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At over 2,000 years old, Cologne is one of the nation’s oldest cities, a trait not reflected in the attitudes of its inhabitants. The city is a diverse melting pot of liberal, forward-thinking people sporting a contemporary and modernistic mindset.

This juxtaposition is equally embodied by the diversity of activities on offer in the city. With modern and traditional experiences available such as go-kart racing, Segway tours and archery, there’s endless inspiration to be found for your team-building event in Cologne.

In the following resource, we’ve combined some of our favourite team-building event ideas in Cologne to help you prepare for your next offsite retreat.

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Embark on an unforgettable brewery tour

  • Mingle with your colleagues as you learn the secrets of beer brewing and sample the various flavours.
  • The recommended maximum group size is between 20-25 people.
  • Both food and drink are provided throughout the tour.
  • The experienced guides demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of beer brewing and the city’s cultural heritage.
  • Sample a range of different Kolsch beers as you make various stops along the tour.

Enter an immersive escape-room experience

  • Enter an immersive adventure that will test your communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • Choose from a range of meticulously decorated themed rooms with unique challenges and puzzles.
  • All escape-room games are available in either English or German.
  • The experienced gamemasters explain your mission and extract the full potential of your team.
  • All rooms have been beautifully furnished with impressive attention to detail.
  • The perfect team-building activity for improving essential corporate soft skills.

Explore the city on a guided walking tour

  • Learn about the history of cologne while being entertained by an experienced tour guide.
  • The expected duration of the tour is approximately two to three hours.
  • Visit iconic landmarks such as Dom, the Belgian Quarter, Hahnentor Gate, St.Kolumbia and the Old Town.
  • The tour guides give explanations in great detail and are prepared to answer any questions.
  • Groups of 10+ are welcome to take the tour.
  • The perfect way to spend an afternoon in Cologne while socialising with your colleagues.

Try stand-up paddleboarding in the Fühlinger See

  • Enjoy a unique experience as you learn to venture across the water with nothing but a board and paddle.
  • The maximum recommended group size is 35 people.
  • All participants are provided with a SUP board, paddle and a life jacket (if desired).
  • Explore the lake at your leisure and feel free to take breaks when needed.
  • A great activity that combines fun, socialisation and relaxation.
  • The experienced instructors explain techniques with compassion and respect.

Taste the finest chocolates in the world at the chocolate museum

  • A tour of the museum takes you into the interesting and exciting world of chocolate. 
  • Learn where the best cocoa beans in the world grow, the importance of processing steps such as roasting or rolling and why conching chocolate is so important.
  • Appreciate, with all your senses, some of the finest chocolate in the world.
  • The full tour is expected to last between two and three hours.
  • Take your team on an interesting tour through a museum of life’s greatest pleasures.

Explore the city in comfort and style with a Segway tour

  • All tours are perfect for those new to Cologne or who wish to learn more about the city.
  • Visit famous local landmarks including the Alter Markt, the Gürzenich and the Cologne Cathedral.
  • Before the two and a half hour tour, there is a 30-minute briefing on how the Segway works.
  • The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and entertaining, offering plenty of local insight.
  • The routes are carefully planned and the pace is pleasant.
  • All participants are provided with a bottle of water before embarking on the tour.

Learn to steady your mind with an archery class

  • Learn the basics of intuitive archery with guidance from experienced archery teachers.
  • Understand how controlling the mind and breath can assist you in archery and everyday life.
  • After mastering the basics, it’s time to aim at targets and 3D models on a mobile course.
  • Participants are provided with all the necessary equipment including bows, arrows and safety equipment. 
  • All archery instructors are DFBV-qualified.
  • Conclude your experience with a productive meeting in the historic half-timbered house.

Race for the finish line at the go-kart track

  • Step into the cockpit of a high-speed premium go-kart before racing your colleagues to the finish line.
  • The top speed of these high-performance karts is approximately 60km/h.
  • All karts are equipped with double gas cables and a hydraulic brake system for maximum safety.
  • Race through 380 metres of adrenaline-pumping track.
  • The friendly staff do a great job of maximising safety while keeping the experience fun and entertaining.
  • The track and all equipment are clean and in great condition.

Improve your combat skills at the paintball arena

  • Use teamwork and communication to overthrow your opponent in several exciting rounds of paintball.
  • All games are facilitated by experienced referees who oversee each round and provide safety briefings.
  • The full paintball experience will last approximately two to three hours.
  • All participants are provided with state-of-the-art paintballing equipment.
  • Enjoy a variety of game modes with unique objectives.

Climb, jump or swing in this indoor climbing arena

  • Attempt a range of disciplines including bouldering, parkour and ninja warrior training at this breathtaking contemporary arena.
  • A variety of training concepts are available for all experience and fitness levels.
  • Corporate spaces such as meeting rooms are available for use before or after your activity.
  • Learn specialist skills as you jump, swing and fly through the air.
  • The friendly staff provide tips and insights to help you improve.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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