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Paris, otherwise known as The City of Light, has earned a reputation for being the most romantic city in the world, but there’s more to this iconic destination than love and lust. 

Travelers flock to Paris in their millions to marvel at the 19th-century cityscape and to catch a glimpse of famous landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. The city has also earned a reputation as a hotbed for fashion icons and designer boutiques.

With so many visitors converging on the city every year, Paris has plenty of activities on offer to make your team-building event a resounding success. Spend your time walking the city streets, sampling the local cuisine and sipping on wine or take a trip to Europe’s largest go-kart centre.

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Follow the clues through the streets of Paris

  • A unique team building activity that encourages collaboration, problem solving and communication.
  • Solve clues and look out for hints as you navigate the Parisian streets. 
  • The instructions are available in both English and French. 
  • The immersive treasure hunt takes approximately two hours to complete.
  • A great way to explore Paris and have fun working together while solving clues.

Think outside the box and conquer the escape rooms

  • Teams must use a combination of creative thinking and logic to overcome the series of challenges.
  • Choose from three themed escape rooms including Jail of “La Bastille”, Interview with Gustave Eiffel and Gentleman Burglar.
  • This escape room can accommodate up to 15 people at a time.
  • Games are expected to last a maximum of one hour but participants should expect to spend about 90 minutes on site.
  • The venue is located just five minutes walk from the subways République and Parmentier.
  • The staff speak English and go the extra mile to ensure everybody enjoys the experience.

Dominate your opponents in a game of laser tag

  • Compete to score as many points as possible in dark labyrinths on several floors. 
  • Combine work and play by including the use of the seminar room in your booking.
  • Equipment is always well-maintained and kept up to date.
  • The event organisers maintain safety as the number one priority.
  • Go head-to-head with your colleagues in a large maze of alleyways and tunnels.
  • The onsite staff provide an in-depth briefing and provide a great experience.

Sample the flavours of Paris with guided food tours

  • Choose from an extensive range of tours with unique themes such as chocolate and pastry, Latin food, wine tours and more.
  • Discover iconic Parisian food districts such as Le Marais, Saint Germain and Montmartre.
  • Enjoy a guided tour provided by local food experts offering a funny and informative experience.
  • Tours can last upwards of 3 hours.
  • Get lost in the charm of the city of romance as you make your way around the area.
  • An unbeatable way to explore the city and socialise with colleagues.

Step into a real-life game show

  • Take part in a real-life game show that’s fun, interactive and customisable.
  • Listen to the question then hit the buzzer if you know the answer.
  • The space can accommodate a maximum of 36 people. 
  • Groups with over 18 participants will be separated into two separate rooms then come together to compete in the playoffs and finals.
  • The experienced game master will walk your team through an immersive game show experience.
  • Marvel at your surroundings as you enter a real game show arena.

Race to the finish line at the karting centre

  • Enjoy the largest karting centre in Europe with over 1500m of course.
  • Get the full racing experience with equipment, podiums, supervision by qualified personnel, insurance and more.
  • Located just 30 minutes from the Paris city centre.
  • The friendly staff will lead you through the day, offering a full safety briefing, distribution of equipment, etc.
  • Capable of accommodating groups of over 200 people.
  • Unleash the competitive spirit within your team as they go head-to-head on Europe’s biggest go-kart track.

Walk the city streets with local guides

  • Explore the famous sites of this iconic city with guidance from experienced locals.
  • The tour covers many famous attractions including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • The Montmartre District Tour runs every day and includes sites like the Basilica Sacré Coeur, the home of Van Gogh and the Moulin Rouge.
  • Walk in the shoes of famous persons such as Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalí and James Joyce.
  • Tours are provided by knowledgeable local guides with extensive knowledge about the history of the city. 

Learn about French culture through food in the cooking class

  • Learn about the history of French cuisine and have a go at making some dishes yourself.
  • The perfect way to learn about French culture through food.
  • All classes are given in English and are highly interactive.
  • The kitchens can host up to 32 people at any one time.
  • Cooking equipment, aprons and water are provided.
  • Receive lots of expert advice from friendly and knowledgeable instructors.

Bond over destruction at the Fury room

  • Release pent-up tension from the office as you destroy various items such as tables, chairs, electronics and more.
  • Participants are kitted out with all necessary safety gear. 
  • Select your choice of weapon and let the destruction begin. 
  • The onsite staff are friendly and welcoming. 
  • Has that outdated computer from the office been driving you crazy? Bring it along and smash it to pieces!

Test your strength at the bouldering centre

  • A room with over 1000m/2 of technical bouldering courses for you to enjoy.
  • Discover one of the biggest bouldering gyms in France with an onsite cafe and bar.
  • Access other facilities such as the sauna, osteopath, weight gym and Turkish baths.
  • Fun for everyone with a choice of seven difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert.
  • A great team-building activity for active groups.
  • The kind and helpful staff will ensure your experience is safe and rewarding.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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