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This city is best known for the ruins of the Palace of Diocletian, which were built in 295-305 CE. Split is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. Here you can visit the Diocletian’s Palace, Jupiter’s Temple, the Mestrovic Gallery, the Blue cave, and beaches like Kasjuni and Bacvice. 

Besides palaces and temples, you can also find tons of team-building activities to try while having your company retreat in Split. You can play paintball, try an escape room, go on a kayak tour, go out on a SUP, go try a paint and sip, and so much more.

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These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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See Split on a walking tour

  • Hear from guides who are all licensed, multilingual, and professional tour guides with years of experience.
  • Your guide will be fun and knowledgeable with great volume and speaking clarity. 
  • With a private Split walking tour, you’ll get a true sense of the city, covering all major Split highlights and its 1700 year long history. 
  • Enjoy a very informative tour with a great guide that has a great sense of humor throughout.
  • A great way to explore the city with great guides on a 90 minutes walking tour.

Explore Split from the water on a kayak tour

  • If you love kayaking, it’s time to explore the undiscovered sea kayak heaven of Croatia. 
  • With 1185 islands, islets, and reefs, this coastline is, without a doubt, among the most impressive coastlines in Europe.
  • Here they’ll organize guided, tailor-made, and self-guided multi-day tours all across Croatia.
  • The staff is incredibly responsive prior to your trip, responding to any queries and creating a bespoke tour to satisfy your needs.
  •  The guides are super knowledgeable and you’ll always feel safe as they’ll maintain communication with you.
  • You’ll be given full kayak gear and that’s in great condition, and be instructed very carefully. 

Experience Croatian cuisine on a food tour

  • This food tour feels less like a tour and more like taking a walk with a local friend who wants to share the stories, history, and secrets of their beloved city. 
  • You’ll try food at 5 different Establishments. 
  • Your knowledgeable guide will explain much of the city's interesting history as you walk from restaurant to restaurant.
  • The portions are perfect, not leaving you too full or still hungry. 
  • Expect service at each restaurant to be fantastic and you can tell they’ve taken the time to select the best restaurants and walking path for this tour. 

Take a boat tour in Split

  • This tour is organized with small groups for a personalized approach and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • You’ll make the most out of the day visiting many unique locations on a comfortable and stable boat. 
  • Cruise away from the coast of Split for an unforgettable sea adventure. 
  • Relax on a comfortable and spacious speedboat and spend the day sightseeing, swimming from the boat, and snorkeling in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.  
  • They’ll organize and control time schedules very well, allowing you to avoid the crazy line up for the blue cave.
  • This trip is safe with a captain and crew who’ll make every effort for a great day. 

Challenge your team with an escape room

  • Play a real life escape game that takes place in a specially designed room for a limited amount of time.
  •  You’ll have to look for clues and hidden objects, solve puzzles, and unlock items in order to escape in time.
  • Each of the escape rooms are designed for intense participation from the group trying to escape. 
  • Watch your team bond together as they race against the clock and work together to escape the room.
  • The staff is friendly and able to communicate fluently in English with a gamemaster who is polite and fun to talk to, making the experience really enjoyable.
  •  Enjoy trying a classic room with a lot of puzzles, keys, and locks.

Experience Split from a stand-up paddleboard

  • Try this SUP adventure in Split to see the best of all types of Dalmatian landscapes in one – sea, river, and mountain.
  • You’ll receive basic SUP instructions by a certified trainer.
  • The instructors are very helpful and supportive, making an effort to get to know your names and helping those that need it.
  • The distance you’ll paddle is 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles at a duration of 2.5 hours.
  • Previous experience is not necessary and you’ll have a very nice instructor and equipment.
  • This is a fabulous place to SUP with clear, clean rivers and sparkling waters that you want to swim in as well as paddle.

Have a relaxing evening with a paint and sip

  • Paint and wine evenings are an ideal combination for creative socializing while painting and drinking wine. 
  • Good music, wine, and company are the basic prerequisites for unforgettable moments. 
  • Enjoy a host who’s very patient and pretty funny as well. She did such a good job and was a great instructor.
  • The workshop is very well organized and relaxed with great music.
  • It doesn't matter if you do or don't have any painting experience, all of the paintings turn out amazing and everybody seems to really enjoy themselves.

Have a competitive go-kart race in Split

  • Organize a team-building activity with adrenaline fun. 
  • This track covers several thousand square meters and is over 370 meters long with as many as 16 exciting turns that test the ability of every driver.
  • Enjoy a staff who’s incredibly friendly and helpful.
  • These go-karts have a motor engine, not electric, so they are fast enough to have fun. 
  • You and your team will have a great time here.

Play paintball in Split

  • This game is based on adrenaline and fun between players. 
  • It strengthens the spirit and character of the players, teaches them teamwork, builds their self-confidence, and develops self-initiative in individuals.
  • The outdoor area is beautifully decorated and full of details with a spacious playground for various activities.
  • Have a wonderful experience with hosts who do a great job and are very friendly and kind.
  • You’ll find excellent terrain and lots of places to hide in a place with a large area of ​​2 bunkers. 
  • The equipment here is good.

Relax and unwind in a yoga class

  • A great yoga class with a really nice atmosphere where you can learn how to get a healthy body, focused mind, and calm heart.
  • Your instructor will be very professional and helpful, highly educated, and know how to moderate every single move so each individual can make progress and learn about possibilities and body flexibility.
  • It’s adapted to everyone and you can really see and feel the enormous effort dedicated to clients and the love with which it is done.
  • This place exudes a calming vibe and feels like home.
  • An incredible place to practice yoga, from the garden, to the spacious and modern yoga shala and lobby. 
  •  Mats are available for use if you don't have one.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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