10 Best team building activities in Ericeira

An endearing seaside fishing town and surfing mecca.

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Ericeira is a charming Portuguese fishing village located just 40-minutes from Lisbon. The town is a popular holiday destination for Portuguese tourists but has recently made a name for itself on the European stage. It’s Europe's only World Surfing Reserve, boasting an impressive list of world-class beaches and surf spots.

A team-building retreat in Ericeira promises plenty of relaxing beach days and exciting activities. With so many great surf spots in the area, a visit to Ericeira wouldn’t be complete without a surf lesson. Just south of Ericeira lies the magical Moorish town of Sintra, where colourful castles and palaces cling to the mountainside.

Ericeira provides the perfect location for a team-building retreat. There’s something here for everyone, from chilled-out beach bars to high-octane experiences. To help you plan your next team-building retreat in Ericeira, we’ve compiled the following list of team-building activity ideas.

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Learn to surf in the Atlantic Ocean

  • A surfing lesson is the ultimate team-building experience, perfect for those without any previous experience.
  • Lessons last approximately two hours and include all the necessary equipment.
  • Your lesson will be provided by a fully-certified surfing instructor.
  • You’ll learn everything you need to start surfing ocean waves, including theory and practical techniques.
  • All the surfing equipment is of great quality and the teachers are professional.
  • Participants have access to changing rooms, showers, toilets and lockers.

Take a trip to the magical town of Sintra

  • Experience the awe-inspiring viewpoint at Cabo da Roca, the most western point of Continental Europe, the beach town of Cascais, and one of the best and most unexpected hidden views in Lisbon to finish the day, giving you a real taste of this picturesque country.
  • The tour concludes with a traditional pasty, traditional Portuguese lunch and a glass of wine.
  • The experience lasts approximately seven hours.
  • Your group will be transported in a comfortable van, provided by the tour facilitators.

Take a relaxing cycle through the countryside

  • A bike ride is a perfect way to explore the town and surrounding trails with your colleagues.
  • You’ll explore the stunning Portuguese coastline, offering breathtaking panoramic views.
  • The tour is a 12 to 20-kilometre round trip, complete with flat sections, hills and technical single-track sections.
  • The full ride takes approximately two hours to complete.
  • Participants are provided with all necessary equipment, including bikes, helmets and water.
  • Groups are accompanied by a MIAS-certified guide.

Spend the day learning stand-up paddleboarding

  • Take to the water and learn how to stand-up paddle with guidance from certified instructors.
  • Participants are provided with large, stable boards that make it easy to stand up.
  • You’ll explore a calm river with a depth of approximately 60 centimetres.
  • The river has almost no current, making it the perfect place to learn SUPing.
  • The route is approximately five kilometres and takes about two hours to complete.
  • Prices include a certified guide/instructor, equipment, insurance, water, energy bar and photos from the tour.

Venture off the beaten track with a Jeep tour

  • Jeep tours are the best way to overcome the distance that separates some of the attractions of the region while providing a different experience to its participants.
  • Whenever possible, the jeep ventures off-road, leaving the tarmac roads behind.
  • Jeep tours are designed to show you the main points of natural and cultural attractions in the region.
  • You’ll discover secular convents, viewpoints and cliffs over the sea.
  • All tours include a Jeep with a driver, a visit to a local wine cellar with wine tasting, insurance and photos.

Expand your knowledge with a wine-tasting experience

  • All wines come directly from the Quintas, from an exclusive batch of local winemakers.
  • Group sizes can range from 2 to 15 people.
  • Under the guidance of an experienced expert, you’ll taste several delicious wines.
  • Tasting takes place in the beautiful fishing village of Ericeira.
  • The tasting lasts approximately one and a half to two hours.
  • The wines are accompanied by a selection of tasty cheeses, sausages, olives and bread.

Explore the open ocean with a sailing experience

  • The sailing experience includes necessary equipment, insurance, pick up, water or tea and organic snacks.
  • Groups must consist of between four and eight people.
  • The duration normally is 2 hours but it depends on which programme you choose.
  • Voyages are dependent on safe sailing conditions. Bad weather will course your trip to be postponed.
  • A sailing voyage is a perfect way to explore the beautiful Portuguese coastline.

Upgrade your chef skills with a cookery class

  • Diversify your cooking skills with this hands-on cooking class, provided by professional local chefs 
  • You’ll learn to prepare new dishes and how to work with fresh local ingredients.
  • A cooking class is the perfect team-building activity for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Together with your group, you’ll create a delicious menu that you can later enjoy.
  • Optional matching wine service is also available.
  • The instructors are very patient and provide simple and clear instructions.

Unwind with a restorative yoga class

  • A yoga class provides your team with a relaxing wellness experience.
  • Your group will learn a series of essential yoga poses under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor.
  • Yoga classes take place in a serene environment, tucked away in the Saint Julian mountain range.
  • You’ll be surrounded by nature, listening to the relaxing soundtrack of local wildlife.
  • Indoor lessons are also available in the beautiful wooden-floored yoga studio.
  • All yoga materials are available, including mats, blocks, belts, blankets and cushions.

Feel the sand between your toes at beach volleyball

  • Join a professional volleyball instructor for beach volleyball at Pescadores Beach.
  • The Kayak bar is located on the same beach, where participants can grab drinks and light snacks between games.
  • The beach is located in the centre of Ericeira, making it easy to access from your accommodation.
  • Beach volleyball is a fun beach activity, suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Learn the official volleyball rules and practice new techniques under the guidance of your instructor.

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These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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