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Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands and has more than 100 miles of coastline with around 50 beaches, plenty of restaurants, bars, water sports, and clubs. They’re well known for their lively nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. You can visit some of their famous attractions such as an ancient sandstone fortress called Walled Old Town, one of the most popular Ibiza beaches known as Salinas Beach, or a magical rock off the southwestern coast of Ibiza called Es Vedra.

Aside from beaches and magical rocks, Ibiza also offers a slew of team-building activities that allow you to find motivation in the team to overcome challenges and encourage confidence in each member of your team. You can take a bike tour, have a laser combat, have a boat party, or take a food tour. The possibilities are endless here in Ibiza for your company retreat.

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Explore Ibiza on a kayak tour

  • This activity begins with an explanation about how to handle the paddle and the boat, and a few guidelines for the excursion. 
  • Enter the turquoise waters of Ibiza to begin our route and we will do a little practice to gain confidence.
  • It’s a 3 hour activity with snorkeling as an added bonus.
  • Your vest, paddle, kayak, goggles, and tube are provided. 
  • Learn from a guide who is very helpful, full of knowledge, and can adapt to your skill set. 
  • Experience sea kayaks that are really comfortable and learn useful paddling techniques and safety information.

Bring out your partying side for a boat party

  • Dance to the latest Ibiza anthems and summer hits with the bass pumping through a top-notch sound system, Ibiza's magical sunset in the background, and unlimited ice-cold drinks.
  • Experience all of this aboard a 90 ft catamaran with VIP sun beds and sofa lounges for everyone.
  • Party with 100 exclusive guests on a 3 hour boat party.
  • Good music, a lovely spot for swimming, and a great location to watch the sunset over the sea. 
  • Enjoy a staff that’s friendly and attentive, with drinks always cold and the food really good for an all-in trip.

Experience Ibiza from a SUP board

  • These trips are perfect for all kinds of people, even beginners or amateur athletes. 
  • We will discover inaccessible “calas” while paddling to secret maritime caves.
  • You’ll be provided with suitable and first quality equipment.
  • They’ll teach you all you need to be capable of handling the paddle surf and enjoy the activity.
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery, good quality equipment, and amazing hosts. 
  • Super helpful guides for a 2 hour trip.

Explore Ibiza on a bike tour

  • Take a city tour with e-bikes that’s a little over 14 km. 
  • Different bikes to choose from so you can choose the brand and riding style of your preference.
  • Shoes are included, as well as bottles, a repair-kit, and even a phone mount. 
  • The staff are helpful at giving riding tips for the best routes.
  • Two awesome tours on mountain and road bikes that are smooth and work wonderfully.

Experience the foods Ibiza has to offer on a food tour

  • You’ll be taken to places that only the locals know.
  • Learn the stories that the chefs and restaurant owners have told us.
  • All of our guides are passionate about food and more importantly; about Ibiza. 
  • Each guide will share their personal insights and entertain you with their unique stories about life on the island. 
  • Experience at least 10 different foods and 5 drinks. 
  • You will also go to 5 restaurants on each tour lasting 3.5 hours.

Get your adrenaline pumping with a go-kart race

  • The whole process, up to getting in and racing, is quick and efficient. 
  • Experience a decent karting track with a good selection of different karts.
  • Rest assured, the karts are fast and well maintained by a friendly staff.
  • Enjoy the long track with slopes, it’s very enjoyable to drive. 
  • This circuit is more than 300 meters.

Relax with your team with a wine tasting

  • We have a modern tasting room located inside the store, located in the center of Ibiza city.
  • Experience a room equipped with everything necessary to carry out wine tastings, in addition to being prepared to teach the courses, workshops, presentations and tastings of all kinds.
  • You’ll be impressed by the spacious, clean, and contemporary design of the shop. 
  • Be amazed by the excellent range of globally sourced spirits, from Scotland to Japan, and beyond. 
  • Enjoy an outstanding range of products that are of excellent quality, along with a friendly and helpful staff.

Explore Ibiza on a buggy tour 

  • Have a guide who will explain the route you’ll take and the particularities of driving in a Polaris buggy.
  • Your tour will include a guide, gasoline, insurance, 500cc of water per person, protective glasses, and the possibility of parking on our premises for the duration of the tour.
  • Take a 3 hour buggy tour along the best routes on the island. 
  • Experience a tour that’s very professionally organized.
  • Learn from a guide who’s extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Test your aim with laser combat in Ibiza

  • Try a new combat sports game for all ages, based on the same principles as paintball. 
  • You’ll learn the latest in military training technology based on long-range infrared rays. 
  • It’s completely harmless and does not cause bruises, nor is it necessary to wear any protective clothing or mask.
  • The weaponry can be programmed with profiles, which creates more realism and dynamism to the game.
  • You’ll aim your scope at the sensors that the opponents have in their heads, taking away their life. 
  • They’ll provide shields, lives, configurations, and changing characters, as well as sounds and lights that will quickly get you into the game.

Relax and unwind after work with a yoga class 

  • This studio offers a variety of yoga styles for all levels and in different languages. 
  • You’ll find a variety of yoga classes, from traditional to modern styles, including asanas (physical postures), alignments, breath work, Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and relaxation.
  • Great teachers who are multilingual for very enjoyable and relaxing classes.  
  • Enjoy a studio that’s clean and welcoming.
  • Perfect location and the atmosphere is perfectly ibicencan.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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