An ancient French city overlooking the glistening waters of the Mediterranean.

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Marseille is an ancient French city, home to a diverse, open-minded cosmopolitan community. It’s also a popular holiday destination, with glorious summer weather, delicious seafood and an intriguing heritage dating back to 600BC.

A team-building retreat in Marseille exposes you to the city’s breathtaking landscape, ancient Romanesque stonemasonry, iconic Baroque sculptures and world-class wineries. A great way to discover the city is with a guided walking tour that explores many must-see landmarks such as the Old Port and Le Panier. Once you’ve found your bearings, you can experience all kinds of activities including pastry-making workshops, high-rope courses, kayaking adventures and wine-tasting tours.

With so much to see and do, your team-building retreat in Marseille is guaranteed to produce results both in and out of the office. Whether you’re looking to develop interpersonal relationships, improve teamwork, or build trust, Marseille has everything you need for a successful team-building event. In the following resource, we’ve compiled some of our favourite team-building activities in Marseille to help you compile ideas for your offsite retreat.

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Discover the breathtaking coastline on a charter boat

  • Accompany a professional skipper on board a beautiful charter boat.
  • Explore the glistening blue waters and awe-inspiring cliffs that surround the city.
  • Create unforgettable memories with your team as you navigate the breathtaking coastline.
  • All boats are designed to provide maximum comfort and are equipped with bathrooms, comfortable seats, awnings, changing cabins, deck showers, swimming ladders and much more. 
  • The number of passengers is limited to 12 per boat.
  • The skippers are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.

Explore the city on a guided walking tour

  • Discover must-see sights and landmarks including Marseille Old Town, Le Panier and the Old Port.
  • Learn interesting facts and stories about this city, founded more than 2,600 years ago.
  • The tour is available in either English or Spanish. 
  • The average tour duration is two hours, but this can be altered depending on your requirements.
  • Follow a knowledgeable local guide as you learn about the city’s history, culture and evolution.
  • The perfect activity for bonding with your colleagues while learning about the city.

Solve riddles and puzzles at the escape room

  • The 400-square-metre facility can accommodate up to 37 people at a time.
  • Teams must work together to solve riddles and puzzles to make their escape.
  • Each room will test your employee’s problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills.
  • All rooms are uniquely designed to create an immersive, interactive environment.
  • The game facilitators are fluent in both English and French.
  • The games are well thought out, designed to test players and extract their full potential.

Push your limits at the forest high-rope course

  • Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you climb, swing and zip line your way through the forest high-rope course.
  • Tree climbing is the ideal activity to build confidence and trust while facilitating team bonding.
  • Conclude your experience with a session in one of the on-site meeting rooms, equipped with sound systems, projectors and flip charts.
  • The beautiful treetop course is located in a picturesque area, close to the city centre.
  • Participants can attempt a range of routes, designed for all confidence and fitness levels.
  • Parking, toilets and picnic tables are available on site.

Learn stand-up paddleboarding with certified instructors

  • Learn the fundamentals of stand-up paddleboarding while exploring the beautiful region of Provence.
  • A dedicated outdoor instructor guides you from Marseille to La Ciotat through Cassis.
  • The 90-minute session takes place in a sheltered location to help you find your feet quickly.
  • The certified instructors explain important SUP techniques and safety measures.
  • Participants are provided with SUP boards, paddles, wetsuits and life jackets (if requested).
  • Participants are advised to bring the following items: bathing suit, towel, water bottle, sun protection, sunglasses, sun hat and a pair of flip flops or sandals.

Taste iconic wines from the Provence region

  • Discover the world-class wines this region has to offer as you visit local wineries.
  • Learn to distinguish wine quality and identify subtle flavours with teachings from a wine-tasting expert.
  • Taste a variety of wines from various areas of Provence including Aix and Provence, Bandol and Cassis, Luberon, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas and Vacqueyras.
  • Typical group sizes are between two and eight people, although larger group sizes can be arranged upon request.
  • Participants are transported via a comfortable minivan with A/C.
  • Visit between two and four wineries depending on your preferences.

Make traditional French pastries with professional chefs

  • Learn the coveted techniques of traditional French pastry making. 
  • Choose from a range of themed workshops where you’ll learn to make macarons, cupcakes, chocolates or desserts.
  • Workshops are predicted to last about two hours.
  • Participants are welcomed by a team of passionate pastry chefs willing to teach you the tricks of the trade. 
  • Access a state-of-the-art facility equipped with premium cookery utensils.

Explore the local waterways by kayak

  • Two route options are available: a round trip, for those feeling adventurous, starting from Pointe Rouge Beach; or a one-way, shorter route from Pointe Rouge Beach to Catalans Beach.
  • Participants are provided with easy-to-use, “sit-on-top” kayaks designed for maximum comfort and usability.
  • Life jackets and waterproof bags are provided.
  • Embark on a beautiful journey through the beautiful blue waters of Marseille.
  • The kayaking equipment is of high quality and well maintained by professional kayaking personnel.

Learn bouldering with professional instructors

  • Learn the fundamentals of climbing with experienced bouldering instructors.
  • The facility provides a range of climbing routes designed to challenge all skill levels.
  • The 4-metre-high bouldering wall can be attempted without initiation as climbers are protected by a thick landing mat.
  • The fully-trained staff are friendly, humble and attentive.
  • Relax at the on-site bar after a challenging day of climbing.
  • A training area, lockers and showers are available on location.

Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul at the yoga studio

  • Choose from a variety of yoga disciplines including Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and more.
  • Classes are provided by experienced yoga instructors, each providing a unique style, approach and energy.
  • The contemporary yoga facility is equipped with a cloakroom, showers and all necessary equipment.
  • The yoga studio is beautifully designed with plenty of natural light.
  • Classes can take place in either the Zen Room (max. six persons) or the Main Room (max. 19 persons).
  • The atmosphere in the yoga studio is very relaxed, allowing you to focus on your practice and detach from life’s everyday stresses.

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These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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