creations yourself throughout the workshop!
  • A passionate bartender will assist you and introduce you to the tricks of the trade.
  • Take your new skills home with you and them show off to your friends and family.

Learn to play volleyball at the beach

  • Take part in various beach sports and compete against your colleagues.
  • Learn to play volleyball: a challenging, physical and fun team sport that requires streamlined cooperation and communication.
  • Make sure to stay refueled and hydrated with the centre's diverse menu of delicious food and drink.
  • All participants have access to the on-site showers and lockers.
  • Improve your volleyball skills with tuition from experienced volleyball instructors.
  • The perfect way to spend a day out socialising in the sunshine.

Skate, brush and laugh at the curling clinic

  • Learn the fundamentals of curling as you attempt to stay on your feet on the slippery ice rink.
  • Find creative ways of getting your stone as close to the centre as possible.
  • Teach your team the importance of teamwork and communication with this one-of-a-kind workshop.
  • The full duration of the clinic is 60 minutes.
  • The friendly instructors teach you the rules, strategies and techniques of curling.

Tackle a variety of climbing routes at the climbing gym

  • Learn the fundamentals of climbing as you attempt a range of climbing routes of varying difficulty.
  • The friendly staff help you improve your climbing skills with useful instructions.
  • The centre is home to over 100 routes spread over 36 ropes.
  • Have a go at bouldering in the 1000 square-metre bouldering hall.
  • Relax after your session with a refreshing drink at the on-site bar.
  • The perfect way to bond with your colleagues while learning something new and burning some calories.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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