An enterprising city boasting stunning architecture and iconic waterways.

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Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and has become an extremely popular European tourist destination, welcoming over 20 million visitors each year. There’s nothing you cannot do in this city, from historic tours along the iconic canals to glow in the dark 3D mini-golf!

As a result of the rapidly growing tourism, Amsterdam has also become a hotspot for company retreats as new activities continuously pop up across the city. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills within your team or simply relax on a group holiday, Amsterdam has something for everyone.

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Explore a light-hearted tour of the city’s famous canals

  • Access unique canal routes that larger boats cannot access.
  • An interesting and entertaining way to explore the city from the water.
  • Enjoy a personalised tour experience with smaller group sizes.
  • Customers love the comical tour experience provided by charismatic tour guides.
  • The tours can be delivered in English, Dutch, German and Spanish.
  • Customers are encouraged to BYOB on board the boats (cups are provided).

Learn to make tasty dishes from a variety of cuisines

  • Improve your cookery skills with a range of fun and interactive cooking classes with cuisines from around the world.
  • Get access to an impressive range of professional cooking facilities.
  • The ultimate team-bonding experience that will improve interpersonal relationships.
  • An informal and lighthearted experience that everybody will enjoy. 
  • Customisable courses ranging from 3-4 hours.
  • Enjoy your delicious creation after putting in the hard work.

Work together to solve puzzles and make your escape

  • Choose from a range of 6 exciting escape rooms with different themes and difficulty levels.
  • Customised package deals designed to cater to groups of up to 105 people.
  • Immerse yourself in a variety of beautifully designed themes including The Chocolate Factory, Midnight Magic and Cabin in the Woods.
  • A series of challenges that will test creative thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • The instructors are welcoming and very experienced, making sure your group gets the best experience.

Eat your way around the city with guided food tours

  • Enjoy a unique food experience as you sample delicious street food from around the city.
  • Experience a day in the life of the typical Amsterdammer by discovering the local favourites.
  • An enjoyable and sociable experience for groups of all sizes.
  • Experience more than just the food. Customers get the opportunity to meet the chefs and learn the story behind the menu. 
  • Daytime and evening experiences are available to suit your schedule.
  • Delve into the wealth of knowledge provided by a team of experienced tour guides.

Go pedal to the metal at the go-kart track

  • Test your skills behind the wheel, going head-to-head a choice of two go-kart tracks.
  • Technical courses with a series of challenges bends and high-speed straights.
  • An unbeatable team-bonding experience that everybody is guaranteed to enjoy.
  • High-quality tracks that aren’t weather-dependent.
  • The centre is conveniently located with access to free parking.
  • The ultimate experience for adrenaline junkies and motorsport enthusiasts. 

Enjoy a unique mini-golf experience

  • The building is creatively decorated with bright neon lights and dazzling 3D effects.
  • Unveil your team’s competitive spirit as you make your way through the 15-hole course.
  • Non-stop fun that’s suitable for all ages.
  • Enjoy some light refreshments at the upstairs bar after completing the course.
  • The course is easily accessible by public transport, car or bicycle.

Swing through the trees at a forest climbing experience

  • The forest climbing experience is designed for all levels with a range of high and low-level climbing routes.
  • Choose from a selection of 10 meticulously designed climbing routes ranging from 2.5 to 15 metres high.
  • A fun physical activity that encourages your team to push their limits and support each other.
  • Receive expert guidance and tuition from the centre's experienced climbing instructors.
  • An engaging team-building activity that everyone’s guaranteed to enjoy!

Solve challenges while exploring the city with your team

  • Search the city with your team to uncover vital information and solve various puzzles.
  • The ultimate way to enjoy a tour of the city while having fun and learning something new.
  • An intriguing tour of the city that lasts two hours and spans across an impressive two-kilometre area.
  • Uncover a series of unique challenges that will test your team and push them to work as a team.
  • Enjoy solving the challenges at your leisure, stopping to enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious stroopwafel along the way. 
  • Tours are available in a range of languages including English, Dutch, Italian, German and more. 

Reach dizzying heights at Amsterdam’s climbing centre

  • A centrally located climbing centre with world-class facilities
  • The ideal team-building activity that will encourage colleagues to support each other and push their limits.
  • Learn the essential skills for climbing, bouldering, and belaying with professional supervision and tutorage. 
  • Ascend heights of over 16 metres on a range of climbing routes.
  • Improve your technical climbing skills on the bouldering circuits.
  • Finish an enjoyable day of climbing with a refreshing drink at the in-house bar.

Treat your body with corporate yoga

  • Yoga promotes creativity and concentration and has beneficial effects on stress reduction and RSI prevention.
  • Embark on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment in a clean, calm and completely relaxing space.
  • A clean and spacious yoga studio with changing rooms, showers and lockers.
  • Receive in-depth tuition from experienced and professional yoga instructors.
  • Explore a range of different classes catered towards all levels.
  • Classes are available in English and Dutch.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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