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Enjoy the crystal clear waters and pure white sand that Chalkidiki has to offer. You can visit Ammoulliani, Petralona Cave, Agios loannis Beach, Pallene, Mount Cholomon, and so much more. 

But beautiful beaches aren’t all Halkidiki has to offer, there are also plenty of team-building activities to explore here on your next company retreat. You can play paintball or an escape game, take an e-bike tour, try a cooking class, or if you want to explore the water, try a SUP, kayak, or cruise.

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See Chalkidiki from the water on a kayak

  • Discover the unparalleled beauty of Halkidiki on a kayak tour.
  • Learn from a prepared, polite, friendly, and professional who knows the sea, the weather changes, the places, and will make sure you have a great experience.
  • Try an enjoyable activity suitable for everyone. 
  • Have an amazing tour with a full day kayaking, an awesome friendly guide, great views, swimming, and snorkeling!
  • Enjoy guides who are watchful but relaxed and full of local information, and scenery that’s amazing and beautiful.
  • A place with great equipment and very good organization.

Have a stand-up paddleboard experience 

  • Learn from a very friendly and good instructor for all water sport activities.
  • Enjoy using reliable and well-maintained equipment.
  • If you’re trying SUP for the first time, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. 
  • Within 2-3 hours you’ll be able to balance on the board and Sup carefree!
  • You’ll have excellent service, they explain how to use the paddleboard, and you get life jackets. 

Take a cruise tour in Chalkidiki

  • This cruise accommodates up to 10 people.
  • You’ll visit either the marvelous islands of Diaporos, Ammouliani, or a panoramic view trip of Sithonia's east side where you will enjoy stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches. 
  • The host is amazing and will show you places that are the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see!
  • Enjoy a crew who’s really welcoming, professional, well-organized, fun to be with, and provides plenty of options. 
  • The food and the drinks are extremely delicious! 

Cruise the streets on an e-bike tour

  • Halkidiki is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in Greece and the best way to discover it is by taking an e-bike tour. 
  • Pedal to extraordinary places and villages.
  • E-bikes are perfect for all ages and levels of fitness, and easy to ride too.
  • There is so much fun biking in Halkidiki, easy to park, no driving license needed, it is for everyone! 
  • Your guide will have great energy and make you feel confident, even if it’s your first time on an e-bike tour. 
  • The bikes are high quality and the path is awesome. 
  • You’ll visit great beaches, amazing mountain paths, and some viewpoints for about 3-4 hours. 

Try a challenging game of paintball

  • There are three paintball fields with games that last up to 3 hours.
  • Some games are played where players have the chance to win against the opposing team at a specific time. 
  • Here you’ll find a very nice reception with a super friendly and helpful staff. 
  • The equipment is of good quality and will be prepared for you.
  • Your hosts will put great effort into safety with nets, plugs, chrono etc., which is reflected on the whole field. 

Test your teamwork with an escape room

  • You’ll be locked inside one of five themed rooms and are asked to solve the mystery of the room in order to be led to the exit.
  • The puzzles are incredible and the space is fantastic.
  • The environment of the room will make you feel like you’re living it! 
  • Enjoy a very friendly, nice, and organized staff who are good at their jobs
  • You’ll have a great time with the puzzles, they’re very entertaining. 
  • The atmosphere is intense but very much worth it once you finish the escape room.

Enjoy a wine tasting in Chalkidiki

  • This winery has a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a wide selection of wines from different Greek regions and grape varieties.
  • Your host will be very knowledgeable and passionate about wine, providing great insights into the history of wine and the background of the wines you are tasting.
  • The staff is friendly and welcoming, answering any questions you have.
  • Try wines from both French and native Greek grape varieties, with some 26 different varieties in total. 
  • You’ll be blown away by the quality of the wines you taste, 7 in total.

Have a Chalkidiki cooking experience

  • Here you’ll learn that the delicacy of a dish requires the appropriate combination and binding of the materials it contains. 
  • Enjoy learning in a kitchen that’s fully equipped and specially designed with modern appliances and suitable utensils.
  • The chefs are true professionals, they’ll make cooking really fun and enjoyable. 
  • This is a wonderful space with a beautiful atmosphere, cleanliness, positive attitude, and communication.
  • Have a special experience with an extremely tasty result, which you can enjoy in this impressive space.

Get creative in a ceramic studio 

  • You’re provided with clay, paints, glazes, and the baking of the objects in a special pottery oven.
  • You’ll learn and use all construction techniques such as clay sheets, macaroni, handbuilding, and wheel contact to create your own projects. 
  • Your instructor will share some of their personal secrets and answer all your questions. 
  • The environment is peaceful, very friendly, and full of great Greek Food.
  • This is a super fun activity in an organized workshop with very good quality.

Stretch out your stress in a yoga class

  • The practice of yoga in the workplace is a way to rest and rejuvenate and helps inspire a better performance, productivity, and cooperation of employees. 
  • Some benefits of yoga are improving flexibility, correcting posture and health, and the reduction of anxiety, tension and stress.
  • Enjoy an inspiring space with positive energy in a top-notch facility, where the calming vibes that envelop the space create the perfect environment for relaxation and self-discovery.
  • Learn from a very spiritual teacher who opens new horizons for you. 
  • There are many different classes and most last about 90 minutes.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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