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This city is in southern Croatia, by the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is known for its distinctive Old Town, which is surrounded by enormous stone walls that were completed in the 16th century. Here you can visit an island called Lokrum, go to Fort Lovrijenac, Tvrðava Minčeta, Sponza Palace, or walk along the city walls.

There are also tons of team-building activities for you to try including a walking tour, an escape room, boat tour, a cooking class, or zipline. All this makes Dubrovnik the perfect spot for your next company retreat.

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Take a boat tour in Dubrovnik

  • Discover the best of Croatia’s coastline and islands with your premier choice for unforgettable boat tours. 
  • The expert skippers will guide you on a tailor-made adventure aboard our luxurious fleet.
  • This ride is great and the skipper is clearly very experienced.
  • Enjoy a friendly staff and a boat that’s nice and clean.
  • An excellent tour guide and private boat ride.

Explore Dubrovnik on a walking tour

  • This tour is excellent and a great way to learn the history of the old-town Dubrovnik walled city. 
  • Your guide will have a great sense of humor and a deep knowledge of filming locations and Game of Thrones related "gossips." 
  • The tour is perfectly paced and interesting from the first up to the last minute. 
  • Be prepared for lots of stairs and sun, but it’s definitely worth the sweat.
  • It’s definitely recommended for anyone to go on this!

Learn to cook Croatian food in a cooking class

  • Take a hands-on cooking class and learn how to make your own Croatian dishes.
  • Relax around the outdoor table to enjoy your meal and taste the homemade herbal water, Infused Oils, Rakijas, and Wines. 
  • You can wander through the garden and pick fresh herbs and vegetable leaves to make a nut-free garden-fresh pesto to accompany your meal.
  • Have a magical experience, picking your own herbs and harvesting your own eggs while learning.
  • The food you’ll prepare and cook is fresh and so delicious.
  • The chef is so warm, welcoming, generous, and knowledgeable with a beautiful home and garden. 

Explore the water on a stand up paddleboard

  • Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced paddler, there’s a stand up paddleboard option for you. 
  • Paddle along Old Town’s towering defensive walls for a unique view of the historic walled city from the sea, or to Lokrum Island. 
  • The whole thing is very easy to organize and there are half or full day tours available. 
  • An amazing place with experienced and enthusiastic guides, a wide array of program choices, and tailored tours of the beautiful islands near Dubrovnik.
  • They’ll provide a paddle, an inflatable board in your backpack, a pump, some local knowledge on where to paddle, dry bags for your personal gear, and a life jacket.

Experience the Sea’s of Dubrovnik on a kayak tour

  • The duration of this tour is 2.5 and no experience is necessary.
  • Sea kayaking Dubrovnik will reveal amazing views of the City Walls, Lokrum Island, and one of Dubrovnik's most popular caves. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling and learn a bit about the history of Dubrovnik.
  • These tours are designed so they can be completed by most people, but they do require guests to be reasonably fit.
  • This is an amazing experience all round, the staff are lovely and accommodating. 
  • Your guide will be eager and enthusiastic in conveying the history of Dubrovnik Old Town, the Walls, and surrounding Islands. 

Try a food tour in Dubrovnik

  • Experience the best food of Dubrovnik with a walking food tour.
  • Your guide will deliver a perfect mix of delicious food, culture, history, & local life experiences. 
  • Most tours are available in English, but for groups or private events, we can adapt the tour in Spanish, German, Italian, or French.
  • All the food is incredible and the wine is great too.
  • Your guide’s enthusiasm and knowledge about the food, culture, wine, and history will be infectious.
  • You’ll visit several tasting locations and enjoy every bite.

Have a zipline adventure in Dubrovnik

  • Try the longest coastal Zipline above the Adriatic Sea. 
  • In the superman position, you’ll zipline with proximity, flying above forest canopy, steep cliffs, and beautiful coastal areas.
  •  You can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h in a superman pose.
  • All equipment is standardized and licensed according to EU standards, which ensures maximum safety.
  • Certified instructors will provide you with all necessary information so you can truly enjoy every moment of your zipline adventure.
  • The staff are very friendly and answer all of your questions, making it a fantastic experience.

Soar through the streets on a Segway tour

  • Riding a Segway is easy, as it’s the first self-balancing personal transporter in the world.
  • A Segway tour is a new and attractive tour that Dubrovnik offers. 
  • The average time for this tour is 2.5 hours.
  • The team is super responsive and the segway experience is great. 
  • Experience this with the most helpful and patient guide ever.
  • You'll be in safe hands with these guides no matter what your Segway riding skill level is. 

Challenge yourself with an escape room

  • This unique escape room experience offers a fusion of history and fantasy, where you can journey through time and immerse yourself in epic tales.
  • Ideal for team-building events, escape rooms foster collaboration, encourage creative thinking, and strengthen relationships among colleagues. 
  • Enhance teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills with an exhilarating escape room challenge. 
  • The puzzles are fun and interesting and there is a nice range of physical and mental puzzles to solve. 
  • Here you’ll find a truly amazing escape room experience.
  • The staff is great, very helpful, speaks perfect English, and the room is well done with great puzzles.

Try a relaxing yoga class in Dubrovnik

  • Yoga is a great way to create a feeling of inner peace and happiness. 
  • You’ll be reminded of who you really are and what is truly important for your well-being.
  • With carefully picked yoga team activities, this will help boost self-awareness, team spirit, and bring happiness into your employees lives. 
  • The incredible instructor will strive to have an individual approach to each student, ensuring that you get the most out of each session. 
  • Studio classes range from dynamic vinyasa flow and ashtanga, over kundalini to hatha and yin. 
  • This studio is very well decorated, you’ll love the yoga & zen vibes.  

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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