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The Free State of Bavaria embodies many German stereotypes from steins filled with golden pilsner to colourful lederhosen and scenic castles in the alps. Bavaria is one of the most culturally rich and scenic parts of the country and its capital, Munich, has become a modern cultural force in Europe.

There’s much to explore throughout the city from grand Baroque cathedrals that overlook the city to lively beer houses serving authentic local brews. 

For company retreats, there’s no shortage of activities to choose from. You’ll encounter numerous contemporary activities including guided Segway tours, cookery courses, trampoline parks, and more. Not far from the city, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, outdoor centres offer a range of adventurous activities from rock climbing to kayaking.

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Strengthen your team while exploring the city

  • Solve unique tasks in the city centre while exploring the highlights of the city. 
  • The city challenge draws upon years of experience and partnerships with local companies.
  • A fun, interactive, and engaging team-building activity that develops key teamwork skills.
  • Dive into a series of exciting games that ignite team spirit and encourage your team to reflect on the team dynamics. 
  • The professional and experienced staff provide an entertaining and hassle-free experience.

Breathtaking views followed by an adrenaline rush during a tour of the Olympic stadium

  • Scale the roof of the Olympic stadium and enjoy panoramic views over the city that reach as far as the Bavarian Alps.
  • Once atop the roof, the tour guides provide important information about the historical and architectural aspects of the structure.
  • Things soon take a dramatic turn, as people are clipped into a harness and leap from the 40-metre high roof and fly 200 metres across the stadium on a zipline.
  • With breathtaking panoramic views and a high-octane zipline ride, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. 
  • The experienced staff ensure that everybody is kept safe during the tour and enjoys this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Traverse gorges and paddle down rivers in the beautiful Bavarian landscape

  • Hike through gorges along the river and explore the waterfalls, pools and slides that make up this dramatic landscape.
  • Participants are encouraged to face their fears, although, areas can be abseiled or bypassed if necessary.
  • The experienced guides ensure the experience is always safe and well structured.
  • The ultimate way to discover Bavaria’s beautiful landscape while bonding with your team.
  • Participants are encouraged to push their limits as their faced with jumps of up to seven metres. 
  • Enjoy a warm cup of coffee with your group after an action-packed day of exploration.

Improve your teamwork skills at the escape room

  • Work together in teams of up to 6 people to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape the room.
  • Teams have just 60 minutes to complete the mission, or the game is lost!
  • Choose from three highly engaging challenges each with a unique theme.
  • Larger groups can book up to three parallel sessions that will run simultaneously.
  • Groups can face off against one another and compare notes to discover which team was the best.
  • With help from experienced escape room coaches, teams can analyse their performance, ranking factors such as team roles and their distribution, conflict, leadership and cooperation, and more. 

Discover the hidden corners of the city with a Segway tour

  • Discovering the city by Segway is the perfect way to access the numerous attractions around Munich.
  • Be led by an experienced local guide who will lead you to famous sights and hidden gems.
  • Enjoy local highlights such as surfers on the River Eisbach and the famous Jewish Museum.
  • A comprehensive tour that takes you on a journey from Munich’s humble beginnings to its position as a modern-day force in Europe. 
  • The tour lasts approximately three hours, giving your team plenty of time to relax, take pictures and soak up the local landmarks.
  • The use of Segways makes the tour fun and accessible to all fitness levels.

Test your body and mind with a day of indoor or outdoor climbing

  • A choice of indoor or outdoor climbing routes with courses for all climbing levels. 
  • Learn everything you need to know to climb confidently and safely. 
  • Receive tuition from experienced climbing instructors.
  • An exciting way to soak up the beautiful nature that surrounds the city of Munich.
  • Enjoy a challenging sport that tests the body and mind in equal measure.
  • Suitable for anybody with an average fitness level and a passion for nature.

Discover new flavours with professional cookery classes

  • Inspire your team with a creative cooking class and strengthen your team dynamic.
  • The charismatic chefs lead your team through an in-depth cookery course after which your team can relax and enjoy sampling the delicious food.
  • The course is accessible to everybody, regardless of previous cooking experience.
  • With compassionate guidance from the course leaders, everybody enjoys themselves and learns new skills.
  • Follow up the cooking course with a productive team meeting in one of the conference spaces.
  • A light-hearted yet professional experience that’s a breath of fresh air compared to typical team-building activities.

Spring into action at the trampoline park

  • On over 3,400 square meters, jumpers, explorers, trendsetters, and adrenaline junkies of all ages can let off steam with our action park features or on the spacious trampoline.
  • Go wild in over 3,400 square metres of trampoline heaven.
  • Engage in a series of fun team-building games in a unique environment.
  • Strengthen the bonds within your team as an experienced guide puts them through their paces. 
  • A fun wellness activity that alleviates stress and gets participants fitter, stronger, and leaner. 
  • Enjoy unlimited water and apple spritzer and access to a separate room in the gallery. 

Knock your opponents to the ground in bubble football

  • Just like regular football, teams must attempt to score as many goals as they can against their opponents.
  • The inflatable bubble enables players to push and jostle for possession without risking injury.
  • Existing footballs skills are rendered redundant, making bubble football fun and accessible to anyone.
  • Due to the difficult and exhausting nature of the game, games rarely last longer than 10 minutes.
  • Large groups can either form multiple teams or swap regularly with exiting players as they fatigue.
  • Your event will be led by a fully-trained and experienced bubble football coach who will assist in the setup and dismantling of the event.

Shoot some hoops at the indoor basketball court

  • Your team enjoys exclusive access to a professional indoor basketball court.
  • The 13x19 metre court can be used for one large game or divided into two smaller courts. 
  • The all-weather court makes this a dependable team-bonding activity all year round. 
  • A unique opportunity for your team to learn the beautiful game of basketball on a professional indoor court.
  • The facilities are well maintained and the onsite staff are kind and helpful.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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