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Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis located in Southern California. It’s the centre of the nation’s television and film industry and home to Hollywood megastars such as Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, Christian Bale.

A team-building retreat in Los Angeles is all about the glitz and glamour. Within the city's 87 larger-than-life neighbourhoods, you’ll discover an endless variety of team-building activities, from exploring Echo Park on a swan-shaped pedal boat to cruising the streets of Beverly Hills on a guided Segway tour.

We’ve compiled this easy-to-use resource to help you find more ideas for your team-building retreat in Los Angeles. Find a pen and paper and prepare to take notes.

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Explore the famous Echo Park by pedal boat

  • A fun, relaxing and light-hearted way to spend an afternoon bonding with colleagues.
  • The facilitators have years of experience organising engaging team-building events for all group sizes.
  • A variety of pedal-powered crafts are available including hand-cranked boats for ADA customers.
  • All group boating events are two hours in duration.
  • Sessions include safety instructions and life jackets.
  • All boats come equipped with a Bimini top for sunshade. 

Race the clock in an escape room

  • Escape rooms offer a perfect way to combine teamwork and problem-solving as you and your colleagues work together to beat the clock and solve the puzzle.
  • This activity typically takes around 60 minutes to solve but as most facilities offer multiple puzzles you can easily add on more rooms to make this a longer event. 
  • Staff are available onsite to help with any questions you might have and will walk you through the solution at the end if your team runs out of time. 
  • There are a number of escape rooms available to visit throughout LA and most are easily accessible via both car and public transit.
  • Most facilities change up their puzzles on a regular basis making this a great option for both new and returning teams.

Find your balance with a SUP experience

  • Learn to stand-up paddleboard on the calm waters of Mother’s Beach.
  • ASI and WPA-certified instructors help you improve your SUP skills.
  • Board, paddle and flotation device is all included.
  • The kayaks and paddleboards are of great quality.
  • The staff are knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.
  • Easy online reservation means your paddleboard can be ready for you when you arrive.

LA beer hop

  • Sip and socialize your way through LA and Orange County on a craft beer tour!
  • These tours will take you and your team to a variety of different local breweries where you can learn about the brewing process, discover the stories behind each beer and sample the various options available.
  • Your team will be provided with comfortable transportation to take you between venues making for an easy, hassle-free experience. 
  • The tour guides are typically well-versed in local history and hot spots, providing an awesome resource for you and your team to learn a little more about the city and its culture.
  • This activity is fairly cost-effective and in return you’ll be provided with a great range of craft beers to try as well as snacks to keep your appetite fed throughout the experience. 

Explore the city on a guided Segway tour

  • Embark on an engaging tour of the city, led by friendly local guides.
  • The Segways provide a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation through the city.
  • The tours last approximately two hours in total.
  • Discover famous districts and neighbourhoods such as the famous millionaire's playground: Beverly Hills.
  • All group sizes can be accommodated, with a unique schedule designed to suit your needs.
  • The knowledgeable guides possess an impressive wealth of the city's popular culture, history and architecture.

Try your hand at the art of pottery

  • Pottery classes offer a fun, creative and hands-on way to bond with fellow team members as you work to create your very own keepsake to remember your team retreat.
  • You’ll be provided onsite with all of the materials you’ll need from clay to aprons and tools.
  • An instructor will be available to demonstrate techniques and assist in answering any questions you or your team may have.
  • Keep in mind that studio space tends to be quite limited so this activity works best for small to medium-sized teams of up to 15 people. 
  • Note that some pottery projects can take a few weeks to complete as they require time for glazing and firing. Be sure to inquire about how you can claim your finished pieces if you’re visiting from afar. 

Explore the city with a outdoor scavenger hunt

  • Outdoor scavenger hunts are an awesome way to get to know the city and your team members a little better as you race to check things off your list and complete the challenges.
  • These scavenger hunts are well-organized and will take you to areas of the city you may not otherwise see during your visit, allowing you to experience some of LA’s most iconic and memorable spots.
  • The challenges are varied, offering something for everyone to bring to the table while letting loose and having fun with coworkers.
  • Scavenger hunt organizers will be available to explain the activity to your team and answer any questions you may have throughout the event. 
  • This activity is fairly low cost making it a great option for teams on a budget, however don’t forget comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking involved!

Nibble your way through the city on a guided food tour

  • Experience a variety of foods from Texas-style barbecue on The Downtown LA Food Tour to authentic Mexican tacos.
  • This food tour of Los Angeles has something for everyone.
  • Tours include five to seven different food tastings adding up to approximately one lunch. 
  • Large groups of up to 75 people can be accommodated, split it smaller groups of 25, each with a dedicated guide.
  • The tour guides possess an impressive wealth of knowledge about the history and origin of the many local cuisines.

Race against your colleagues at the indoor go-kart track

  • The indoor go-kart track in Burbank provides the perfect all-weather team-building venue.
  • The venue can accommodate groups of 200+ drivers.
  • All group packages include a final race with grid start, awards ceremony, trophies or medals, and photos.
  • The facility is complete with two meeting rooms with A/V connections.
  • Standard races consist of 12 laps.
  • All go-karts are 100% electric, providing a high-speed yet quiet experience.

Discover the city with an urban kayak adventure

  • The experienced kayaking instructors provide efficient techniques to get you up to speed.
  • All sessions include a detailed waterway explanation, paddle instruction and equipment distribution.
  • The staff prepare and await your arrival at the riverbank.
  • Enjoy a relaxing paddle along the river and enjoy the pretty surroundings.
  • The full tour lasts approximately two and a half hours.
  • The instructors are very informative and personable.

