A seaside Sicilian gem in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Palermo is the capital city of Sicily, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Popular with tourists for its inviting climate and stunning Arab-Norman architecture, the city is an attractive option for your next corporate team-building retreat

Full of historical intrigue, surrounded by citrus groves and backed by an impressive mountain range, Palermo has numerous activities on offer for nature lovers and city-dwellers alike. Whether you’re interested in sampling the fresh local cuisine or sipping on organic Sicilian wines, this charming Mediterranean town has something for everyone.

In the following article, we’ve compiled our favourite tried-and-testing team-building activity ideas in Palermo.

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Discover the city on two wheels with a guided cycling tour

  • Discover by bike the true essence of a great and ancient city in the centre of the Mediterranean.
  • Visit Baroque churches and Norman palaces, Italian gardens and Arab markets.
  • The speed and convenience of the bicycle allow you to see so much within a short timeframe.
  • All participants are provided with a bicycle, helmet and bottle of water.
  • The well-maintained folding bikes are versatile and comfortable.
  • The approximate duration of the tour is three to four hours.

Take a boat and explore the coastline

  • Choose from a wide range of boats of different sizes and engines.
  • All boats are well maintained and easy to use.
  • Explore the beautiful coastline with sights like Modello Beach and Balestrate Marina.
  • No nautical license is required to take these boats onto the water.
  • If you prefer to be supervised, you can request the presence of a skipper.
  • The staff speak many languages including English, French and Spanish.

Sample salty seafood flavours on a guided food tour

  • Try traditional food and learn everything about the local culture with authentic local guides.
  • Enjoy a slow-paced walk through the city as you sample the local cuisine and hang out with your colleagues.
  • Browse the local food markets and visit must-see local restaurants.
  • The full tour is expected to last approximately three hours.
  • The maximum recommended group size for an intimate experience is 10.

Take part in a real-life escape room experience

  • Explore a variety of different rooms filled with unique challenges.
  • Solve the various puzzles to make your escape within just 60 minutes.
  • Teams are forced to collaborate and consolidate their skills to have any chance of escaping.
  • This is the ultimate team-building experience for corporate groups.
  • Choose from a selection of rooms including Stories of Magic, Saw, Prison and Victorian.
  • Experienced gamemasters extract the best out of your team.

Explore the city with a guided walking tour

  • Follow your guide through the shady backstreets and the bright elegant squares of the city centre.
  • Hear great stories and learn interesting facts that make this city so unique.
  • A unique walking tour that combines history and art with daily life, traditions and cuisine.
  • The itinerary covers different types of attractions including backstreets and main monumental squares.
  • The ideal activity for travellers who want to learn and understand the local culture.
  • The duration of the tour is approximately two hours.

Embark on a Sicilian wine-tasting experience

  • Visit and taste wines from multiple wineries offering unique flavours.
  • Discover one of the most ancient Sicilian wine-making facilities located on the slopes of Mount Genurado.
  • Learn about the process of producing immaculate organic wines.
  • Participants are provided with transport to and from the wineries.
  • Enjoy snacks provided throughout your trip, including local bread and cheeses.

Level up your cooking skills with a cookery course

  • Learn new cooking skills as you take part in a hands-on cooking course.
  • Receive guidance from a professional Italian chef.
  • Learn authentic Sicilian cooking techniques.
  • The local chef welcomes you into his home and provides industry-standard cooking equipment.
  • Start the day with a trip to the local market for ingredients before jumping into preparations and cooking.

Learn stand-up paddleboarding surrounded by stunning views

  • Discover the crystal clear waters of Tonnarella and paddle along the Gulf of Mondello on a stand-up paddleboard.
  • Absorb the stunning surroundings and breathtaking views of Monte Pellegrino.
  • Unplug from the daily grind and bond with your colleagues.
  • Learn the fundamentals of this user-friendly sport that’s accessible to all ages and fitness levels.
  • All lessons are adapted to match your group’s experience level.
  • Lessons are expected to last approximately two hours.

Unleash your inner commando at paintball

  • Experience the excitement of paintball in a fully-equipped, 3000 square-metre facility.
  • The facility is equipped with changing rooms, showers and bathrooms.
  • Access all the equipment necessary to try the exciting sport of Paintball.
  • The staff explain the basic rules and remain available during the entire game.
  • Equipment is always kept in perfect working order to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Test your grip at the climbing gym

  • Learn to climb in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
  • Climbing shoes are required and are included in the cost.
  • Explore several challenging and creative climbing routes.
  • Receive useful tuition from kind and experienced climbing instructors.
  • An excellent activity for developing group camaraderie.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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