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Unique history, a rich sense of culture and more days of sunshine than any other major Canadian city - these are just a few of the reasons your team is going to love their time in Calgary, Alberta.

Explore the city's waterways with a kayaking experience or reach new heights at a trampoline park, there are plenty of team building opportunities in this vibrant city to make your retreat a memorable one. 

If you’re planning a group getaway to Calgary, Alberta, keep reading for our complete list of the city’s best team building activities!

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Paddle to success on a rafting excursion 

  • Enjoy the Calgary sunshine with team members as you explore the local waters on a kayaking or rafting excursion!
  • All the equipment you need will be provided including safety gear like life jackets, just make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting splashed. 
  • Before you depart, staff will run through all of the safety protocols necessary to ensure a safe and fun experience for all. 
  • Enjoy guided or self-guided tour options depending on your team’s interests.
  • These experiences tend to last anywhere from two to three hours so make sure to allot a half day for this activity. 

Race the clock at an escape room 

  • If you’re looking for an activity that combines problem-solving with communication skills, critical thinking and good times, check out an escape room for your next retreat!
  • Your team will race the clock as you work together to solve the puzzles, discover clues and complete your mission. 
  • Staff will walk you through everything you need to know to get started as well as answer any questions you may have. They’ll even walk you through the solution should you run out of time! 
  • The puzzles are typically updated and changed quite frequently so whether you’re new or a returning visitor you’re sure to have a totally unique experience. 
  • This is a fairly low-cost team building experience and with the option of adding on additional rooms it makes a great activity for teams both large and small.

Cruise through Calgary on a Segway tour

  • Why walk when you can roll through the city streets on a guided Segway tour through all of Calgary’s must-see spots.
  • Before you depart, a certified Segway trainer will take you through in-depth training covering all the skills and drills you need to know before heading out on your adventure.
  • Typically this activity runs around one hour but many tour groups offer the option of upgrading by adding an extra half hour. Make sure to inquire when booking! 
  • This is a great way to experience the city from a fresh perspective while learning a little more about its history and local hot spots - plus it’s a great alternative to walking!
  • Do keep in mind this can be a bit of a pricier experience, especially for larger groups.

Create a masterpiece with a paint night

  • Get creative and unleash your inner artist with a group paint night on your next corporate retreat. 
  • You’ll be able to pick from a range of different paintings as a guided instructor takes you through every step in completing your masterpiece - no art skills required!
  • Don’t worry about supplies because you’ll be provided with everything you need from canvases and paint to brushes and aprons. 
  • Many facilities even offer carefully curated food and wine or the option to bring your own so you can indulge while you work on your projects.
  • This tends to be a pretty budget-friendly experience and is a great option for teams of all sizes looking for a fun way to unwind after a productive day. 

Dive into something new with indoor skydiving

  • If you’re looking for a fun, adrenaline-packed and totally unique team building experience, look no further than indoor skydiving. 
  • Your team will be joined by two instructors - one to help you in the tunnel and one to control air speed while you fly in the air tunnel, 1-to-1.
  • Be sure to arrive an hour before your flight to check in and go through the pre-flight briefing which will cover basic flying positions as well as the hand signals you’ll need to communicate in the tunnel. 
  • Want to remember your experience or document it for a retreat recap video? Many facilities include high-definition cameras that will capture your whole flight.
  • Keep in mind that there is typically quite a high price tag attached to this experience, but if it's within your budget it's guaranteed to be an afternoon your coworkers won’t soon forget.

Cross the finish line in a virtual race car

  • Embrace your inner Formula One driver as you race colleagues around the track at the Virtual Speedway. 
  • You’ll have access to Full Motion Professional Grade Racing Simulators that make you and your coworkers feel like you’re really at the motorway. 
  • See which department has the quickest times or race in a round robin tournament to see which team member is the fastest. 
  • Typically you can add up to 24 simulators to a network making this an ideal activity for small to medium-sized teams looking to play together.
  • Some facilities even offer mobile options allowing you to bring the racing simulators right to your retreat location!

Take aim with a laser tag experience

  • Practice your communication skills while you strategize with team members and face off against opposing colleagues during an afternoon of laser tag. 
  • Upon arrival, staff will brief you on everything you need to know including getting you equipped with gear and offering tips and tricks to make the most of your time.
  • Playing time typically runs around one hour but you can easily add additional time when booking should you wish to stay longer.
  • Come dressed in comfortable, athletic attire and shoes made for running and walking - you’re guaranteed to break a sweat!
  • Compete in teams or play every colleague for themself. At the end of each mission you’ll be able to check the leaderboard to see who comes out on top. 

Hit the bullseye at ax throwing

  • If you’re looking for a fun way to unwind with team members while building a new skill, looking no further than a group ax throwing session.
  • Facilities can typically accommodate teams of anywhere from 2-135 people making it an ideal activity for groups both large and small. 
  • Many operations even host a licensed bar (or will let you bring your own food and drink in) so you can sip and snack between turns. 
  • Onsite staff will walk you through everything you need to know from proper instruction to techniques that will have you throwing like a pro in no time. 
  • Closed toed shoes are a must so make sure team members come prepared!

Go head-to-head with team members at the go kart track

  • Blow off some steam with colleagues as you race to the finish at one of Calgary’s go kart tracks. 
  • Upon arrival you’ll get set up with all your equipment, including helmets, while staff provide a rundown of everything you need to know from safety protocol to techniques to help you speed your way past coworkers.
  • Track individual lap times to see who is the quickest or host a tournament by department to see which team makes the podium!
  • Many locations also offer spacious private rooms to hang out in between and after your racing as you socialize, snack and connect with team members.
  • This is a relatively affordable experience for team’s on a budget and can easily accommodate groups of all sizes. 

Reach new heights at the trampoline park 

  • What better to unwind with coworkers than with a little fun and friendly-competition at a Calgary trampoline park.
  • There are a range of activities available depending on your interest ranging from extreme dodgeball to slam dunk practice and aerial acrobatics!
  • Trained instructors will ensure everyone understands the safety protocols and techniques before you begin so that even novices are guaranteed a great time. 
  • Make sure to wear comfortable, athletic clothing as this is an experience that requires quite a bit of movement! 
  • Many facilities also offer onsite food options making it easy for you to plan some post-workout socializing with team members.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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