Feed your appetite with a cooking class

  • Cooking classes offer an awesome alternative to traditional team lunches, providing team members with a fun and interactive way to work together towards a final product.
  • Your team will have a personal chef available to walk you through each stage of the recipe from prepping ingredients to plating and serving. 
  • The classroom is spacious allowing you and your team to work together in preparing the meal or work independently to put together your own dish while socializing with colleagues.
  • At the end of your class, sit down to bond with fellow team members as you enjoy your finished meal together. 
  • This activity can run a bit of a higher price tag, however the fact that it includes a full meal makes this a great option for those teams looking to combine team building with a group dining experience.

Get creative with a paint night

  • Paint nights offer a fun and casual way for you and your team to socialize while testing your creative skills with a simple paint project you can take home with you.
  • An instructor will take you and your team through each step in completing your final painting offering tips on technique and insights on mixing colours, which brushes to choose and more.
  • Many of these facilities offer BYOB options allowing you to indulge in a glass of wine or beer throughout the activity. 
  • All of your supplies will be provided to you including paint, canvases and brushes. 
  • This activity can run a little pricier for larger teams but is a fairly cost-effective option for small to medium sized teams looking for a simple and relaxing group activity. 

Launch a surprise attack at the paintball arena

  • Eliminate your opponents by tagging them with .68 calibre paintballs.
  • Experience a variety of adrenaline-pumping game modes such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, free for all and more.
  • All sessions include gun, mask and vest rental and 1600 paintballs per player.
  • Players are allowed to bring their own food and drinks.
  • The arenas are well designed with a variety of obstacles providing cover.
  • The referees are kind, helpful and keep players safe.

Work on your communication with an improv class

  • Have fun, get silly and step outside your comfort zone with a group improv class during your next team building retreat.
  • Improv classes offer a great way to enhance your communication skills by working together to think outside the box and anticipate each other’s next move.
  • An onsite instructor will take you through a number of different improv activities providing your team with varied options that work well in bringing out different strengths and talents from within the team.
  • No experience is needed and the only equipment you’ll need to bring is yourself, so this is a truly accessible option for everyone.
  • This activity is also fairly low cost and can work well with large numbers making it a great option for bigger teams on a budget. 

Knock down the pins at the bowling alley

  • This state-of-the-art bowling alley features 18 premium lanes and plenty of screens displaying all the big games.
  • A private setting is available featuring four lanes, two billiard tables and a private bar. 
  • A full-service bar is available on site, selling high-quality beverages.
  • No outside food or beverages are to be consumed on the premises.
  • Full bowling sessions typically last two hours.
  • Lanes are limited to a maximum of eight bowlers.

Test your aim with axe throwing

  • Axe throwing is a great team building experience for those looking to try their hand at a new skill while indulging in some friendly competition - and the best part is, no experience is needed!
  • Instructors will take you through all of the safety instructions upon your arrival, making sure you and your team are well-equipped with the proper techniques and instructions to make the most of your experience.
  • Compete to see who has the best aim or keep track of different teams to see which group comes out on top. 
  • Typically there are food options available at these facilities and many even have BYOB options allowing for team members to sip, snack and socialize between turns. 
  • This is a great option for teams of all sizes as you can usually rent multiple laneways to accommodate the needs of your group. 

Serenade your coworkers at the karaoke bar

  • This karaoke bar is the perfect place for your team to relax, socialise and let their hair down.
  • Experience a high-end karaoke bar with 15 night-club style rooms.
  • Sample the delicious Korean-themed menu with a variety of foods and drinks.
  • Choose from an enormous song collection with artists and genres from all over the world.
  • The rooms are elegantly designed with Egyptian-themed decor.

Break the ice in a rage room

  • Rage rooms offer a fun and safe way for you and your team to unwind, blow off some steam and destress after a busy day of productivity.
  • You’ll be provided with all of the safety equipment you need from safety helmets to sanitizer and masks and even snacks and drinks after your event!
  • Staff are available to walk you through the activity demonstrating proper safety practices and ensuring that everyone is well-equipped to have a great time. 
  • There are a few rage room locations in LA and most are easily accessed via public transit or car with metered parking available.
  • Most facilities have an option to add additional items for breaking however, the more you add the pricier this activity can become. 

Reach new heights with rock climbing

  • If you’re looking for a team building activity that requires communication, trust and teamwork then consider a rock climbing experience for your next team retreat. 
  • Staff will be available onsite to walk your team through everything you need to know from safety instructions to proper climbing techniques.
  • Many facilities offer a range of options for participation from auto belays to bouldering walls and different set-ups to accommodate skill levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Typically you’ll have space available to sit down and rest between climbs with tables and chairs to set-up food and drink so coworkers can relax and socialize throughout the event. 
  • This team building activity is typically very reasonably priced making it a great option for teams working on a tighter budget. 

Strike a pose with a guided yoga class

  • Experience the restorative capabilities of a guided yoga class.
  • Attempt a range of yoga disciplines with a variety of different instructors.
  • The experienced instructors make the classes accessible to all ages and fitness levels.
  • The yoga studio is extremely inviting, featuring exposed brick walls, wooden beams and plenty of natural light.
  • The facility is complete with a massage and wellness room, changing rooms, spacious bathrooms, and a hangout-ready lobby. 
  • Free parking is available on many nearby streets.

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